Re Zero Season 3 Release Date: When Will the Anime Series Return?

Similar to most anime, this anime is also based on a novel series that is written by Tappei Nagatsuki and illustrated by Shinichiro Otsuka. This adventurous novel series was initially published on 20 April 2012 and the light novel was published on 24 January 2014. Re Zero also has three chapters of manga series along with the light novel, and the first manga was published on 27 June 2014 but ended on 27 February 2015. The second chapter of the manga was released on 25 October 2014 and the third chapter was released on 27 May 2015.

Now, if we talk about the anime, the very first season of Re Zero was released on 4 April 2016, ended on 19 September 2016, and the second season was released on 6 January 2021, and this season ended on 24 March 2021. Now the fans of Re Zero have been anxiously waiting for the release of the third season, don’t worry guys, we are here, and we will give you all the latest updates regarding season 3 of Re Zero.

Re Zero Season 3 Release Date

Unfortunately, the fans of the anime will be disappointed by reading this news about the renewal status of the show. Till now, the makers have not revealed anything regarding the third season of Re Zero. So we can only hope for the best as we do not have any kind of official information about whether the show will renew or not.

Well if you are thinking that there is not enough source material to renew the show then you are wrong. There is more than enough source material for the series, the makers can easily renew the show for the third season. That’s why there is still a chance for the show to come back.

Name Of The ShowRe Zero
Season NumberSeason 3
Genreadventure, animation
Re Zero Season 1 Release Date4 April 2016
Re Zero Season 3 Release DateNot Announced

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Re Zero Season 3 Story Possibilities

Sorry for disappointing you again but there are no possible spoilers for the third season because nothing has been cleared yet regarding the release date or even the renewal of the show. Maybe we will see the continuation of the story in the third season as well.

Re Zero Season 3 Characters

The characters of Season 3 have not been decided yet. But here you will get to know about the characters of the previous two seasons. In the show, Re Zero, you will get to see, Rem voiced by Inori Minase, Emilia voiced by Rie Takahashi, Crusch Karsten voiced by Yuka Iguchi, Reinhard Van Astrea voiced by Robbie Daymond, Subaru Natsuki voiced by Yusuke Kobayashi, Aldebaran voiced by Keiji Fujiwara, Roswaal L Mathers voiced by Takehito Koyasu, Felix Argyle voiced by Yui Horie, Wilhelm Van Astrea voiced by Kenyu Horiuchi, and Frederica Baumann voiced by Kaori Nazuka.

Where To Watch Re Zero Online?

If you are the biggest anime fan then you definitely shouldn’t miss this show. Go and watch it now on Crunchyroll, if you have missed it.


The show has a rating of 8.1 out of 10 on IMDb.

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Frequently asked questions

When was Re Zero initially released?

It was initially released on 4 April 2016.

Will there ever be Re Zero Season 3?

There is no information regarding the same.

What is the Re Zero Season 3 Release Date?

The release date of Re Zero Season 3 has not been announced yet.

When was the second season of Re Zero released?

The second season was released on 8th July 2020.

How many total seasons are there for Re Zero?

There is a total of 2 seasons for Re Zero.

Is Re Zero a sad ending?

No, it is a happy ending.

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