Ragna Crimson Release Date: When Is The Anime Releasing?

Ragna Crimson, also known as Raguna Kurimuzon is a Japanese dark fantasy, action shōnen manga that first came out on 22nd March 2017. The manga has been created and written by Daiki Kobayashi and published in the Monthly Gangan Joker magazine. This manga series has released 11 volumes till now, with the first volume releasing on 21st October 2017 and the eleventh one on 22nd August 2022. 

Square Enix Manga & Books released the English version of the first volume on 23rd February 2021 and the eighth volume on 14th March 2023. Volumes 9 and 10 are set for the English release on 27th June 2023 and 22nd August 2023, respectively. As of now, the English version of the eleventh volume has no release date. 

On 19th March 2022 Silver Link Inc., announced that Ragna Crimson was being adapted into a television anime series. Sentai Filmworks also announced at the 2022 Anime Expo that they hold the license to view the anime series outside Asia. The Ragna Crimson anime is being directed by Ken Takahashi, the script and series composition by Deko Akao, and the character design by Shinpei Aoki. 

Ragna Crimson Release Date

Ragna Crimson Release Date

Ragna Crimson was originally released as a manga, and the production company took a decision in 2022 to adapt it into a television anime series. They set the tentative year for release as 2023, but as of now, the Ragna Crimson release date is unknown. At the time of writing, the anime series got no confirmation for a second season. Ragna Crimson season one will premiere soon, and we will have to wait for new information for the other seasons.

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Ragna Crimson Story

The plot revolves around Ragna who is the right-hand man of Leonica, the infamous and gifted dragon hunter. Ragna does not possess the gifts that Leonica has, however, he refuses to give up his position by her side and wants to die protecting her. He also gets visions of what the future holds if he stays untrained and weak. This future vision shows him he shall get stronger than Leonica in time, but not before the death of his favorite person. 

Because he is powerless, he will fail to save Leonica and others. However, this future can be averted if he gears himself up in the present. He leaves Leonica behind to move ahead with his journey of exterminating the dragon kind where he meets his biggest ally, Crimson. The anime version can start the story by introducing the characters of Ragna, Leonica, and Crimson, the dragon traitor who wishes for the end of the dragon race. 

Ragna Crimson Characters

The main protagonist, Ragna or Raguna, is voiced by Chiaki Kobayashi. Ragna’s true mission is to destroy all dragons, and he is ruthless while doing so. He harbors a soft spot for Leonica. Leonica or Reonika is voiced by Inori Minase. She is one of the best dragon hunters who enjoys her life and would do anything to keep Ragna safe. Even though she is shown as a tough character, Leonica is still a child at heart. 

Ragna Crimson Release Date

Crimson or Kurimuzon, Ragna’s best ally is voiced by Ayumu Murase. Crimson was the Winged Monarch of the dragons before he tried killing the Dragon God. He is clever while planning his moves and does not trust anyone completely. He seems to possess no emotions and is highly knowledgeable. Information about the other characters of the Ragna Crimson anime is currently under wraps. 

Ragna Crimson Trailer

Ragna Crimson has released two trailers till now. You can watch it on YouTube, and other anime websites. 

Where Can I Watch Ragna Crimson Online?

Ragna Crimson is yet to release its episodes which will probably be aired on Tokyo MX or Osaka TV, originally. Internationally, it can be available on Crunchyroll or Hulu, but the confirmation is still pending. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When will the Ragna Crimson anime be released? 

The Ragna Crimson anime is set for release in 2023, but the date is yet to be confirmed.

2. Is Ragna and Crimson the same person? 

Ragna is the main protagonist and Crimson is his closest and biggest ally.

3. What is the story about? 

The plot revolves around Ragna and his mission to destroy the dragon kind with Crimson to save Leonica.

4. How many episodes are there? 

Ragna Crimson has not released any episodes.

5. How many seasons will be there? 

There has been no information about any renewal, but we can expect more seasons since there are 11 volumes in the original manga.

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