Queen Bee Chapter 280 Release Date And More Spoilers!

Queen Bee is a Korean Manhwa series written by HwalHwaSan and illustrated by Andrew. The series, Queen Bee explores the genre of action, romance, and high school life drama.

The ongoing webtoon has been popular since its release in 2018 and so far has 279 chapters to its name.

Fans have been waiting for the next chapter for a while, here is what we know so far about the Queen Bee 280 Chapter release date.

Queen Bee Chapter 280 Release Date

 The ongoing webtoon, Queen Bee chapter 280 will release on 28 July 2023. The long-awaited chapter will be finally released by Friday.

The last chapter which was numbered 279 was released on 22 July 2023. The English translation will take time and will be released a day after the raw scan would be released.

So international fans, they have to wait a little more than local fans.

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Release Time Of Queen Bee Chapter 280

Originally the writer release the chapters of Queen Bee at 8 P.M. These are the times for other countries –

7 am, July 28, 2023 [Pacific Standard Time]

9 am, July 28, 2023 [Central Standard Time]

10 am, July 28, 2023 [Eastern Standard Time]

3 pm, July 28, 2023 [British Standard Time]

4 pm, July 28, 2023 [Central European Time]

8:30 pm, July 28, 2023 [Indian Standard Time]

11 pm, July 28, 2023 [Philippine Standard Time]

12:30 am, July 29, 2023 [Australia Central Standard Time]

What Queen Bee Is About?

Queen Bee is a romantic Korean Manhwa and Webtoon which revolves around a high school girl and the daughter of a landlord, Yu Dal-li, also known as Darla.

She is also the girlfriend of Jun-Pyo also known as Junnie. He is the head or boss of the school gang. The plot of the webtoon is not normal.

And unlike the typical Korean Manhwa, Queen Bee has a plot that has an intricate storyline. When Darla and Junnie are at school, it looks like Darla treats her boyfriend like he is beneath her and he should worship her.

But the role reversed when they are both at their home away from the eyes of school peers, this showed us a different dynamic of their relationship.

Queen Bee is about Darla and Junnie’s complex relationship and complex childhood friendship. They continue to battle against their family and their school peers.

And jealousy became a prominent feeling both the characters started to feel which further create problems in their relationship making it more complex.

What happened in the Queen Bee Chapter 279?

We saw in Queen Bee Chapter 279 that the pastor eagerly shares a piece of news with his disciple, the news is about the Church growing capacity and he is planning to hire a model to ensure that Church capacity continues to grow.

Then we saw the Landlord, Mr. Yoon-jin, Dalho, and the doctor having a meeting where Yoon-jin talks about his illness and wants to live his remaining days peacefully and still is not sure about leaving the world.

Dalho, his son has planned a trip for him which surprised Yoon-jin. This action of Dalho was suspicious and made Yoon-jin doubt him but the son reassures him that he wants to be a good son.

In another scene, we see Darla and Pyo having a romantic moment where Darla promises him a big house so that he doesn’t miss Hyun.

Sadly, Pyo saw the photo of Hyun outside a photoshop when they were leaving for the island. This made Pyo emotional and regeretful.

Where Can You Read Queen Bee?

You can read the Korean Manhwa on Toptoon and the English version on Day Comics.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is the writer of Queen Bee?

HwalHwaSan is the writer of Queen Bee.

2. Who is the illustrator of Queen Bee?

Andrew is the illustrator of Queen Bee.

3. Where can you read Queen Bee Chapter 280?

You can read Queen Bee Chapter 280 on Toptoon and the English version on Day Comics.

4. When will Queen Bee Chapter 280 be released and at what time?

Queen Bee Chapter 280 will be released on 28 July 2023 at 8 P.M. KST.

5. How many chapters so far Queen Bee has?

279 chapters so far Queen Bee has

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