Pixels 2 Movie Release Date and Possible Spoilers

So guys, what do you think when we talk about science fiction movies? Yes, I think, I know the answer, you will definitely think about Marvel Studios, Avengers, Inception, etc. But have you ever heard about this science fiction movie about which we gonna talk about in this article? When Hollywood and science fiction movies come together, seriously guys, it makes a deadly combination.

So here also, we will be talking about Pixels, which is an American science fiction movie, directed by Chris Columbus and written by Tim Herlihy and Timothy Dowling. Pixels is based on a short film, which was created in 2010 by Patrick Jean. The short movie also has the name, Pixels. This movie casts brilliant actors like Kevin James, Adam Sandler, Peter Dinklage, Brian Cox, Michelle Monaghan, and Josh Gad. In this post, you will get to know every detail regarding the Pixels 2 release date. So without any delay let’s get started.

Pixels 2 Movie Release Date

The first part of the movie was released back on 24 July 2015, so it’s been more than seven years since the movie was last released. And I know, those who have watched the movie are eagerly waiting for the second part. But guys for your information let me tell you that as of February 2023, there is no official information regarding the release of the second part from the sides of the makers.

Name Of The MoviePixels
Part NumberPart 2
Genrescience fiction
Pixels Movie Release Date24 July 2015
Pixels 2 Movie Release DateNot Announced

The rumors are also saying that the second part of the movie will never come as the movie was not succeeded in impressing the audience and most of them disliked it and it was an average box office movie. Guys, we should always keep this thing in mind there are different people who have different likings and disliking. So if most of the audience disliked it doesn’t mean that the second part cannot release. As of now, we can only hope for the best, surely, the makers will not disappoint the people who liked the movie.

Pixels 2 Movie Story Expectations

As we have mentioned above that there is no confirmation regarding the second part of Pixels. So we also cannot comment on the upcoming story as well. This science fiction movie revolves around aliens and former arcade champions. So if you have not watched the movie yet and if you have an interest in these kinds of entertainment pieces then I think you should give it a chance at least once.

Who Will Be Seen In Pixels Part 1?

Pixels 2 Movie Release Date

In the movie, you will get to see Adam Sandler in the role of Sam Brenner, Michelle Monaghan as Lieutenant Colonel Violet van Patten, Kevin James as Will Cooper, Peter Dinklage as Eddie Plant, and Brian Cox as Admiral James Porter.

Apart from them, it also has, Josh Gad as Ludlow Lamonsoff, Jane Krakowski in the role of Jane Cooper, Ashely Benson as Lady Lisa, Lainie Kazan will be seen playing the role of Mickey Lamanoff, Sean Bean will be seen as Corporal Hill, Affion Crockett as Sergeant Dylan Cohan, and Matt Lintz as Matty van Patten.

Is There Any Trailer for Pixels Part 2?

No there is no trailer for the new part of Pixels as the new part is not even confirmed by the makers yet. So as we are unsure about the story, the same is here. We do not know when will the announce take place. But you can watch the trailer for the first part of Pixels on YouTube.

Where To Watch Pixels Online?

No worries guys, if you have not watched the movie yet, and really want to watch it, you can go to Amazon Prime Videos. But the problem here is, you have to rent this movie, you cannot watch this even if you have a subscription.


Pixels part one has a total rating of 5.6 out of 10 on IMDb.

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Pixels 2 Movie Release Date- FAQs

When was Pixels Part 1 released?

It was released on 24 July 2015.

How many total parts Pixels has till now?

It has only one part till now.

Is there any trailer for Pixels 2?

No, as of now, we have no new trailer for Pixels 2.

Will there ever be Pixels Part 2?

It is not confirmed yet.

What is the Pixels 2 movie release date?

It is not announced as of now.

What is the genre of Pixels movie?

Pixels is a Sci-Fi movie.

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