Pat Boone Net Worth: How Much Is The I’ll Be Home Singer Worth In 2023?

Pat Boone is a famous American singer who rocked the entire world with his songs during the 1950s. He was just second next to the I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You singer, Elvis Presley. His songs have sold millions of records and he has also been cast in a few Hollywood movies. 

Pat Boone also wrote a book titled Twixt Twelve And Twenty during the 1950s which went on to become a leading bestseller at the time. He now works as a motivational speaker and talks about conservative politics. But many people wonder how much is the Pat Boone net worth in 2023, years after his singing career came to an end.

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Pat Boone Net Worth

Pat Boone started his musical career at an early age by participating in Centennial Park in Nashville. He started recording songs for famous recording companies like Republic Records and Dot Records. In 1955, he sang Ain’t That A Shame by Fats Domino, and received a lot of fame. 

This was his stepping stone to success, and the first phase of Pat Boone’s career was to revive Rhythm and Blue songs sung by Black people. During this period, he also appeared on Ozark Jubilee, a weekly live show broadcast on ABC TV and hosted by Red Foley, his father-in-law. 

After his frequent public appearances and advertiser-friendly image, he got a contract from General Motors for endorsing them. Pat Boone also opened his production company named Cooga Mooga Productions. He appeared in Superman’s Girl Friend, Lois Lane in 1959, and in Arthur Godfrey And His Friends from 1955 to 1957. 

He went to Italy in 1966 to perform at the Sanremo Music Festival. During the 1970s, Pat Boone started singing gospel and country music and started Lamb & Lion Records, a Christian label in 1972. He has been seen in several movies like April Love in 1957, Journey To The Center Of The Earth in 1959, The Yellow Canary in 1963, The Greatest Story Ever Told in 1965, and Never Put It In Writing in 1964. His last movie that gained worldwide attention was The Cross And The SwitchBlade in 1970.

Thus, the Pat Boone net worth can be calculated at around 50 million dollars. The majority of his wealth is because of his extensive career in the fields of music and acting. His record label also added to the benefits. 

Pat Boone Early Life

Pat Boone was born on 1st June 1934 in Jacksonville in Florida. His parents are Margaret Virginia and Archie Altman Boone. His childhood was spent in Nashville mostly where he graduated from the David Lipscomb High School in 1952. 

He is said to be a descendant of Daniel Boone, an American folk hero, pioneer, and frontiersman. Pat Boone attended the David Lipscomb College before going to the Lipscomb University. He also went to the University of North Texas and graduated from the Columbia University School of General Studies in 1958.

Pat Boone also had a younger brother named Cecil. Cecil was popularly known as Nick Todd. He was a famous pop singer like his brother during the 1950s and a church music leader. He even got married at an early age at a time when his career was slowly starting to take off.

Pat Boone Personal Life

Pat Boone married Shirley Lee Foley in November 1953. Shirley is the daughter of Red Foley, a famous American musician, and Judy Martin, an American country music singer. Pat and his wife were high school sweethearts, and they were 19 years old when they tied the knot in matrimony. Both of them led a happy life.

They have four daughters together named Cheryl Lynn, Linda Lee, Deborah Ann, and Laura Gene. Unfortunately, Shirley passed away in 2019 because of vasculitis, a disease she was suffering from for a year. Pat Boone has always been a strict Catholic and refrained from being cast in movies or enacting a scene where he had to compromise his morals.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much is the Pat Boone net worth?

The Pat Boone net worth can be calculated at around 50 million dollars in 2023.

2. Why is Pat Boone so famous?

Pat Boone has gained immense popularity because of his extensive career in various fields like music, acting, and writing.

3. Who is the wife of Pat Boone?

Shirley Lee Foley was the wife of Pat Boone, but she passed away in 2019.

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