Not Others Episode 9 Release Date: Will Jin Hee Be Able To Overcome All The Obstacles?

Korean dramas, popularly known as K-dramas have fondly taken a place inside our hearts. With new releases every day, it is hard to keep track of which web series is our favorite. The recent release of the Korean show Not Others has put up tough competition with only eight released episodes. The meaning of this series in Korean roughly translates to Strangers or Namnam. 

Not Others is based on the book Strangers, written by Jung Young-rong. The web series has been directed by Lee Min-woo, written by Min Seon-ae, and produced by Arc Media and Baram Pictures with Choi Han-gyeol, Kim Eun-ji, and Woo Ji-hee among others. Not Others explores the complicated genres of family and comedy drama. 

The first episode of this web series was released on 17th July 2023, with the most recent one released on 8th August 2023. Viewers are now excited to know what lies in store for our protagonists and are waiting for the Not Others Episode 9 release date. The series has received a rating of 9.5 from Viki and 8.2 from MyDramaList as of 7th August 2023.

Not Others Episode 9 Release Date

New episodes of Not Others are released on Monday and Tuesday of every week. The 7th episode was released on Monday, 7th August 2023, and Not Others Episode 8 was released on Tuesday, 8th August 2023. According to this release schedule, the Not Others Episode 9 release date has been set for Monday, 14th August 2023.

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Not Others Episode 9 Plot

In Not Others Episode 9, Jin Hee comes across the real identity of the person who was lurking around. This individual is her biological father, and this revelation takes us on a journey full of a wide range of emotions. Jin Hee also seems to be having mixed feelings about knowing the identity of her father. 

She thought the first meeting would be something else, and this unexpected truth was not anticipated. Jin Hee also gathers up the courage to confront her mother and confess emotions long suppressed. She wanted to talk to Eun Mi about how she felt about her being her mother. This led to a deep and emotional conversation between the mother-daughter duo.

Not Others Episode 8 Recap

Not Others Episode 8 was released recently. We saw Jin Hee keeping tabs on the unknown lurker in her neighborhood. She thought this mysterious man might somehow be connected to the murder, and thus began her following of him and his activities.

On the other hand, Jin Hee’s mother, Eun Mi, comes across Park Jin Hong out of the blue. Her past lover’s unexpected appearance sparked long-forgotten emotions inside her, which threw her into turmoil. She could not decide whether she should move on or face her repressed emotions about her past life and love.

Not Others Episode 9 Characters

In Not Others Episode 9, we have Jeon Hye-jin in the role of Kim Eun-mi; Park E-Hyun as the younger version of Eun Mi; Choi Soo-young in the role of Kim Jin-hee; Ahn Jae-Wook in the role of Park Jin-hong; and Park Sung-hoon in the role of Eun Jae-won.

We also see Kim Hye-eun playing the role of Kim Mi-Jeong, Eun Mi’s best friend; Seo Ye-Hwa playing the role of Im Tae-Kyung, Jin Hee’s best friend; Im Sung-gyun playing the role of Kim Jin-soo, Jin Hee’s former lover; Kim Sang-ho playing the role of Park Sang-goo; and Ahn So-yo playing the role of Jang Soo-jin.

Where Can You Watch Not Others Episode 9 Online?

All episodes of Not Others are released on its original network, Genie TV. The episodes are also available on TVING and Viki in specific areas. Not Others Episode 9 will be available on these sites after its release. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When has the Not Others Episode 9 release date been set?

The Not Others Episode 9 release date has been set for Monday, 14th August 2023.

2. What is Not Others about?

Not Others is a Korean drama about a mother and her daughter that explores their dynamics with each other and how their bond is tested.

3. Will Not Others Episode 9 be available online?

Not Others Episode 9 will be available online on Viki and Genie TV.

4. Will there be a second season of Not Others?

Usually Korean dramas do not get renewed for a second season, and Not Others might also follow the same pattern. At the time of writing, there was no talk of Not Others Season 2.

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