National Treasure: Edge Of History Season 2 Release Date And Its Cast

The series is a spin-off of Nicholas Cage’s ‘National Treasure’. The reaction of the audience towards the series was mixed which was expected. When people think of National Treasure only one picture drops into the mind of the audience: Nicholas Cage, just like how we associate Pirates of the Caribbean with Johnny Depp. If you want to know about the release date of the national treasure edge of History Season 2, you have come to the right place.

National Treasure Edge Of History Season 2 Release Date

In 2022, the National Treasure Edge of History season 1 was streamed on Disney+ Hotstar with 10 episodes. There is no hint towards Season 2 by the directors or the producers shortly but it is sure the show has been canceled by Disney+. It is a piece of sad news for fans who were waiting for the next season.

Name Of The ShowNational Treasure Edge Of History
Season NumberSeason 2
GenreAdventure- Fiction
IMDB Rating5.7/10
Streaming OnDisney
National Treasure Edge Of History Season 1 Release Date14 December 2022
National Treasure Edge Of History Season 2 Release DateCanceled

Many shows have been canceled by Disney+ recently like all the HBO shows. Thankfully, there were rumors that National Treasure 3 is in progress, in which hopefully we will get to watch Nicholas Cage act.

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National Treasure Edge of History Storyline

The story is about Jess Valenzuela, a 20-year-old, young DACA woman living in Baton Rouge, whose dad was a treasure hunter. Rafael Rios, Jess’s dad, recovers a native Mesoamerican artifact and was protecting it from falling under the hands of the wrong people, unfortunately, he was killed by a man named Salazar in Mexico.

 Jess is shown as a character who has a knack for puzzles and then we have her friends Tasha, Ethan, and Oren. She works at a storage unit and has to track down a customer who hasn’t paid for months, that customer was Peter Sudusky who is going to die soon due to his dementia, he recognizes a pattern on a necklace of Jess, and he gave her a letter and family photo for his estranged grandson Liam.  

Unfortunately, Sudusky was watched by Billie Pearce, the show’s antagonist, which made Jess on her radar. Liam joined the group of Jess and in this way, Jess starts the journey of finding the artifact and discovering her family history.

Cast Of National Treasure Edge Of History Season 2

The main protagonist Jess Valenzuela is played by Lisette Olivera who has acted as Belle in the teen drama web series Total Eclipse and she also played in a psychological horror film We Need To Do Something. Then we have Jess’s roommate and friend Tasha Rivers, who is played by Zuri Reed. Tasha’s on-and-off boyfriend and also a friend of Jess Oren Bradley acted by Antonio Cipriano. Ethan Chao, Oren’s roommate and who has a crush on Jess is played by Jorden Rodrigues and then we have Jake Austin Walker as Liam Sadusky, grandson of Peter Sadusky and a love interest of Jess. Lastly, we have our antagonist Billie Pearce played by Catherine Zeta-Jones.


The show has a mixed audience, either they hate the show or they loved it. People wanted to see Nicholas Cage, they expected to see his magic like in the previous National Treasure films. National Treasure is such a classic film with a phenomenal character so it is hard to accept a new National Treasure with a different character.

Nonetheless, the show was overall good but it looks like the popularity of the show determined its upcoming seasons.

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Where You Can Stream?

Currently, the series is available on Disney+ along with all the other National Treasure movies.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is National Treasure: Edge Of History kid friendly?

The National Treasure: Edge Of History is not for kids younger than 12-13 years old.

2. Do you have to watch other National Treasure movies?

No, you don’t need to watch previous National Treasure movies. We can say that National Treasure: Edge Of History is standalone.

3. What is the rating of the show?

The IMDb rating of the show is 5.7/10 and the rotten tomatoes are 38%.

4. Does Nicholas Cage is in the National Treasure: Edge Of History?

No, he is not in the show

5. Will there be Season 2?

No, the show is canceled

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