Nabanna Scholarship 2023: West Bengal Government’s Initiative for Education of Economically Disadvantaged Students

The Nabanna Scholarship is a program offered by the government of West Bengal in India to support education for students who are both academically talented and economically disadvantaged. This scholarship seeks to provide those in need with financial assistance so that they can pursue their educational dreams without worrying about the cost of tuition. The Nabanna Scholarship is a commendable initiative by the government of West Bengal that provides much-needed help for students from poorer backgrounds who have the potential to excel academically.

The scholarship is open to students from all over India who are admitted to various educational institutions in the state of West Bengal. The Nabanna Scholarship is one of the most important initiatives in the state of West Bengal, as it not only helps financially disadvantaged students pursue their educational dreams but also enables them to gain access to quality education. 

The Nabanna Scholarship, through its wide-reaching eligibility criteria and extensive application process, seeks to provide such students with the support they need to further their education. It is a noble effort of the West Bengal state government to reduce the gap and difference between privileged and unprivileged students. By providing access to education and financial support, the Nabanna Scholarship also serves as an invaluable opportunity for students from all over India to gain a better understanding of the culture and history of West Bengal.

The Nabanna Scholarship aims to make quality education more accessible and affordable to students belonging to the financially weaker sections of society. The Nabanna Scholarship not only provides financial support but also offers a range of resources to help students succeed in their studies. The exact amount of the scholarship and eligibility requirements can vary, so students interested in the program should contact the West Bengal government or their educational institution for more information. 

Nabanna Scholarship  2023 Highlights

Name of the SchemeNabanna Scholarship 2023
Under theWest Bengal Chief Minister Relief Fund
Application modeOnline/ Offline
Beneficial toWest Bengal Students from the backward classes
AimTo help students achieve their dreams without suffering from financial issues
Amount of ScholarshipMinimum Rs. 10,000 per annum
Official websiteCLICK HERE

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Nabanna Scholarship Overview

A new scholarship program has been launched by the West Bengal government called the “Nabanna Scholarship”. Applicants will receive financial assistance under this program provided to students who want to pursue higher education in UG and PG studies. The main aim of the Nabanna scholarships is to give financial assurance to meritorious candidates each year with the help of the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund.

This scholarship is one of the many initiatives taken by the West Bengal government to promote education and make it accessible to all sections of society. This scholarship is an incredibly important step for West Bengal, as it not only helps economically disadvantaged students pursue their higher studies but also brings recognition to the deserving and hardworking candidates who have worked hard to get where they are. 

Benefits of the Nabanna Scholarship

The West Bengal Nabanna Scholarship provides financial support for education to academically talented and economically disadvantaged students in the state. Established in 2018, the West Bengal Nabanna Scholarship provides tuition fees and book costs for students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds who have achieved a score of 75% or higher in their board exams. The goal of the scholarship is to help these students continue their studies and achieve their academic goals. By providing these students with financial assistance, the West Bengal Nabanna Scholarship has opened up new doors for them and allowed them to pursue their dreams without having to worry about the cost of their education. 

The West Bengal Nabanna Scholarship is a beacon of hope for many students in the state. The importance of the West Bengal Nabanna Scholarship is hard to understate. This financial support can be life-changing for students in West Bengal, allowing them to break out of the cycle of poverty. In a society where educational opportunities can be limited and prohibitively expensive for some, the West Bengal Nabanna Scholarship is an invaluable resource. The West Bengal Nabanna Scholarship offers recipients the opportunity to take advantage of educational opportunities that would otherwise be out of reach, by allowing them to focus on their studies instead of worrying about how they are going to afford tuition fees and other expenses. 

If you’re interested in the scholarship, you should reach out to the West Bengal government or your educational institution for specific information on the benefits offered. By providing funds for those who are most in need, the West Bengal Nabanna Scholarship helps level the playing field and opens up educational opportunities that may have previously been inaccessible. Not only does this scholarship provide an invaluable financial boost, but it also helps promote a more equitable and accessible educational system.

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Eligibility Criteria of Nabanna Scholarship 2023

The eligibility criteria for the Nabanna scholarship may vary, but some common requirements for applicants include: 

  1. The students have to be residents of West Bengal, and the nationality of the candidate should be Indian. 
  2. The candidate must clear all his subjects with a good score without getting failed or not-pass marks. 
  3. The students must come from economically disadvantaged families and demonstrate financial need. 
  4. Furthermore, they must submit an application that includes all their academic and financial details. 
  5. Students must be enrolled in a recognized educational institution, such as a college or university. 
  6. By meeting these criteria, students can apply for the scholarship and have the opportunity to receive a financial boost for their educational goals. 
  7. The scholarship will provide eligible students with the necessary funds to help support their education and further their studies. 
Resident ofWest Bengal
10th Class minimum score65%
12th Class minimum score60%
Graduation Minimum score55%

Required Documents for Nabanna scholarship 2023

The following documents are required to avail of the benefit under the Nabanna Scholarship:

Aadhar card, income certificate, caste certificate, bank account passbook, self-declaration form, admission fee book, mobile number, passport-size photograph, mark sheet of the previous year’s examinations, rank card, and allotment letter of the selected committee Collecting and submitting these documents is a necessary step to avail yourself of the Nabanna Scholarship.

All the documents mentioned must be duly filled out, signed, and verified before they can be submitted. The process of filling out the documents can be a time-consuming task, but it is necessary to qualify for the scholarship.

Fund Released by Nabanna Scholarship 2023

MinimumRs. 10,000/- per annum
Maximum Rs. 60,000/- per annum

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Selection Process for Nabanna Scholarship 2023

The selection process for the West Bengal Nabanna Scholarship may vary depending on the specific criteria and guidelines set by the awarding authority. Candidates must meet the eligibility criteria, such as educational qualifications, age limit, etc. In addition to meeting the eligibility criteria, candidates must also demonstrate financial need to be considered for the scholarship. Those meeting all the criteria are evaluated based on their financial need, academic excellence, and extracurricular activities.

Thus, the selection process is highly competitive and involves various factors to determine a candidate’s suitability for the scholarship. Despite these stringent requirements, the selection process provides a unique opportunity for aspiring students who demonstrate financial need and excellence to attain higher education. 

The application process for the scholarship is rigorous, only those who meet the criteria and demonstrate financial need have a chance of being considered. The scholarship is awarded to the candidates who have been selected based on their performance and merit. However, the benefits of the scholarship are worth the effort. Winning the scholarship can be a huge financial boost for students and their families.

Through this scholarship, students can find a way to fund their studies and help to lighten the burden on their families. Therefore, those interested in applying should not hesitate and apply as soon as possible. It is important to note that the competition for this scholarship is fierce and applicants must be sure to take their time to ensure that their application is completed properly. 

Applying for the scholarship can be a lengthy process and students should begin it as soon as possible to give themselves adequate time to put together a strong application. To increase the chance of success, students should take the time to read through the application requirements carefully and make sure that they have all of the necessary documentation.

They should also contact the organization to ask any questions and make sure that they understand all of the requirements. Interested candidates are advised to check the official website or contact the concerned authority for the latest information.

EligibilityStudents have to acquire the minimum aggregation percentage of their regarding education including 10th class, 12th class, and Graduation
ApplicationThe students need to submit all the required documents and the documents need to be 100% accurate.
Document verificationStudents who are applying for the Nabanna Scholarship need to prepare their documents and those documents have to be true. If there is any false record then the scholarship will be canceled or rejected by the Authorities. 
Merit listThe merit list will be filled with merits who got a higher score than the minimum scorecard. Even after selecting, make sure that the candidates have done their best to achieve their goals. As, if there is any progress of you getting lazy and taking the fund as negligence then there will be no fun releasing in your account. 


Q1. What is the last date to apply for West Bengal state’s Nabanna Scholarship 2023?

The last date to apply for West Bengal state’s Nabanna Scholarship is 31st December 2022.

Q2. Who conducts the Nabanna Scholarship ?

The Nabanna scholarship scheme is a scholarship scheme for meritorious students conducted by the West Bengal government. The Nabanna scholarship scheme provides financial assistance to meritorious students who are financially weak and cannot afford higher education.

Q3. What is the minimum educational qualification required to apply for Nabanna Scholarship 2023?

Students who have passed the class 10 or 12 secondary board examination, or any Indian university examination (undergraduate/postgraduate) can avail the benefits of the scholarship scheme. The scholarship scheme allows those students to further their studies at higher levels and provide financial assistance to those who may not have the means to pay for their education.

Q4. What is the main purpose for Nabanna Scholarship 2023?

The purpose of the Nabanna scholarship scheme is to financially support the meritorious students of West Bengal from the Chief Minister’s relief fund. This scheme is a testament to the dedication of the West Bengal government to providing educational opportunities to the people of its state.

Q5. What is the eligibility to apply for Nabanna scholarship 2023?

The Nabanna Scholarship is awarded to brilliant students who are domiciled in West Bengal. The candidates must not have received any other kind of remuneration in terms of a central or state government scholarship, stipend, etc. for the current course or study level during the last year.

Q6. What is the minimum amount that is funded to the selected candidates in Nabanna scholarship scheme?

The Nabanna scholarship is granted to eligible students by the West Bengal Chief Minister Relief Fund (WBCMO). The selected students are entitled to receive a minimum amount of INR 10,000 per year. The reward is awarded based on the candidate’s previous examination score and the family’s financial needs.

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