My Perfect Landing Season 2 Release Date, Potential Story, Cast & Spoilers!

Flexibility is the key to movement. If one is flexible enough to practice yoga or even gymnasts, it shows their passion for the form of exercise. There are many series about yoga and gymnasts that have caught the attention of the audience. But the one in discussion today is a rather different one with a lot of spice in it.

My Perfect Landing is a series that revolves around the lives of gymnasts. These gymnasts are trained specialists who share a passion. They all have to move from Miami to Canada in order to be a part of this. The discomfort this causes and also their willingness to move and still be fluent in what they do is the challenge.

The show aired on a channel in the beginning and it was able to be streamed on Netflix in August 2020. The series had 15 episodes in its first season and came to a rather good ending.

The audience is now curious and waiting for another season of this show to air. With its genre, the show has a lot of good participants and contestants who have caught the eye of the viewer. For those who have been waiting for another season of My Perfect Landing, there is news here!

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My Perfect Landing Season 2 Release Date

The story revolves around a group of gymnasts and their mighty move to Canada! These gymnasts have to manage their move. The story is about Jenny who goes to Miami any time she gets to meet her family who runs a rec center.

Name Of The ShowMy Perfect Landing
Season NumberSeason 2
GenreSports- Drama
My Perfect Landing Season 1 Release Date8 January 2020
My Perfect Landing Season 2 Release DateNot Announced

Jenny has a lot of potential and is crazy to be a famous acrobat known for her skills. 

The series came on Netflix during 2020. And from then, the audience has been waiting for another season of the show. But it’s been almost two years without any news.

According to the information we have, there have not been any announcements about the arrival of another season yet. The makers nor the cast have spoken about the potential making of another season. The original season was made into 14 episodes by Netflix.

But since the show has received many positive comments and reviews, the makers may create another season of My Perfect Landing. As of now, there are no announcements about another season.

If the makers make any, we will be the first to let you know!

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My Perfect Landing Season 1 Recap

My Perfect Landing Season 2 Release Date

The first season revolves around a group of gymnasts – The Cortez’s who are moving from Miami to Canada. The series has a lot of details about their life and how they manage the move.

Jenny Cortez keeps moving to Canada any time her family gets to run their own rec center. While revolving around that, the story does consist of a little bit of drama. With details and bits about their lives, it portrays Jenny’s love for being a famous acrobat.

Will she make it and make everyone proud? Only watching the first season will give you the answer to this question.

If you are looking for a good recommendation for a nice watch, My Perfect Landing will be a great watch.

My Perfect Landing Season 2 Predicted Cast

The cast of season two may almost stay the same for the second season. The characters of season one revolve around Jenny Cortez. It also consists of her sister, Joon Cortez. Her mother- Whitney Cortez also plays a role. We also have the character of Jenny’s grandfather- Mr. Cortez. While her entire family is in the cast, all that’s left is to see what she makes of herself! All of them are mostly set to return for the second season.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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Frequently Asked Questions About My Perfect Landing

1. Where can we stream My Perfect Landing online?

My Perfect Landing can be streamed on Netflix.

2. How many seasons are there in My Perfect Landing?

My Perfect Landing has one season currently.

3. Who is the first season of My Perfect Landing about?

The first season is about Jenny Cortez and her family.

4. Will there be a second season of My Perfect Landing?

There have not been any announcements about another season yet.

5. How many episodes of the first season of My Perfect Landing consist of ?

The first season consisted of 15 episodes initially. But later when the show was available on Netflix, the initial episode was removed which made it 14 episodes totally.

6. When will season 2 of My Perfect Landing release?

There have not been any dates announced yet.

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