Mrs. Davis Season 2 Release Date, Plot, Cast, and What to Expect

Limited series are slowly rising and achieving the acclaim they deserve. The recent release of Mrs. Davis on Peacock TV is proof. Mrs. Davis was originally supposed to be a comedy-drama series but was later turned into a limited series. It focuses on science fiction and comedy and was released globally on the OTT platform Peacock on 20th April 2023, following its original release at SXSW on 11th March 2023. 

Mrs. Davis has been created by Tara Hernandez and Damon Lindelof and produced by White Rabbit Productions and Warner Bros. Television Studios. Owen Harris directed episodes 1, 2, 5, and 8, while Alethea Jones directed episodes 3, 4, and 6, and Frederick E.O. Toye directed episode 7. The show received a rating of 7.3 from IMDb, 91% from Rotten Tomatoes, and 76% from Google users. Even though Mrs. Davis has entered the category of a limited series and its entry to the Emmys is enough evidence, fans cannot help but hope for another exciting installment. 

Mrs. Davis Season 2 Release Date

Mrs. Davis Season 2 Release Date

Mrs. Davis released its eighth episode, titled “The Final Haircut: So I’m Your Horse,” on 18th May 2023, and concluded its first season. This show was also submitted to the Emmys under the category of comedy, but they changed it to the category of limited/anthology series. Shortly after the change, an insider from the set of Mrs. Davis confirmed that there would be no more seasons. 

Name Of The ShowMrs. Davis
Season NumberSeason 2
IMDB Rating7.3/10
Streaming OnPeacock TV
Mrs. Davis Season 1 Release Date20 April 2023
Mrs. Davis Season 2 Release DateNot Announced

Initially, the creators expressed an interest in creating Mrs. Davis season 2, but based on the information that surfaced recently, fans will not be able to see a second installment. There are other shows categorized as limited series that have released their second or third installments, and viewers are holding onto that thin shred of hope. As of May 2023, the Mrs. Davis season 2 release date is unknown. 

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Mrs. Davis Season 2 Story

Mrs. Davis focuses on Sister Simone and her battle with Mrs. Davis, the artificial intelligence that thrives on the dependence of almost the entire population. She teams up with her ex-boyfriend Wiley, who wants to see Mrs. Davis destroyed, and the duo sets out to accomplish a difficult task and liberate 2023 society from the grasp of AI. They aim to find the Holy Grail, the only thing that can put a stop to Mrs. Davis. Unfortunately, the Grail disappeared in Paris in 1307. 

The show takes several surprising and otherworldly twists and turns, and the final episode shows us that Mrs. Davis was originally created to be an app by Buffalo Wild Wings. They also destroy the Holy Grail, which frees Jesus; Simone reconciles with Celeste; and Wiley sees life as new. Mrs. Davis season 2, if renewed, has no other storyline to complete, and the eighth episode felt more like a series finale than a season-ending. 

Mrs. Davis Season 2 Cast

Betty Gilpin stars as Sister Simone, the nun fighting the AI in Mrs. Davis. She was formerly known as Elizabeth Abbott. Jake McDorman plays Wiley, Simone’s ex-lover and her current ally, and Andy McQueen plays Jay, Simone’s present partner. Margo Martindale stars as Mother Superior; Katja Herbers stars as Mathilde LaFleur; Tom Wlaschiha stars as Hans Zeigler; and Mathilde Ollivier stars as Clara. 

Mrs. Davis Season 2 Release Date

We also see Elizabeth Marvel in the role of Celeste Abbott, Simone’s mom, and David Arquette in the role of Montgomery Abbott, Simone’s dad. JQ is played by Chris Diamontopoulos, and Joy is played by Ashley Romans. 

Mrs. Davis Season 2 Trailer

Mrs. Davis has not received the green light for a renewal, and neither has it been canceled officially. As of May 2023, Mrs. Davis season 2 is unmade and has no trailer. The trailers for the first season can be watched on YouTube and Peacock TV, among other sites. 

Where Can You Watch Mrs. Davis Season 2 Online?

Mrs. Davis is a Peacock original, which means that the OTT channel has exclusive rights to the show. It can only be streamed on Peacock TV and nowhere else. Mrs. Davis season 2 is unavailable, but the first season has all the episodes available on its original streaming platform. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Did the creators renew Mrs. Davis Season 2?

Certain sources have confirmed that Mrs. Davis season 2 will not be made.

2. Is Mrs. Davis based on real-life incidents?

Mrs. Davis is a science fiction show.

3. Who is Mrs. Davis?

Mrs. Davis is an artificial intelligence that has taken control of the world in 2023.

4. How many episodes are there in Mrs. Davis Season 2?

Mrs. Davis Season 2 is unreleased, but the first season has eight episodes.

5. Is AI dangerous?

Mrs. Davis is a perfect portrayal of the disastrous consequences if AI controls the planet.

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