Mismatched Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Story And Predicted Spoilers!

The story of Dimple and Rishi is one of the cutest recently. The show created a lot of name as it consisted of Prajaktha Koli as the main character. Along with her, another actor rose to fame. Yes, it was Rohit Saraf. Rohit Saraf stole the hearts of the audience, especially girls through his performance on the show.

It started off as a very cute little hunt for a wife by Rishi. Everything goes upside down when Dimple splashes Rishi’s face with a huge cup of cold coffee!

Prajakta Koli is known to be one of the most famous online celebrities. She’s such a cutie who got famous from her youtube channel, MostlySane. Prajakta coming together with Rohit Saraf was a big hit. Both their fans loved the show and they’ve been waiting for more ever since.

Mismatched is a Netflix series that currently completed two series. Season one of Mismatched was one of the most anticipated ones. The trailer had set fire to the audience and their ability to anticipate. As the season was released, within a week, a lot of people had watched it. Yes, the ending was a tad bit unexpected but the makers had something else in mind.

They made the audience wait for a long time again to know what happened. Well, the wait was worth it. The audience came up with so many theories and finally loved the outcome. The makers of this show have something crazy on their minds for sure.

Even the end of season 2 was kind of a cliffhanger. Dimple’s dream was given to Rishin on a silver platter. will she be able to handle it? We’ll only know that after watching season 3 of the eyeconic romance- Mismatched season 3.

So when exactly can we expect Mismatched season 3? Here are the details!

Mismatched Season 3 Release Date

Mismatched is a cute little show with so many lives revolving around it. We have a love triangle between Dimple, Harsh and Rishi. Simran is in a dilemma with her relationship. There’s so much improvement between Siddharth and Zeenat. The second season brings Dimple a set closer to her dreams. She’s always been obsessed with Nnandini Nahat and she gets to join the Nahata Institute. She is facing a huge issue and has to deal with how things go. Even if they aren’t the way she wanted to go.

Name of the ShowMismatched
Season NumberSeason 3
GenreRom-Com, Drama
Mismatched Season 1 Release Date20 November 2022
Mismatched Season 3 Release DateRenewed

Season two ends with Harsh leaving. With this happening, a lot of changes take place between Rishi and Dimple. There are a lot of improvements and their relationship goes to the next level. They resolve the conflicts between them and they are now a happy couple. Rishi has to go to the Nahata Institute. Will he be able to do it and will their relationship survive this?

We’ll only get to know about this after watching season 3. Season 3 is certainly happening but we do not know when. The team shared a video when the shooting for season 2 began. Season 3 will begin anytime soon. The makers will give us announcements and also small bits of the backscreen events! We can expect season 3 by the end of 2023. If not, it will come by 2024.

If we get any updates, we will let you know!

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Mismatched Season 2 Recap

Season two of the show was highly anticipated. There was so much happening with Dimple’s app being stolen. The situation between Namratha and her parents worsened. With everything happening. Rishi has a fling with another woman. Finally, Rishi and Dimple get to solve their conflicts and come back together. The show goes on around the lives of many that are tangled with each other.

The show is very interesting and many are waiting for the third season to drop. With the way the leads are busy, we can see the shooting can begin in a few months’ time. We are all excited for the third season! For more updates, stay tuned!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Mismatched?

1. Who are the actors on Mismatched?

The lead roles are played by Prajakta Koli and Rohit Saraf.

2. What is the genre of Mismatched?

Mismatched is a rom-com.

3. How many seasons are there in Mismatched?

Mismatched has two seasons right now.

4. Where can we stream Mismatched online?

Mismatched can be streamed on Netflix.

5. Who is the professor on Mismatched?

Ranvijay Singha plays the role of Professor Sidharth.

6. Will there be a third season of Mismatched?

There have not been any announcements about the new season yet.

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