Maya Petika OTT Release Date: When Will We See The Phone’s Biopic On Our Phones?

We have all seen some outstanding biopics of well-deserved individuals like Sarbjit and Shershaah. But have you ever thought about what inanimate objects might feel? What goes in the daily life of something which does live like humans? This is what Maya Petika is about. 

It is about the biopic of a mobile phone. Maya Petika has been written and directed by Ramesh Raparthi and produced by Just Ordinary Entertainment along with Magunta Sarath Chandra Reddy and Tharaknath Bommi Reddy. The cinematography credits go to Suresh Ragutu while the music credits are for Guna Balasubramanian and the editing is by Naveen Cuts and D. Venkata Prabhu. 

Maya Petika was released theatrically on 30th June 2023 and people want to know when the creators have set the Maya Petika OTT release date. There are times when we are unable to catch the latest movie at our nearest film theatres due to our various responsibilities. It is then that OTT releases come in handy, and knowing the Maya Petika OTT release date is the priority of the audience now.

Maya Petika OTT Release Date

Maya Petika was recently released in theatres on 30th June 2023. Normally a movie that was released in cinema halls takes up to three months for a confirmation of the OTT release. At times, certain movies do not get any streaming opportunities. 

There has been no official announcement for the Maya Petika OTT release date. Since the release was recent, we may have to wait for some time before we find out a conclusive date. As of July 2023, the Maya Petika OTT release date is unknown, and yet to be announced.

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Maya Petika OTT Story

The story of Maya Petika is about a mobile phone and is thought to be its biopic. The movie starts with a famous actress named Payal Rajput getting a mobile phone as a gift from her producer. She starts using it, but her boyfriend becomes suspicious of everything. 

Frustrated, she gets rid of the phone and gives it to her assistant. The assistant in turn gives it to a man named Kameshwar Rao who is a corporator. But Rao ends up losing the phone in his car which Ali, a car mechanic, ends up finding. 

The phone also travels through various other people like Aasra, Narayana the watchman and his wife, as well as a thief named Srinu. The plot of Maya Petika tries to show us these individuals from various social and economic backgrounds and how their daily and personal lives get affected because of a mobile phone.

Maya Petika OTT Cast

We See Payal Rajput in the role of Payal and appearing as herself; Rajath Raghav in the role of Pranay; Simrat Kaur in the role of Aasra; Himaja in the role of Mayor Malliswari; and Viraj Ashwin in the role of Ali.

We also see Prudhvi Raj being cast as Kameshwar Rao; Sunil being cast as Narayana; Syamla Are being cast as Narayana’s wife; and Srinivas Reddy being cast as Srinu. Rana Daggubati is also present as a voiceover actor.

Maya Petika OTT Trailer

The trailers, teasers, and promotional videos for Maya Petika are available on various online sites like YouTube and IMDb, among others.

Where Can You Watch Maya Petika OTT Online?

We know that a film takes a time period of almost 3 months to be released on an OTT platform after its theatrical release. Sometimes, it may also be broadcast on local television channels. 

Most South Indian movies are released on Amazon Prime Video with a few taking to Netflix as well. There have been no updates about the Maya Petika OTT channel, but it will be revealed soon by the creators of the film.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When is the Maya Petika OTT release date?

As of July 2023, the Maya Petika OTT release date is yet to be announced.

2. What is the Maya Petika OTT platform?

The creators of the show have not confirmed what is the Maya Petika OTT platform, but fans are guessing it might be Amazon Prime Video.

3. What are the ratings for Maya Petika?

Within a month of its release, Maya Petika received a rating of 2/5 from Greatandhra and 8.8 from IMDb.

4. Is Maya Petika suitable for kids?

Children can watch Maya Petika but under parental supervision.

5. How much will the Maya Petika OTT release cost?

The charges for OTT platforms depend on the channel.

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