Manager Kim Chapter 98 Release Date: Will Manager Kim And His Group Face Off Against The Black Dragon Squad?

Recently, a lot of mangas have been circulating among fans and have gained a lot of recognition. It is not new to us that these same Mangas get adapted into our favorite anime shows. One manga that has created a worldwide sensation is Manager Kim. The writer and director of Manager Kim is Taejoon Park who is also the general producer. 

The story has been created by Toy from PTJ Comics, while the content presentation is done by GyaOO. The illustration credits go to Jeongjongtaek. The first chapter of Manager Kim was released on 1st November 2021 in Korea in Naver. The worldwide release was in 2022 when the chapters started releasing in the English language and others on the Line Webtoon site and application. 

Manager Kim Chapter 98 Release Date

Manager Kim Chapter 97 was released recently, and fans are quite excited for Manger Kim Chapter 98. The Manager Kim Chapter 98 Release date has been set on 6th August 2023. According to New York and Pacific Time, the date is 6th August 2023. And according to KST, IST, CET, EET, JST, and others, the date is 7th August 2023 during the early hours.

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Manager Kim Chapter 98 Story

There has been no confirmation about the plot of Manager Kim Chapter 98. But we can guess a few things by the ending of Manager Kim Chapter 97. There can be a heavy confrontation between Young Chul and Lao Dong. Manager Kim and the White Tiger Forces may also make appearances. There can be a further involvement of Group T.

Manager Kim Chapter 97 Recap

In Manager Kim Chapter 97, we saw a lot of new angles. Young Chul and his friends were traveling via train when one of his mates asked Young Chul if he could smell something. He agreed that he indeed could and that the smell was starkly familiar. He further added that the smell or the taste that they could smell is of something close by and feels they have encountered it before. 

Another arc we see is of the Black Dragon Squad which is the Chinese Group K Security Team. Their leader Lao Dong informs them that Group T will be helping them, but they must make sure to overtake them before they reach the sky. He further adds that since this is Korea no one will notice if they are killed. 

When Lao Dong boards a plane, he asks his trusted man about talking to the Korean side. The man tells him the process of how Yanbian people get into Korea illegally. When Lao Dong inquires about the plane taking off, the flight attendant informs a Korean man has been blocking the main door making it difficult.

We also learn that it was Young Chul who wanted to get onto the plane without paying any money. He also threatens Lao Dong to give up his jet or die. When the story goes over to Jo Gwingwan, we see Young Chul is injured, but Manager Kim calms him down saying the White Tiger Forces are going to take care of him and there is nothing to worry about.

Manager Kim Chapter 98 Characters

Manager Kim or Gim Bujang is the main character of Manager Kim, and Minji Kim, or Gim Minji is his daughter. Jincheol Park or Park Jin-Cheol is a Former Legendary Agent; Hansu Seong or Sung Hansu is a Taekwondo Grandmaster; and Taehoon Seong or Sung Tae-hoon is Hansu’s son. We also have other characters like Han, Nam, Yujin Rim, Min Kang, Dogyu Lee, and others.

Where Can You Read Manager Kim Chapter 98 Online?

There are only two official sites for reading Manager Kim. All chapters of Manager Kim are available on Naver and Line Webtoon. Manager Kim Chapter 98 will also be released there.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When has the Manager Kim Chapter 98 release date been set?

The Manager Kim Chapter 98 release date has been set for 6th August 2023.

2. Who was the man in Manager Kim Chapter 97?

The man guarding the plane in Manager Kim Chapter 97 was none other than Young Chul.

3. Where will Manager Kim Chapter 98 be available for online readers?

Manager Kim Chapter 98 will be available on Naver and Line Webtoon for online readers.

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