Love Flops Season 2 Release Date: Did The Creators Cancel The Show?

Everyone likes a show full of love and light. Love Flops, originally titled Ren’ai Furoppusu, attempts that. A Japanese seinen of the same name written by Love Flops Project and illustrated by Ryūdai IshizakaIt started publishing in the Young Animal magazine in Japan on 24th June 2022. The manga has released two volumes and more are on the way. Love Flops was directed by Nobuyoshi Nagayama, written by Ryō Yasumoto, and produced by Passione Studios. 

The anime series focuses on science fiction, harem, romance, and comedy and received a rating of 6.7 from MyAnimeList, 6.1 from IMDb, and 65% from AniList, which is moderate. The first episode was released on 12th October 2022 and concluded with its twelfth episode on 28th December 2022. The audience expected more from this anime and felt Love Flops season 2 might fulfill their expectations. 

Love Flops Season 2 Release Date

According to some sources, the showrunners have canceled Love Flops Season 2, and a few others suggest that the anime series will return for its second installment. However, there has been no official statement from the creators of the show, and speculation is ongoing. Love Flops has completed all arcs, and there does not seem to be much left to cover. As of May 2023, the Love Flops season 2 release date is unknown. 

Name Of The ShowLove Flops
Season NumberSeason 2
IMDB Rating6.3/10
Streaming OnCrunchyroll
Love Flops Season 1 Release Date12 October 2022
Love Flops Season 2 Release DateNot Announced

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Love Flops Season 2 Story

The first season of Love Flops focuses on the dating life of a regular teenager, Asahi Kashiwagi. One day before leaving for school, Asahi watches a TV show where your fortunes are predicted. On his way, he meets five girls, as the TV show suggested. These girls are, in reality, not humans, but artificial intelligence. The origin of this advanced technology can be traced back to Ai Izawa, Asahi’s friend from his past life. 

Her death occurs two years before Love Flops, but not before her consciousness was turned into AI and her memories are implanted in the girls. Asahi has to deal with the five girls and their romantic confessions before finding the real truth about the woman he loves. The first season ends with Asahi coming home from university to find that the AI girls are back after a year. This open ending suggests that the anime might come back for more adventures. However, there has been no news of the Love Flops season 2 plot to date. 

Love Flops Season 2 Characters

The voice of Asahi Kashiwagi is by Ryōta Ōsaka and Mayu Minami; the voice of Aoi Izumisawa is by Miku Itō, the voice of Amelia Irving is by Ayana Taketatsu; the voice of Irina Ilyukhina is by Rie Takahashi; and the voice of Bai Mongfa is by Hisako Kanemoto. 

Marika Kōno gave her voice to Karin Istel, Miku Itō gave her voice to Ai Izawa, and Jun Fukuyama gave his voice to Yoshio Ijūin. We also see Shiori Izawa lending her voice to the character of Loverin and Yukiyo Fuijii lending her voice to the character of Yoshino Feynman. 

Love Flops Season 2 Trailer

Love Flops season 2 has not received a green signal to go ahead with the new episodes. Without a renewal, the trailer for the second installment is unmade and unreleased. Love Flops season one has its trailer on IMDb, YouTube, and other anime sites. 

Where Can You Watch Love Flops Season 2 Online?

The first season of Love Flops was broadcast on several Japanese television channels, like AT-X, BS11, Tokyo MX, TVA, SUN, and KBS Kyoto, among others. The 12 episodes are also available on Amazon Prime Video, HIDIVE, and Apple TV Plus. If Love Flops season 2 gets a renewal, the episodes will be available on HIDIVE. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Has Love Flops season 2 been canceled? 

Love Flops season 2 has not been canceled or renewed.

2. How many episodes does Love Flops season 2 have? 

Love Flops season 2 is unmade and has no episodes. But season one has twelve.

3. Is this anime series suitable for kids?  

Love Flops contain certain explicit content that is viewable by adults and inappropriate for children.

4. Is the anime based on real-life artificial intelligence technology? 

The artificial intelligence technology shown in Love Flops is fictional and was created for entertainment. 

5. Are the reviews for Love Flops high? 

The majority of the audience felt the initial episodes of the first season of Love Flops were slow, but the series picked up the pace and showed an emotional ending. 

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