Kohrra Season 2 Release Date: Did Netflix Renew The Crime Thriller For Another Mystery? 

With the recent release of Asur 2, India has shown us its wide array of talents in the entertainment industry. And this gets proven in this thriller drama titled Kohrra. Kohrra has been created by Gunjit Chopra and Sudip Sharma, along with Diggi Sisodia. It has been directed by Randeep Jha and produced by Clean Slate Films with Vishaka Joshi, Ravi Sarin, and Rohit Jayaswal. 

Kohrra was released globally on Netflix on 15th July 2023 and received a rating of 3.5/5 from NDTV and 3.2/5 from Gadgets 360. Viewers have agreed that the story is well formed and they cannot wait to see more of it after the Kohrra Season 2 release date gets confirmed.

Kohrra Season 2 Release Date

All six episodes of the Hindi language drama Kohrra were released on 15th July 2023, which is quite recent. At the time of writing, there were no plans for a second season. The series has also been categorized as a miniseries, and as we all know, miniseries hardly ever get renewed for their second installments. 

The creators of the show have not released any official updates regarding the renewal or cancelation of Kohrra Season 2. Since the show is recent, we need to wait a few more days to see its popularity among viewers. As of July 2023, the Kohrra Season 2 release date is unknown. 

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Kohrra Season 2 Story

Kohrra is set in Jagrana village, located in Punjab, India. The series starts with the finding of a dead body, wherein his throat was slit and his skull was crushed. This dead body is that of Paul Dhillon, an NRI who returned to his hometown for marriage. His case is taken up by two dedicated officers of the Punjab police force, Balbir Singh and Amarpal Gundi. 

Even though Balbir and Amarpal are two different individuals with nothing in common, they are an unstoppable force when it comes to solving crimes. Balbir is almost on the verge of retirement while struggling with his daughter’s resentment towards him. On the other hand, Amarpal is having an illicit affair with his sister-in-law and has also decided to marry a lady at the beauty parlor. 

The two officers are constantly under pressure to get to the bottom of the mystery and nab the killer, but they are faced with numerous setbacks. The Dhillon family arc is also interesting, with Paul’s father, Steve, and his uncle, Manna, being at loggerheads with each other. It is evident that Manna does not like the way his brother has settled abroad. The land dispute between them adds further disdain. 

Steve’s stepson, Liam, has also gone missing, and this causes his mother, Clara, to rush down to Punjab and find her son. This series explores the intricate relationships between the characters, the hidden secrets and lies, and familial disturbances, with rural Punjab acting as the perfect backdrop. If there is a Kohrra Season 2, the plot may be entirely different.

Kohrra Season 2 Cast

Vishal Handa plays Paul; Saurav Khurana plays Saakar; Ivantiy Novak plays Liam; Suvinder Vicky plays Balbir Singh; Barun Sobti plays Garundi; Rachel Shelley plays Clara; and Harleen Sethi plays Nimrat.

We also see Veera Soni as Anand Priya; Ekavali Khanna as Indira; Ekta Sodhi as Garundi’s sister-in-law; Muskan Arora as the beautician Garundi wishes to marry; Manish Chaudhari as Steve; and Varun Baloda as Manna.

Kohrra Season 2 Trailer

Since there have been no updates regarding the renewal of Kohrra Season 2, there is no trailer available for the same. The trailer for the previous season and other related videos have been uploaded to online sites like YouTube and IMDb.

Where Can You Watch Kohrra Season 2 Online?

All six episodes of Kohrra were released on its original streaming platform, Netflix. Since this is a Netflix original series, the show is not available on any other sites. If we get a Kohrra Season 2 release date, the new episodes will be uploaded to Netflix.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When is the Kohrra Season 2 release date?

As of July 2023, there is no Kohrra Season 2 release date.

2. How many episodes are there in Kohrra Season 2?

Kohrra Season 2 has no episodes, but the first season has 6.

3. Is Kohrra available on Amazon Prime Video?

Since Kohrra is a Netflix original, all episodes are streaming there.

4. Is Kohrra based on a true story?

Even though some of the violence depicted in the series might be relatable to viewers, Kohrra is a fictional show.

5. Who will be cast in Kohrra Season 2?

We can expect the lead cast to be back for Kohrra Season 2.

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