Kidnapped Bride Chapter 38 Release Date: Will Hakkan And Lucina Be Able To Overcome Their Differences?

Not just mangas, but manhwas or webcomics are also increasing their popularity as days go by. Some of them are close to our hearts and we have become really involved with the stories and their characters. 

One such manhwa is Kidnapped Bride which has been written by Kanghee Jamae and illustrated by Soy Media Team Cappuccino. As of August 2023, there has been no English translation of this webcomic. Kidnapped Bride was first released in 2022 by Copin, Naver, and Soy Media. 

Kidnapped Bride Chapter 38 Release Date

Kidnapped Bride Chapter 37 is set to release on 2nd August 2023 which will drag to the early hours of 3rd August 2023 according to specific regions. Keeping in mind the release dates of the previous chapters, we can see there is no particular schedule like other manhwas which follow a weekly release. 

We have to wait for Kidnapped Bride Chapter 37 to be released and reviewed for knowing the Kidnapped Bride Chapter 38 release date. As of 2nd August 2023, the Kidnapped Bride Chapter 38 release date is yet to be announced.

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Kidnapped Bride Chapter 38 Plot

Kidnapped Bride Chapter 38 will delve deeper into Hakkan and Lucina’s story. We have to wait for Kidnapped Bride Chapter 37 to be available online.

Kidnapped Bride Chapter 37 Recap

Kidnapped Bride Chapter 37 has just been released and it will take a while to be available for readers to read it online. As we all know, Hakkan has been keeping his distance from Lucina since she got pregnant because he fears harming the baby because of his dragon powers. But in Chapter 36, we see Hakkan leaning in to kiss Lucina when he pulls back shouting that he needs to be chained and locked up. If that does not happen, he fears losing control. 

But Lucina merely laughs at the situation which causes Hakkan to get angry because he felt he was dying. Elsewhere, Gilai and his sister were making elaborate plans to harm Hakkan. But he also kept in mind that he did not want to harm Lucina. In the end, Gilai creates a magical candle with his blood and explains to his sister what it will do. 

In another arc, Lucina is seen conversing with the fairy about how she tied Hakan up because he wanted to get intimate with her. The fairy laughs upon hearing this, but Lucina continues how she wants to give birth to their child despite her body being weak. The fairy explains it is because of her healing abilities and her connection to the Earth. He further added that the baby is going to stabilize her powers with fire energy and she will be okay as long as she keeps her diet proper. 

Lucina asks the fairy whether it is dangerous to conceive a dragon’s baby, but she gets assurance that her case is different because of her healing powers. The baby will use her powers to protect her against the fire, but she will lose her ability which can be gained back after the birth. Lucina gets excited upon hearing this and asks the fairy why he did not share this information earlier to which he replies he was never asked. 

She feels relieved that she would not have to consume extra supplements for the birth and goes to tell her husband about this. Meanwhile, her husband drinks a potion which is said to nullify the fire’s powers. The maid brings in flowers and some scented candles and we see they are Gilai’s cursed candles. 

Hakkan smells the scent and something shifts inside him. When Lucina enters the room, he grabs her hand with a dead look hurting her, and does not let her go. Kidnapped Bride Chapter 37 will reveal the secret behind the candle, and the plot for Kidnapped Bride Chapter 38 can be predicted after its release.

Kidnapped Bride Chapter 38 Characters

The main characters of Kidnapped Bride Chapter 38 will be Hakkan, the dragon lord, and his beautiful wife, Lucina who has magical powers. Gilai and his sister might make appearances. Another main character is Lord Berek, Lucina’s father.

Where Can You Read Kidnapped Bride Chapter 38 Online?

Kidnapped Bride Chapter 38 will be available on Naver Comic after its release.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When has the Kidnapped Bride Chapter 38 release date been set for?

As of 2nd August 2023, the Kidnapped Bride Chapter 38 release date is yet to be announced.

2. What is Kidnapped Bride about?

Kidnapped Bride is the story of Lucina who escapes from her father Lord Berek’s land to Tayer, the dragon land of Hakkan where a new journey begins.

3. Where is Kidnapped Bride Chapter 38 available?

Kidnapped Bride Chapter 38 will be available on Naver Comic after its release.

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