Khakee: The Bihar Chapter Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Story And Spoilers!

Novels are great to read. They keep us active and healthy in a very indirect way. Phones are soul-sucking and keep us addicted to them all the time. But there are some books these days that keep us off our phones and help us to stay away and sit in front of the book.

Many book series are trending these days. This is very common in anime but unique when it comes to series.

Series like Bard Of Blood are adapted from novels. These are highly intellectual series. Having to analyze the novel and understand the series is not easy. Today, we are discussing about one such book.

The Bihar Diaries is a good read. The book consists of so many incidents and scenarios where there’s a lot of crime and action involved. The makers of this show have taken up the story from the novel. After converting it to a good script, the first season is out in front of us. A lot of the audience have loved the story.

The series was trending on Netflix and has made a great name for itself. But when will there be a second season of Khakee: The Bihar Chapter? Read further to know more!

Khakee: The Bihar Chapter Season 2 Release Date

Khakee: The Bihar Chapter Season 2 Release Date

Amit Lodha has done a great job with the novel series of The Bihar Diaries. The book is so damn detailed with everything there that one needs to know. The chapters of the book bring out the true story of how the visualization goes.

The series also has great twists to it. With such a great storyline, the show is too interesting. The show was trending on Netflix when it was released. There was word about the season everywhere. So, there are a lot of ratings and reviews about the show.

The makers of the show have not yet said anything about the second season yet. The first season came out in 2022. If this goes as planned, we can expect the second season by the end of 2023!

Yes, with such a good story and a great plot, the maker is bound to come back with another banger.

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Khakee: The Bihar Chapter Season 1 Recap

Khakee: The Bihar Chapter Season 2 Release Date

The story is a mystery in itself. There’s a lot going on. This is not our local cop drama but it involves a lot of chasing and capturing too. The story revolves around inspector Amit Lodha. Amit is on a mission to catch Chandan.

Chandan Mahto is a part of the Mahto gang and has been active for many years now. The officer is determined to catch him no matter what and find out the link to the gang. This Ashok Mahto gang is active in a lot of cities. Will he succeed in catching these gangsters who are active in parts of Bihar? We are yet to know.

The struggle of Amit Lodha to catch the criminals and draw an end to this story is the main part. The activities that follow this are shown in the series.

Currently, we are waiting to know what is going to happen in season 2 but we are still reeling in from season one and it’s an amazing story.


The show is a new sensation. Everybody has been talking about and recommending the series for its episodes and plot already. With such a good buzz going on and an audience waiting for the season to release, the makers seem to be making another season or creating its script.

The show is very interesting as it brings out a story with a great plot and a lot of its own twists and thrills. The audience is just eagerly waiting for a reply about the next season. To this, the answer is to wait until the makers release a date.

If we find out anything, we will be the first to update you.

Until then, stay tuned!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Khakee:  The Bihar Chapter

1. What genre is Khakee: The Bihar Chapter?

Khakee: The Bihar Chapter is an action crime thriller series.

2. How many series are there in Khakee: The Bihar Chapter?

There has been only one season of Khakee The Bihar Chapter.

3. Is the story of Khakee: The Bihar Chapter real?

The story is adapted from The Bihar Diaries.

4. Who wrote the novel?

The Bihar Diaries was written by Amit Lodha.

5. Where can we stream Khakee: The Bihar Chapter?

The show Khakee: The Bihar Chapter can be streamed on Netflix.

6. Will there be a second of Khakee: The Bihar Chapter?

There have not been any announcements about another season yet.

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