Kevin McCarthy Wife: Who Is Judy McCarthy And What Does She Do?

Kevin McCarthy is a famous American personality and politician. He holds the position of being the 55th Speaker of the House. His wife is Judy McCarthy, formerly known as Judy Wages. She has been described as someone who is humble and down-to-earth. According to Judy’s inner circle, she is the most caring and is always looking out for others. Kevin and Judy McCarthy live happily in the same house they have lived in since they came together. 

Kevin McCarthy Wife Early Life

Kevin McCarthy’s wife, Judy McCarthy was born on 6th December 1964. Her parents were Harvey Wages and Sharon Wages. She spent most of her childhood growing up in Bakersfield, California with four siblings. Her brothers are Harvey and William Wages. Judy has said that her family was quite poor growing up, and her father Harvey was her inspiration. 

He worked at the National Cement and was the epitome of hard labor. Even though the financial aspects of the Wages were not good, the family was close-knit. Judy met her husband, Kevin McCarthy in her biology class at the local Bakersfield High School where they both went. 

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Kevin McCarthy Wife Personal Life

Kevin McCarthy met his wife Judy McCarthy when they were teenagers. Even though Judy liked one of Kevin’s friends initially, she was pulled in because of his indomitable spirit and efforts toward her. They ended up marrying each other in August 1992 and are happy. In 2015, Kevin McCarthy was accused of having an illegitimate affair with Renee Ellmers, but the accusations were denied. Judy stuck by her husband’s side proving her steadfast loyalty. 

Kevin and Judy have two children together, Connor who was born on 3rd April 1994, and Meghan who was born on 2nd August 1996. Connor graduated from Georgetown University in December 2020 and got married to Emily Norris soon after. Meghan has been diagnosed with Lyme disease. She struggles with her condition, but her parents and brother are a source of constant support and reassurance. 

In 2018, Judy’s brother William came to the public eye after being swept up in a scandal. He was accused of fabricating evidence to enhance his credibility in property bidding. This made Kevin and Judy’s personal life hard since they used to be questioned for their credibility. 

Kevin McCarthy Wife Career

When Kevin McCarthy was 21, he opened a deli with Judy and they worked together from 1985 to 1987 before he sold it for college money. The deli was opened because he won a lottery. After getting married to Kevin McCarthy, Judy McCarthy joined the California Republican Party and earns almost 160,000 dollars every year.

She was also named as a trustee in Ford’s Theatre in 2014. Her interest was piqued during the commemoration of the place where former US President Abraham Lincoln was murdered. She wanted his memory to remain immortal and serve as a symbol. Judy has also been heavily involved in fundraising events and collected millions of dollars for the greater good. 

Who is Kevin McCarthy?

Kevin McCarthy has remained the House Minority Leader of the US House of Representatives and an active member of the US Republican Party. He retained his position from 2019 to 2023. On 3rd January 2023, Kevin McCarthy lost the bid to be elected as the Speaker after three failed attempts. On 7th January 2023, he was finally made the 55th Speaker of the US House of Representatives after fifteen rounds of voting and bidding for several days. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is Kevin McCarthy’s wife?

Kevin McCarthy has been married to his current wife Judy McMcarthy for over three decades.

2. How did Judy McCarthy and Kevin McCarthy meet?

Judy McCarthy and Kevin McCarthy studied together at Bakersfield High School and met in their biology class. Even though Judy liked one of Kevin’s friends in the beginning, she ends up falling for McCarthy.

3. Does Judy McCarthy come from an influential family?

Judy McCarthy comes from a poor family who went through financial crunches but had unlimited love and affection for each other.

4. Was Kevin McCarthy really having an affair?

Kevin McCarthy was involved in a rumor which stated he and Renee Ellmers were romantically involved, but both of them have denied these accusations.

5. Why has Judy McCarthy been involved in so many scandals?

Judy McCarthy has never been involved directly in scandals. Her brother William Wages and husband Kevin McCarthy have been implicated in rumors.

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