Is Obsessed (2009) Based on a True Story? Did The Scandalous Events Take Place In Real Life?

Idris Elba’s Obsessed is a movie that came out in 2009 and has a few of the most well-known faces in the world. The director is Steve Shill, and the writer is David Loughery. The producer is Will Packer and the production companies are Screen Gems, Rainforest Films, and Parkwood Entertainment. Obsessed (2009) was first released on 23 April 2009 at the School of Visual Arts. 

They then released it on 24 April 2009 in the United States of America. The box office collected $73.8 million while the whole budget of the movie was $20 million. Even though the box office collection exceeded expectations, the reviews could have been more positive. Obsessed (2009) received a rating of 5 from IMDb, 19% from Rotten Tomatoes, and 59% from Google users. 

But, one fight scene between two characters named Sharon and Lisa gained appreciation. Sharon is Beyoncé and Lisa is Ali Larter. This fight scene has won the MTV Movie Awards for Best Fight. It has been years since the film came out, but one question has been haunting the viewers. Is Obsessed (2009) based on a true story? 

Is Obsessed (2009) Based on a True Story?

No, Obsessed (2009) is not based on a true story. David Loughery has written the script and the dialogues. The main credits go to Steve Shill, the director. We also know him for other movies like The West Wing and The Sopranos, among others. As the movie title suggests, the story is about obsession and how dangerous it can be. 

We know Lisa was obsessed with Derek. But, we do not know her reasons. Did she love him? Was there an ulterior motive? Maybe this is one reason Obsessed (2009) could not be a major hit, despite having a spectacular cast. The plot also shows us how infidelity can work. You have to be loyal like Derek and not be swayed by anyone. 

Throughout the movie, Lisa continues to try to seduce Derek. But he remains firm and rejects all her sexual advances. Even though Obsessed (2009) is not based on a true story, the events might seem familiar. Infidelity and cheating on your partner have become common for people nowadays. This world needs more people like our fictional Derek. 

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Obsessed (2009) Plot

The plot of Obsessed (2009) is about a couple named Derek and Sharon Charles. Derek works at a finance company, and they have a son together named Kyle. Kyle is just two years old. At work, Derek becomes friends with a girl named Lisa Sheridan. Lisa mistook Derek’s friendliness for flirting. She then tries to seduce him. But, Derek shows no interest. 

Even at their office Christmas party, Lisa did not back down. She follows Derek to his car and flashes her private parts in front of him. Derek had no other option but to throw her out. When he goes to complain about her to HR, he learns Lisa has quit her job. However, quitting did not stop her advances. 

She continued sending him flirtatious emails. When Derek goes on a work trip, she follows him and spikes his drink. When he wakes up the next day, he finds Lisa lying naked next to him. The astonishing part is she tried to kill herself. Meanwhile, Derek’s wife Sharon reaches the hospital and believes her husband to be having an affair with the girl. 

Detective Monica Reese suspects Derek at first. Later, she finds inconsistencies in Lisa’s stories. Three months later, David and Sharon seem to have patched up during a birthday party. At the same party, Lisa kidnaps Kyle from the house. However, it was a ruse. 

While the couple took their kid for a checkup, Lisa went to their home. She tries to set up the bedroom to look like Derek invited her over. Sharon comes back to see it all but does not believe Lisa this time. They engage in a cat-and-mouse chase, with Lisa ending up dead. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Obsessed (2009) based on a true story?

Obsessed (2009) is not based on a true story. It is fictional, and they created the story for entertainment.

2. Where can you watch Obsessed (2009) online in India?

If you are from India, you can watch Obsessed (2009) on Netflix.

3. Is Obsessed (2009) appropriate for children?

No, Obsessed (2009) is not appropriate for children. The movie deals with grave issues like obsession, infidelity, and suicide which is not suitable for kids.

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