Is Mbappe Gay? Footballer Reveals What The Controversy Is About?

The fever for sports has existed for over decades now. People love being updated with matches, teammates and everything that is going on with a team. People used to love cricket widely before. But now even all around India, people are crazily in love with football and love to be updated with everything.

The fans never want to be left out of any details that they are supposed to know. Everything that goes on should be known to the audience mostly. They also include personal matters sometimes which is kind of a private thing to these celebs. Their relationships, or sexual orientation are mostly being discussed online by the audience on online forums and they always try to figure out what is it.

Today, there is one such topic that is being discussed. This is about the sexual orientation of a sports star and if he is gay or not. The title might have given me away but yes, today we are discussing about Kylian Mbappe and if he is gay or not.

He does have a girlfriend but people still say he is gay. And why is that? Read further to find out all about it!

Is Mbappe Gay?

Kylian Mbappe is one of the most trending football players at the time. The player is known for his worldwide fan base and his great football skills that have put him above others in the eyes of his fans. The sportsman was fully involved in both the goals that were scored by France and this brought him more fame than ever.

The sportsman and his sexual orientation have continued to be discussed for years but there is no official news yet about anything. Fans speculate him to be gay but without such a report, nothing can be ruled out at all. The footballer was previously said to have been with Emma Smet. Even this news was never confirmed and thus, we never knew. But even if they were dating, there are not currently since we all know about Mbappe’s girlfriend.

Mbappe has not spoken openly about being gay nor has he spoken about anything different. In fact, he is really happy with his girlfriend right now. His girlfriend is Ines Reu who was the first transgender model on the cover of the popular magazine Playboy. So, this kind of brings out new talks and arguments.

On one end, Mbappe is already decided to be gay and is also posted on the list of openly gay football players. But his girlfriend says that he is not gay tho. So there is no way to sort out all of these arguments and come to an end with a proper explanation.

There was a photo that went viral about Hakimi and Mbappe which is a picture taken after a match-winning where the two were hugging.

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Kylian Mbappe And Ines Rau

Mbappe is a very unique being with his own different style as compared to others. The man has not yet disclosed about his sexual orientation nor has he disclosed who he is dating. Although all the rumours and pictures point towards Mbappe and Ines, there has not been a direct word yet.

According to the guesses on the internet, Kylian is clearly gay and this is not been said yet. But due to a lack of original sayings or words, we have to keep the thought on hold and actually wait for him to speak about the subject directly.

Until next time, stay tuned!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Mbappe

1. What is Mbappe’s full name?

Kylian Mbappe is his full name.

2. Who is Kylian Mbappe dating?

Mbappe is rumoured to be dating Ines Reu.

3. What is Kylian Mbappe’s profession?

Kylian Mbappe is a footballer.

4. Is Kylian Mbappe gay or bisexual?

There have not been any updates or reports about the news and is not openly known yet.

5. Who is Ines Rau?

Ines Rau is a transgender model and the first one of her kind to appear in the Playboy magazin

6. Will Kylian Mbappe retire this year?

Oh, no way is he retiring. The man is at his reign right now and will continue to play in the upcoming years as well since he is just in his late 20s. there are a lot more years to come with Mbappe stealing the show!

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