Is King Von Gay? The Secret Behind The Rapper’s Sexuality

King Von is an American rapper and songwriter and his real name is  Dayvon Daquan Bennett. He was born on 9 August 1994 in Chicago, Illinois, U.S.

He was a great musician and a rapper, his fans loved him and his music. His singles like ‘Crazy Story’ and ‘ Took Her to the O’ topped Billboard 100. Welcome to O’Block, his studio album ranked five on Billboard 100.

King Von has been involved in many suspicious gang activities. He has been referred to as a serial killer who has at least killed ten people. At the age of twenty-six Bennett died on 6 November 2020 and it has been three years since his death.

Shocking revelations about Bennett have aroused after his death and one question has been circulating around social media and that is ‘Is King Von Gay?’

Here is so far what we know about King Von’s sexuality.

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Is King Von Gay?

King Von has been in and out of jail many times, fans are sure that the prison had became his home and the police officers his family members. A body cam footage of a police officer talking with King Von has gone viral.

It still is a mystery how this video got into the hands of the uploader and why after almost 3 years after his death. In the footage King Von was seen talking with a police officer asking for a protection and different cell since he is gay.

He said since the cellmates could be Christain and can have problems with him. The moment the body cam footage has been uploaded on social media platforms it has caused chaos. Now people are confused if Kin Von is Gay or not.

For this, he is getting hate but his fans, close friends, and family members came to his defense saying that Bennett loves to joke and that he is just trolling. Nonetheless, he is doing all this to get transfers which is difficult due to the jail’s rules. Most of all they want everyone to let him rest in peace.

Hence the answer is buried with King Von and fans will have to keep guessing if he is joking or being serious.

How Did King Von Die?

King Von died from a gunshot wound. It happened outside the Monaco Hookah Lounge where the rapper was celebrating his studio album, Welcome to O’Block success.

The dispute happened outside the lounge between King Von’s crew and  Quando Rondo’s crew. Quando Rondo is also a rapper, singer, and songwriter and the one who killed King Von is his brother, Lil Tumm.

Lil Tumm shot King Von many times and Von was sent to the hospital where he was in critical condition and then eventually died.

Many people who witnessed the fight between Von’s crew and Rondo’s crew said that Quando Rondo’s crew was in self-defense. Before all these were happening Rondo was sleeping in his car when Von’s crew passed by his car and then he started beating Rondo.

Seeing this Lil Tumm shot King Von. Lil Tumm was arrested for murdering King Von.

King Von Early And Personal Life

King Von has always been close to his mother, Taesha but this is not the same with his father, Walter E. Bennett. It was all because his father was in prison most of the time and he was not allowed to visit. Walter E. Bennett died from a gunshot wound when King Von was eleven years old.

King Von paid tribute to his father through his pieces of music. He has six half-siblings from his father’s side and three siblings from his mother’s side. He has also dated Asian Doll, an American female rapper, and he is a father of one son and two daughters.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is King Von’s real name?

King Von’s real name is Dayvon Daquan Bennett.

2. What are the other stage names except for King Von Dayvon Daquan Bennett known from?

The other stage names except for King Von Dayvon Daquan Bennett are known as Grandson and V-Roy.

3. How did King Von die?

King Von died from a gunshot wound. Due to the dispute between King Von’s crew and Quando Rondo’s crew.

4. Who killed Kin Von?

King Von was killed by Lil Tumm, the brother of Quando Rondo.

5. Does King Von have any children?

Yes, King Von has children, he has one son and two daughters.

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