Is Dear Child Based On A True Story? Did The Kidnapping Of Lena Beck Happen In Real Life?

Dear Child is a German web show. It focuses on the drama genre. After its release, the audience has a question: Is Dear Child based on a true story? We are here to clear up your doubts. The directors and writers of Dear Child are Isabel Kleefeld and Julian Porksen. The production company is Constantin Television, and the producers are Friederich Oetker, Tom Spiess, and Oliver Berben. 

All six episodes of this German web show are available on the streaming platform Netflix. The fans gave Dear Child a rating of 7.3 on IMDb, 100% on Rotten Tomatoes, and 87% on Google. We know Dear Child as Liebes Kind as well. The creators released all six episodes on Thursday, 7 September 2023. Let us clear up your curiosity now. So, is Dear Child based on a true story?

Is Dear Child Based On A True Story?

No, Dear Child is not based on a true story. The events are fictional. The Netflix show Dear Child is an adaptation of a book. This book follows the psychological thriller genre. Its writer is Romy Hausmann. The book is also fictional and bears no resemblance to the real world. The story of Dear Child is about Lena Beck and Jasmin Grass. 

Lena has been in captivity for 14 years. She stays in a remote cabin with no windows. One day, she meets with an accident and goes to the hospital. When her father arrives there, he confirms that the woman is not his daughter. However, the two children with Lena match the DNA test with Lena’s father. It confirmed the two children are his grandkids. 

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What Happens In Dear Child Eventually?

We get to know the identity of the kidnapper soon. He is Lars Rogner. Lars kidnapped Lena 14 years ago and forced her to be his wife. He raped her on several occasions, and she gave birth to Hannah and Jonathan. However, when Lena gives birth to their third child, she passes away. Sadly, the third child dies with her. 

Lars Rogner was devastated because he loved Lena in his twisted way. To replace Lena’s absence, he kidnaps another woman. She is Jasmin Grass, the car accident victim we read about at the beginning of the story. Jasmin was held in captivity for four months before she overpowered her abductor one day by hitting him with a snow globe. She escapes with the children. 

It becomes clear why Lena’s father did not recognize her as his daughter. In reality, she was Jasmin Grass, the woman Lars kidnapped the second time. These are the events of the book. The Netflix show Dear Child changed the original plot, tweaking it. Most book adaptations change the main story in some way or the other. Either they change the names of the characters and places or certain plot points.

Dear Child Cast

In Dear Child, we see Kim Riedle in the role of Jasmin Grass, Naila Schuberth in the role of Hannah, Sammy Schrein in the character of Jonathan, Hans Low in the role of Gerd Buhling, Haley Louise Jones in the role of Aida Kurt, Justus von Dohnanyi in the role of Matthias Beck, Julika Jenkins in the character of Karin Beck, Joris Gratwohl in the role of Murat Wos, and Christian Beermann in the character of Papa. 

We also see Seraphina Schweiger in the role of Ines Reisig, Ozgur Karadeniz in the role of Dr. Benedikt Hamatedt, Jeanne Goursaud in the role of Lena Beck, Sotiria Loucopoulous in the role of Dr. Alexandridis, Michael Che Koch in the role of Detective Bujevic, Oliver Hermsen in the role of Detective Teske, Nagmeh Alaei in the role of Nurse Shari, and Alexander Koll in the role of Detective Max. 

Where Can You Watch Dear Child?

The streaming platform Netflix has released all six episodes of Dear Child. You can watch them on the site.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Dear Child based on a true story?  

No, Dear Child is not a true story. The events are fictional and an adaptation of a book by Romy Hausmann.

2. Will the audience see Dear Child Season 2?

As of November 2023, there is no confirmation for the second season of Dear Child by the creators of the show.

3. Where can I watch Dear Child in India?

You can watch all six episodes of Dear Child on the streaming platform Netflix in India.

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