Is Case 63 Based On A Real Story? Know The Astonishing Facts About It Here!

Case 63 is a podcast on Spotify that was released on 25th October 2022. It comprises 10 episodes and is an English science fiction thriller. Julianne Moore and Oscar Isaac lent their voices to this hit show. After its release, this 10-episode podcast received excellent reviews and also got a rating of 8.8 from IMDb which is considered to be high. Fans love both the actors in every role they undertake and Case 63 is no exception.

Is Case 63 Based On A Real Story?

Is Case 63 Based On A Real Story?

Case 63 is not based on a true story. This is a fictional podcast and no events have taken place in real life. The only real fact on this podcast is the existence of the Coronavirus and how it affected thousands across the globe. The emergence of the Pegasus virus is also fictional as we all know. 

Case 63 has been adapted from Caso 63, a Spotify podcast from Chile that released its first season on 12th November 2020. The first installment had the voices of Cantillana Nestor and Antonia Zegers, and the second installment added Álvaro Espinoza and Teresita Commentz. Spotify released the second season of Caso 63 on 11th November 2021 and the third on 18th October 2022. All seasons of this Spanish thriller podcast have 10 episodes each with an average duration of 15 minutes. 

Case 63 has been created by Julio Rojas, directed by Mimi O’Donnell, and provided to us by Spotify and Gimlet Media. The original language is English, but you can also listen to it in Portuguese, Spanish, or Hindi. Since the original Caso 63 had three seasons with 10 episodes each, Case 63 might come back again. 

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What Is Case 63 About?

Case 63 is a story about two characters, the dynamic they form, and the impossible odds of one of them being from the future. Julianne Moore lends her voice as the psychiatrist, Eliza Beatrix Knight while Oscar Isaac lends his voice as the patient, Peter Roiter. 

The podcast starts when Eliza gets assigned to Peter’s case, more famously known as Case 63. He claims to have come from the future and knows things that seem probable to have happened at later dates. This Peter from the year 2062 further says that he came back to 2022 to stop a woman named Marie Eva Baker from catching a particular flight. 

This was because she had the first strain of the Pegasus virus. According to Peter, Pegasus is a mutation from the Coronavirus and is a hundred times deadlier. There were no vaccines, medication, or cure for this virus. It eventually wiped out more than half of the planet, leaving just a few survivors. 

The survivors had to figure out a way to save themselves and found out that Marie was the first one to carry the Pegasus virus. They sent Peter back to the past to inject his plasma in her and stop her from catching flight 262 to London. Since the virus did not affect him, it was thought that his blood would solve all future problems. 

Eliza thought that this was beyond her, but before she could do anything, Peter convinced a senior doctor that his real name is Oliver Collins, a fictional writer whose task was to convince someone that he is a time traveler. He uses this excuse to escape but later confesses other strange things to Eliza, including the fact that she is his dead wife. 

The podcast also explains ‌how time travel was possible for Peter and why this information is dangerous if fallen onto the wrong hands. When Eliza ponders over everything that he said to her, she finds small discrepancies in his story. Her stress gets added after she receives news of her sister, Danny needing plasma immunology therapy. 

And, to help with the plasma, Marie was traveling to London. Knowing the whole truth, Eliza couldn’t take away Danny’s last hope. Suddenly, she finds herself in a hospital in 2012 in front of Dr. Vincent who is identical to Peter. This is proof that time travel somehow exists. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this podcast based on real events?

This podcast is a work of fiction and does not bear any resemblance to any event.

2. Is Case 63 worth hearing?

You do not have to be a fan of science fiction to love this 10-episode podcast.

3. Where is Case 63 available?

Case 63 released all 10 episodes on Spotify on October 2022.

4. How long are these episodes for?

Each episode goes on for 10-11 minutes approximately.

5. Will there be a next installment?

There has been no news about a renewal, but the original podcast had 30 episodes and the English one ended in a cliffhanger making the fans believe in another season.

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