Is Brittney Griner Trans? What Does She Has To Say About It?

There have been a lot of improvisations in the world over the years. People are more sensitive, there’s a lot of news about the LGBTQA+ community and people are accepting others for who they are instead of forcing them to be different. 

Sports has also gained more prominence over the years and people love participating and also watching matches and races. It’s important to treat people equally and not be biased about who they are. 

The one we are discussing about is a very famous Slam Dunker. She has been quite interesting and also is very talented. She has been very bold over the years and has given many statements about others and herself as well. 

Well, we are discussing about Brittney Griners! Yes, you might know her from her sport. She’s a big name in Basketball and she is a very good person who has made many statements about equality around the world and also in the sport. 

There have been a lot of questions asked if she is trans or gay. So here is all the information we know!

Is Brittney Griner Trans?

Is Brittney Griner Trans?

Brittney is a very famous player and has helped her team win a lot of trophies. She was born in 1990 and in Houston, America. She is a professional basketball player in the WNBA. She played for the Phoenix Mercury. She is an Olympic gold medalist with the US. Women’s national basketball team. Brittney recently was on the news due to her little issue in Russia. Cannabis products are not allowed and are illegal in Russia. But without knowledge of this, she was caught with hash oil. 

Due to this, she was put in jail. The personality has thus made a name through some such incidents and also through her talent. And in answering the question, we all have had doubts if Brittney Griner was gay or transgender. 

She has openly spoken about this question a lot already. Brittney has always been fearless. Even as a child, she was very active. So, she herself has once told in an interview that she is gay. Yes, she is gay but not transgender. 

She recently spoke about the issue if transgenders should be given a chance in women’s sports teams or not. Thus, the question rose and all these questions came to light again.

Apparently, Brittney came out when she was in high school itself. But her father did not accept her and thus this made it difficult for her. But she has always spoken about how she was bullied for her personality, sexuality, etc.

Is Brittney Griner Trans?

Even after facing all this, Brittney is a very strong woman who has spoken about all these insecurities and shown us how bold she is. She has given a very sweet speech about how there will be a better environment without bullying and gender discrimination.

She is a very famous person and also openly gay as well. She has never feared to speak out in public about the issues she has faced and also about her thoughts. She has been married happily for years and we all seem to love her wife. She has been married to Cherelle Watson who is a lawyer and also a teacher.

She has been very loving and open about her relationship and the audience love to see the happy couple together. Fans have loved to see the couple together and have always waited to know about the updates about their life. 

So Brittney is not only gay, but she is also happily married and is leading a beautiful life with her wife Cherelle. Rumour has it that they have split though.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Brittney Griner 

1. Who is Brittney Griner?

Brittney Griner is a basketball player in the WNBA.

2. Is Brittney Griners gay?

Yes, Brittney is openly gay.

3. Who is Brittney Griners married to?

Brittney Griner is married to Cherelle Watson.

4. Was Brittney Griner put into jail?

There are rumours that she was put into jail for carrying cannabis products but we do not know for certain

5. How are Brittney and Cherelle together?

Brittney and Cherelle are a very cute couple and very loving. The couple are always backing up each other and showing so much love in public and the audience love to see them together.

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