Indian Army Agniveer Recruitment 2023: How To Apply, Selection Process & Eligibility Criteria!

The Agniveer scheme is a recruitment program that was launched by the Indian government in the year 2022 to attract and recruit young people to the Indian armed forces. The scheme is specifically designed for the recruitment of soldiers only, but not officers, in the armed forces. The term “Agniveer” is used to refer to the soldiers who are recruited under this scheme only.

The Agniveer scheme is aimed at encouraging and promoting the spirit of patriotism and service among young people in the country. Young people are very easy to nurture and they can be very good citizens after this Agniveer training period of Agniveer. Under this scheme, candidates who have passed the 10th-grade, 12th-grade, or ITI are eligible to apply for these posts. There are more than 46,000 posts in the armed forces which will open new vacancies giving the opportunity for every eligible candidate to be encouraged.

Indian Army Agniveer Recruitment 2023

The scheme has been designed to provide an attractive career option to young people and to enable them to serve the nation by joining the armed forces. The recruitment process under the Agniveer scheme is rigorous and includes physical fitness tests, written tests, and interviews. Candidates who complete the recruitment process and are selected to join the armed forces under the Agniveer scheme are provided with various benefits, including training, allowances, and other perks.

Indian Army Agniveer Recruitment 2023 Highlights

Under the MinistryMinistry of Defence
Introduced byGovernment of India
Name of the SchemeAgneepath
Launched inJune 2022
Job typeSoldiers
Name of the RecruitmentIndian Army Agniveer Recruitment 2023
Age limit17 ½ years to 42 years
Examination modeOnline
Starting date of application16th February 2023
Educational Qualification10th class passed
SalaryRs. 30,000/- to Rs. 40,000/-
Official websiteCLICK HERE

Indian Army Agniveer Recruitment 2023 Overview

If you were to become a part of a highly technical organization like the Navy, you would have the opportunity to serve on some really powerful and modern ships. These ships include aircraft carriers, guided missile destroyers, frigates, replenishment ships, and even highly technical and fascinating submarines and aircraft. Serving on one of these powerful vessels would give you a unique opportunity to work with some of the most advanced technology in the world, and be part of a great team that is responsible for protecting our nation’s interests abroad.

You would also get to see firsthand the awesome power of modern naval technology and experience the feeling of being part of a great team that is responsible for keeping our nation safe. Not only would you gain invaluable experience in a highly technical profession, but you would also get to witness and experience daily life aboard these vessels.

Working in the Navy can be a challenging and rewarding experience. You would need to be dedicated, skilled, and able to work well with others as a team. But it also provides opportunities to work with some cool technologies and to travel to different parts of the world. It would offer you a chance to gain valuable knowledge and skills while seeing the world at the same time. Working in the Navy would also be a great way to serve your country while helping you to develop personally and professionally.

Working in the Navy would be a rewarding experience and something to be proud of. With so many benefits, it’s easy to see why working in the Navy can be a great choice for those who are looking for something more than a regular job. For those looking for a life-changing opportunity, enlisting in the Navy could be just what they need.

Indian Army Agniveer Recruitment 2023 Details

Agniveer (SSR) stands for Artillery, Gunnery, Navigation, and Missile warfare (Special Entry Scheme for Short Service Commission). This program is designed for individuals who want to serve in the Indian Army in the technical field. The Agniveer program has grown in popularity since its inception and is highly sought after by those looking to make a difference in the Indian Army.

The Agniveer program has become increasingly competitive in recent years, with many highly qualified applicants competing for a place. Those who are accepted into the program have the opportunity to gain valuable experience, knowledge, and skills in technical fields related to Artillery, Gunnery, Navigation, and Missile warfare.

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Training of Agniveer

The training for Agniveer (SSR) in the Indian Army is quite rigorous and challenging. It involves both theoretical and practical training that covers a wide range of technical topics related to artillery, gunnery, navigation, and missile warfare. The training is conducted at various Army training institutes and can last for several months.

During their training, Agniveer (SSR) is also taught the importance of teamwork and leadership skills. These skills are invaluable, as the Agniveer (SSR) will be expected to lead a team of fellow soldiers once they graduate from training and become officers. To become a successful Agniveer (SSR), it is necessary to have a high level of discipline, courage, and dedication.

During the training, the candidates learn about various types of weapons, ammunition, and their usage. They also receive training in navigation, communication, and handling of different types of military equipment. The training also includes physical fitness exercises and field training exercises that prepare them for the challenges of real-world military operations.

The training and education that Agniveer (SSR) candidates receive also focus on instilling values such as respect for authority, loyalty, patriotism, and integrity. These core values form the foundation of the Agniveer (SSR) culture and are integral to the development of a successful candidate.

At the end of the training, the candidates are expected to have a thorough understanding of the technical aspects of their field and be prepared to serve in the Indian Army as technical officers. The training and education of Agniveer (SSR) candidates is a rigorous process, combining both academic and physical activities. The academic activities include classroom instruction, workshops, and practical exercises, which allow the candidates to gain a deeper understanding of the various aspects of the technical field.

Overall, the training for Agniveer (SSR) in the Indian Army is a challenging but rewarding experience that prepares individuals for a fulfilling career in the military.

Indian Army Agniveer Recruitment 2023 Benefits

The Agniveer Scheme is a reform of the recruitment policy of the Armed Forces of India that aims to provide a unique opportunity to the youth to serve their country and contribute to nation-building. It provides an appealing financial package as well as the opportunity for Agnivesers to train in the best institutions and improve their skills and qualifications.

Additionally, the availability of well-disciplined and skilled youth with a military ethos in civil society is another advantage. Finally, the scheme provides adequate re-employment opportunities for those returning to society. This is important as it helps to ensure that those who have served the country can continue to contribute to its development.

Indian Army Agniveer Recruitment 2023 Eligibility Criteria

To become an Agniveer (SSR) in the Indian Army, one must meet certain educational qualifications. The candidate must have passed the 10+2 examination (or an equivalent exam) from an educational board recognized by the Ministry of Education, Government of India. The candidate must have studied mathematics, physics, and at least one of these subjects: chemistry, biology, or computer science, during their 10+2 education.

This educational requirement is important because the Agniveer (SSR) program is a technical program that deals with artillery, gunnery, navigation, and missile warfare. Therefore, a strong foundation in mathematics and science is required to understand the technical aspects of the job.

Having a comprehensive understanding of mathematics, physics, and at least one of the additional sciences is essential to being successful in this program. Having a strong scientific and mathematical foundation is necessary to understand the nuances of artillery, gunnery, navigation, and missile warfare.

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Indian Army Agniveer Recruitment 2023 Age Limit

To be eligible for the Agniveer (SSR) program, candidates must have a strong scientific and mathematical foundation in addition to meeting the age, physical fitness, and medical standards set by the Navy. The candidate must meet other eligibility criteria such as age, physical fitness, and medical standards.

The minimum age to apply for the Agniveer (SSR) program is 17 and a half years, and the maximum age is 42 years. Candidates must also meet certain physical fitness standards, such as height, weight, and visual acuity, as well as medical standards related to physical and mental health.

Minimum Age17 ½ years
Maximum age42 years

It’s important to note that the eligibility criteria may vary from time to time, and candidates should always refer to the official Indian Army website for the most up-to-date information.

Becoming an Agniveer (SSR) in the Indian Army requires a combination of educational qualifications, physical fitness, and other eligibility criteria. It is a challenging but rewarding career that provides an opportunity to serve the country in a technical role.

Indian Army Agniveer Recruitment 2023 Important Dates

Notification released on16th February 2023
Application starts from16th February 2023
Last date to apply15th March 2023
Examination date17th April onwards

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the Agniveer scheme?

The Agneepath scheme was implemented in June 2022 to recruit soldiers, not officers, in the armed forces. The soldiers recruited will be known as Agniveers.

Q2. Who can apply for the Agnipath Scheme?

Agnipath Scheme Army Recruitment is open to Indian candidates between the ages of 17 ½  and 42 who meet the educational, physical, and medical requirements for the respective post.

Q3. What is the training period for an Agniveer?

Depending on the stream, the training duration has been increased from six months to two years.

Q4. What is the salary of the Agneepath Army per month?

The Agnipath Army official notification provides a fixed monthly package with an annual increment of 10%. The monthly package for the first year is INR 30,000 with an in-hand salary of INR 21,000.

Q5. What is the height of an Agniveer girl?

Girls who are class X pass with a height of 163 cm and an age of 17–23 years can get registered under the Agniveer Yojana by crossing hurdles of 1600 meters run, 10 feet long jump, and 5 feet high jump in the physical efficiency test.

Q6. What are the costs associated with the Agniveer form?

The application fee for the 2023 Agniveer Bharti is Rs 250 for all applicants.

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