How did Jessica Patel Died? Unveiling The Truth Behind The Gruesome Murder!

In newspapers, we read about numerous crimes, robberies, and murders every day. Some cases are so brutal that we cannot forget them. Among all these gruesome murders, Jessica Patel’s Murder is unforgettable. 

The heartless murder of Jessica Patel will remind us of the inhumanity of people. If you are curious about more details about the murder, you have come to the right place. Here is everything you should know about the murder. 

How did Jessica Patel Died?

How did Jessica Patel Died

Jessica Patel’s tragic life started when she tied the knot with Mithesh Patel in 2009. They got married in India and soon shifted to Linthorpe. Mithesh and Jessica were professional pharmacists and bought a pharmacy in Linthorpe. 

They soon bought a house and started living a peaceful life. After securing financial stability, they decided to start a family, but everything went in vain as they faced fertility challenges. Mitesh and Jessica tried natural ways but gave up and focussed on IVF. 

Jessica was happy to experience a new phase of life, but little did she know that she would never experience motherhood. Jessica was killed in an alleged burglary that took place in her house before experiencing motherhood. The robbery took place in Linthorpe, Middlesbrough, in 2028. 

Mithesh found her wife and informed the police about the burglary. He mentioned that Jessica was covered in duct tape. While the ambulance was on its way, Mithesh removed the duct tape. The respondents confirmed she was fatally strangled and died of suffocation. But was this the real cause? How did Jessica Patel Died?

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Who Murdered Jessica Patel?

According to the officers, Jessica returned home at 7:00 on May 2018, and Mithesh left the residence around 40 minutes later, he went to his pharmacy to grab his laptop and went to a restaurant for pizza. He informed the police that, when he returned, he found his lifeless body. 

He was out of the residence for 30 minutes. So, the investigator stated that the robbery and murder took place within 30 minutes. The investigators found no sign of forced entry into the house. The indication proved that the perpetrator was someone close to the victim.

The Real Perpetrator Of The Murder:

Mithesh was devastated, but the family was shocked when Mithesh was arrested three days after the murder. Mithesh claimed he was innocent, but the police have much proof against him. The police interviewed all his friends and found that Mithesh was gay. 

When the police asked, he stated that his sexuality is taboo in Indian culture. So he kept it a secret. Soon, the officers found a guy, Amit, who had been dating Mithesh for the past eight years. His colleagues and Jessica were aware of his extramarital affair. 

Jessica was not happy about his affair and was losing interest in a baby. The poor woman never knew Mithesh was using drugs to reduce his sperm count. After the interrogations, Mithesh revealed that he killed his wife because it was the only way to get out of the marriage. 

Pieces Of Evidence Against Mithesh Patel:

How did Jessica Patel Died

In 2020, the inquiry panel proved that Mithesh abused Jessica mentally and physically over the nine years of marriage. Some incidents that proved he maltreated his wife were:

  • Mithesh didn’t allow Jessica to visit her dying grandfather.
  • Berating her in front of her workers and others.
  • He physically harms her by throwing a phone at her. Jessica was getting help for her anxiety. 

Despite all these signs, Jessica continued staying with Mithesh. While searching the laptop, the investigators found some disturbing queries from 2013. Mithesh googled things like “How to hire a hitman in the UK,” “Plot to Kill My Wife,” and the final “Insulin Overdose.”  Mithesh has also taken a large insurance policy for Jessica. 

Many scientific pieces of evidence proved he was guilty. On May 14, 2028, Mithesh was seen with scratches on his neck, which he said were gym-related. The DNA test proved that the scratches had Jessica’s DNA. She tried to protect herself. 

His DNA was also on the bag and the duct tape that Mithesh used to suffocate Jessica. He defended himself by saying that he removed the duct tape, but the rest portion of the duct tape was in his pharmacy. All this proved that he was guilty of the crime.  

The Final Verdict Of The Court:

According to the prosecution, Mithesh injected Insulin and used duct tape to tie her. He later used a plastic bag to suffocate her. He even staged the house to prove burglary. He planned to run away with the frozen embryo and the insurance money. The final verdict of the Jury was to sentence him to 30 years in Jail. Read More in the Leeds Live. Co. UK.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. When did Jessica Patel Died?

She died on May 14, 2018. 

2. Who killed Jessica Patel?

Jessica’s husband killed her.

3. Who is the husband of Jessica Patel?

Mithesh Patel is the husband.

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