High Rise Invasion Season 2 Release Date: Will Yuri And Rika Reunite To Fight Against The God Candidates?

Yet another anime that fans are eagerly waiting for is High Rise Invasion season 2. This anime series has been adapted from a shōnen manga of the same name that was first published on 5th December 2013 and ended on 4th April 2019 with 21 volumes. The shōnen manga has been written by Tsuina Miura, illustrated by Takahiro Oba, and published by Kodansha in the Manga Box magazine. 

A sequel of the High Rise Invasion manga titled High-Rise Invasion Arrive was published in the Magazine Pocket magazine on 28th July 2019 and ended on 24th April 2021 with 7 volumes. The web series anime has been directed by Masahiro Takata, written by Touko Machida, and produced by Zero-G Studios. 

High Rise Invasion is popularly known as Tenkū Shinpan and has garnered a rating of 6.5 from IMDb, 6.7 from MyAnimeList, 67% from Rotten Tomatoes, and 89% from Google users. All 12 episodes of the anime show were released on 25th February 2021 and now fans are wondering about the High Rise Invasion Season 2 release date.

High Rise Invasion Season 2 Release Date

The creators of the anime are yet to release an official update regarding High Rise Invasion Season 2. The second installment has neither been canceled nor renewed. However, the chances for renewal are pretty high considering the cliffhanger of Season One and its growing popularity. 

Moreover, all the volumes of the manga were not adapted for the first installment. It has also left the audience asking a million questions they do not have answers to. As of July 2023, the High Rise Invasion Season 2 release date is unknown.

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High Rise Invasion Season 2 Story

High Rise Invasion is set in a mystical world filled with high-rise buildings, suspended bridges, and architecture with massive skyscrapers. Yuri, a normal school girl finds herself transported to this magical realm mysteriously where she sees masked assailants forcing people to commit suicide. 

Yuri gets to know that these masked assailants are no supernatural creatures, but normal human beings who are being ordered by a God command to perform these tasks. She also finds out that her brother Rika is trapped inside this world along with other people like them. 

Whether these people will be her allies remains to be seen. The end of season one shows us the death of Aohara and how Yuri begins to control Archangel. Meanwhile, Aikawa, a God candidate, learns about Yuri and wishes to gamble with Rika in order to capture her. When Rika does not agree to the terms, Aikawa unleashes the Angel command on him. 

High Rise Invasion Season 2 Characters

The voice of Yuri Honjō is by Haruka Shiraishi and Suzie Yeung; the voice of Mayuko Nise is by Shiki Aoki and Jennie Kwan; the voice of Kuon Shinzaki is by Akira Sekine and Stephanie Sheh; and the voice of Rika Honjō is by Junya Enoki and Zeno Robinson.

The voice of Sniper Mask is by Yūichirō Umehara and Jonah Scott; the voice of Mamoru Aikawa is by Jun Fukuyama and Johnny Yong Bosch; the voice of Yayoi Kusakabe is by Yōko Hikasa and Cristina Vee; and the voice of Kazuma Aohara is by Kōji Yusa and Todd Haberkorn.

High Rise Invasion Season 2 Trailer

Since the creators of this anime show have not released any news about the renewal of High Rise Invasion Season 2, there is no available trailer for the same. The trailers and promotional videos from the first season are available on various online sites like YouTube and IMDb.

Where Can You Watch High Rise Invasion Season 2 Online?

The first season of High Rise Invasion released all the episodes on its original streaming platform, Netflix. If High Rise Invasion Season 2 gets a renewal, the new episodes will release on Netflix.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When is the High Rise Invasion Season 2 release date?

As of July 2023, the High Rise Invasion Season 2 release date is unknown.

2. Is Mayuko in love with Yuri in High Rise Invasion?

Mayuko seems to like Yuri romantically in High Rise Invasion, but Yuri does not reciprocate.

3. How many episodes are there in High Rise Invasion Season 2?

There are no episodes in High Rise Invasion Season 2, but the first season has 12.

4. Did High Rise Invasion already end?

The manga for High Rise Invasion has come to an end, but not the anime.

5. Is High Rise Invasion worth watching?

The reviews and ratings for High Rise Invasion are positive and is a must-watch for anime lovers.

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