Hidden Love Season 2 Release Date, Expected Plot, And More Spoilers

Who has said that only Korean dramas are popular among the people? Chinese drama has created a whole other universe, the dramas are so addicting that it makes you feel like you are in a black hole.

 You finish one drama and you are automatically watching another drama.

Hidden Love is a light-hearted romantic Chinese drama directed by Lee Ching Jung and written by Shen Fei Xian.

Chinese dramas like Love 020, Put your head on my shoulder, Love Like the Galaxy, Lighter and Princess, and Go go squid has able to capture the hearts of fans.

Hidden Love is no exception, it has been able to grab the audience’s attention from the first episode only.

 Hidden Love Season 1 last episode has just come out recently and fans are already looking forward to Season 2.

Here is what we know so far about the Hidden Love second season.

Hidden Love Season 2 Release Date

Hidden Love Season 2 has not been renewed yet. As the first season of the show has recently ended, it is hard to confirm anything.

The first season aired its 1st episode on 20 June 2023 and wrapped up the show on 6 July 2023. Season 1 consists of twenty-five episodes.

But we have to keep in mind that the show has reached its end on its local channel, Yoku and it is yet to be completed on Netflix.

The renewal of the new season is in the hand of the creators of the show and Yoku. Hidden Love ended with no cliffhangers or conflicts.

The ending was complete, but we have seen this in Chinese dramas, they will take a few months to announce anything about the upcoming season.

Even if the ending is perfect some Chinese dramas still get another season.

So fans can only hope for Hidden Love Season 2.

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Hidden Love Plot

Hidden Love is a cute and humorous romance drama that is adapted from the novel of the same name.

 The plot of the drama is very light-hearted and heart-warming so much so that you can watch the series when you are feeling low.

The story is like the diary of Sang Zhi, she is the little sister of Sang Yan. The opening of the drama shows us little Sang Zhi who is in 8th grade.

Sang Zhi is an intelligent, gentle, and absent-minded girl whose attention span can be compared to a baby. For this, she got in trouble at school and was asked to bring her parents to school.

This was Sang Zhi’s third time and she does not want to be scolded by her parents again so she asked her brother, Sang Yan, for help.

Sang Yan refused to help her and with no choice left she requested Duan Jia Xu to act as her brother and help her.

Duan Jia Xu is a roommate and a college friend of Sang Yan. He is a gentleman and a hardworking student who has his own dark past.

Sang Zhi falls in love with him but Jia Xu only sees her as his little sister. He is very protective of her which does not help the case of Sang Zhi at all.  

Duan Jia Xu eventually falls in love with Sang Zhi, but it comes with many hurdles like their age gap and Sang Yan.

The end of Hidden Love was happy, Sang Zhi and Duan Jia Xu remained strong until the end.

Hidden Love Season 2 Expected Plot

The expected plot of season 2 can focus on Sang Yan’s relationship and his problems.

And the show also can focus on Sang Zhi’s graduation and her relationship growth with Jia Xu and maybe an episode dedicated to their wedding.

Though these all are just fans’ assumptions, we have to wait a few more months for the confirmation of the show’s upcoming season.

Hidden Love Cast

The main female lead, Sang Zhi is played by Zhao Lu Si.

The main male lead, Duan Jia Xu is played by Chen Zhe Yuan.

Victor Ma as Sang Yan, the brother of Sang Zhi

Li Ping, the mother of Sang Zhi, is played by Zeng Li

Sang Zhi’s father, Sang Rong, is played by Qiu Xin Zhi.

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Frequently Asked Question

1. What is the rating of the show?

The IMDb rating of the show is 8.8/10.

2. Where can you watch Hidden Love?

You can watch the show on Netflix, Rakuten Viki. And WeTV.

3. Does Hidden Love have a happy ending?

Yes, Hidden Love has a happy ending.

4. Who is the director of Hidden Love?

Lee Ching Jung

5. How many episodes are in Hidden Love Season 1?


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