Gods Of Egypt 2 Release Date: When Can We Expect The Series?

The themes of some series are just so good, we cannot stop watching. Gods Of Egypt is one such thrilling story about Bek and his adventures among life and also the gods. Content is loved by many when it has a great storyline behind it. Written by Burk Sharpless and Mark Sazama, this story revolves around three main interesting and thrilling characters.

The story is about Bek, a hero and this guy is trying to fight against some dark forces. Bek is a hero who gets together with a god called Horus. He is trying to win against the god of darkness, Set. The leads of the show are also very popular and loved by many as well.

Playing the role of Bek, Brenton Thwaites has become very popular and loved as well. The characters Horus and Set are also very good to watch on screen. Watching the first one, the fans have gotten very interested in this story.

With the end of the first part, the audience is curious to know if there will be another sequel to it! Well, did the makers announce anything?

Read further to reveal the details!

Gods Of Egypt 2 Release Date

Gods Of Egypt came out in 2016 and was loved by its audience for its story. The story was taken up by Lionsgate Play for theatrical release. Being a 2016 February release, the movie sure has been off the screens for over six years now. The audience has been utterly patient for years now but I think it is time to know the truth

Name Of The ShowGods Of Egypt
Season NumberPart 2
IMDB Rating8.5/10
Streaming OnNetflix
Gods Of Egypt 1 Release DateFebruary 25, 2016
Gods Of Egypt 2 Release DateNot Announced

The movie was enjoyed happily for all its fun elements as scenes. Many critics have appreciated the fun element of the movie and have encouraged fellow fans to watch it as well. 

The movie has a really good script but some ratings received were not that good. I mean, the movie regained the budget and a little profit over that, but not a lot of money from it. With even this much earnings, the producers have thus shown interest in creating a second part of it as well.

So if the makers do come up with a script of anything, the producers are ready to bring the story back to life. But due to the low success rate and also how the audience received it, the arrival of a second season is still in doubt.

If there is any official announcement soon, that might indicate its arrival. If not, it can be understood to be cancelled itself.

If there are any more updates, we will let you know!

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Gods Of Egypt

As the title tells us, the movie is based on Egyptian mythology and is one of the rarest films with this genre. There are very less movies about Egyptian mythology as of now. Being one of the few, the movie is still not highly appreciated to its lack of accuracy according to reviews. With the arrival of a second one, they can surely turn this around by adding more interesting elements and being more accurate if they are planning on staying with the same genre.

The first one and its characters remained the same and did not have any developments. In the second one, if the makers put interest into making the characters better, the audience might like it more than the first one as well.

If there is a confirmation announcement, the predictions can be easier but right now, the arrival of a second one is also under doubt. So until the announcement, nothing much can be said.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Gods Of Egypt

1. Who is the lead of the Gods Of Egypt?

Gods Of Egypt is led by Bek who is the hero of the show as well.

2. Where can we watch Gods Of Egypt?

Gods Of Egypt can be watched on Lionsgate Play

3. Will there be a second season of Gods Of Egypt?

Gods Of Egypt may return for a second season since there has not been any cancellation announcement yet. Also, there is no renewal message as well, so the show is still under doubt for now.

4. Who plays the role of the dark god Set on Gods Of Egypt?

The role of Set is played by Gerard Butler in Gods Of Egypt.

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