Girlfriend, Girlfriend Season 2 Release Date And More Spoilers!

Girlfriend, Girlfriend is a Japanese romantic and comedy manga series that is also famously known as KanoKano. The manga series is written and illustrated by Japanese manga artist, Hiroyuki.

The manga series, Girlfriend, Girlfriend is based on Hiroyuki’s A story of two-timing but fair and square. Fans were excited since the announcement of the anime and they gave their love to the Girlfriend, Girlfriend’s first season.

Now they are counting the days for the second season of the manga series. Here is so far what we know about Girlfriend, Girlfriend Season 2.

Girlfriend, Girlfriend Season 2 Release Date

The first season of the manga series was released on 3 July 2021 with twelve episodes and it has been almost two years since the release of the first season.

Fans are waiting with many expectations for the second season, so the question is where is Girlfriend, Girlfriend Season 2?

16 September 2022 is the day when fans get the most exciting news of their life, Girlfriend, Girlfriend’s second season is going to be premiered in October 2023.

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Girlfriend, Girlfriend Plot

The plot of the manga series explores the genre of comedy as well as romance, the story revolves around a high school boy named Naoya Muka.

He likes his childhood friend Saki Saki, he proposes to her every month and Saki Saki rejects him every month. Until one day she accepted his proposal and agrees to be his girlfriend.

Nayoa Muka now is dating his child friend Saki Saki. The problem is that his classmate Nagisa Minase also decided to confess her feelings to Nayoa.

Nayoa although he hesitated initially but later decided to date Nagisa and Saki Saki together. So now both Nagisa and Saki Saki is his girlfriend.

Nayoa lives alone in his home as his parent lives in a different place as their work keeps them busy. So Nagisa and Saki Saki started living with him.

This is the story of their love story and how they will manage this love triangle, the manga series also lets us see their day-to-day life in school and outside school. All the problems and conflicts they will face and also how they will fight against these challenges.

What Will Happen In Girlfriend, Girlfriend Season 2?

The first season of the manga series ended with Nagisa deciding that she would not give up and fight for the position of girlfriend against Saki Saki.

Hence fans should be ready to see a harsh rivalry between Nagisa and Saki Saki. There is going to be some tough competition since it looks like Rika is also going to be part of the Nayoa circle of girlfriends.

The second season will come with its usual romance and comedy but also with a tense mood when the girlfriends of Nayoa will fight with each other to be promoted as the senior girlfriend.

Characters Of Girlfriend, Girlfriend

Naoya Mukai is voiced by Junya Enoki. He is the childhood friend of Saki Saki and later has two girlfriends in the manga series.

Saki Saki is voiced by Ayana Taketatsu. She is a childhood friend of Nayoa and also his first girlfriend. She accepted his proposal after he continued to court for several months.

Nagisa Minase is voiced by Ayane Sakura. She is a classmate of Nayoa who proposes her feelings to him. She is also his second girlfriend.

Rika Hoshizaki is voiced by Ayana Taketats. She is also a classmate of Nayoa and a popular vlogger, Milika. She wants to be the third girlfriend of Nayoa and is often seen stalking him.

Shino Kiryū is voiced by Rie Takahashi. She is the rich classmate and best friend of Saki Saki who also has feelings for Naoya.

Mr. Hoshizaki is voiced by Tomokazu

Risa Hoshizaki is voiced by Aoi Koga

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the ratings of Girlfriend, Girlfriend?

The rating of the manga series, Girlfriend, Girlfriend on IMDb is 6.6/10.

2. Where can you watch Girlfriend, Girlfriend?

You can watch the manga series, Girlfriend, Girlfriend on Crunchyroll.

3. Will there be Girlfriend, Girlfriend Season 2?

Yes, there will be Girlfriend, Girlfriend Season 2. The second season will be released in October 2023.

4. How many episodes are in Girlfriend, Girlfriend?

There is a total of twelve episodes in the manga series, Girlfriend, Girlfriend.

5. Who is the writer and illustrator of Girlfriend, Girlfriend?

Hiroyuki is the writer and illustrator of Girlfriend, Girlfriend.

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