Ghar Waapsi Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Spoilers And Story!

Ghar Waapsi streaming on Disney+ Hotstar garnered a lot of accolades and appreciation from the audience and critics. Not every day you come across you come across series that you can connect to but Ghar Wapsi is an exception.  The series is based on a middle-class household of the Dwivedis’. After the immense success of Season 1, the question that remains is Will the story move forward? Will there be a second season coming up? Come, let’s find out what the makers have to say about season 2.

Ghar Waapsi Season 2 Release Date

As fans are eagerly anticipating Season 2 of Ghar Waapsi, there hasn’t been any confirmation from the creators. The first season touched everybody’s heart to the core and that itself makes it eligible for a Season 2. People went through a rollercoaster of emotions while watching the show. The series highlights various aspects of modern middle-class society that people could connect with and have loved by heart. Ghar Waapsi Season 2 release date is not yet confirmed by the creators. So, all we can do now is wait.

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Ghar Waapsi Season 1: Story So Far

The story revolves around Shekhar, who was stable in his highly-paying job in Bangalore. However, he gets fired. He returns to his family who lived in Indore but keeps it a secret that he has been fired. Once, he starts staying with his family after almost 2 years he realizes how everything has changed. Their family tours and travel business is at a loss, his brother has gone into the wrong ways, and her sister mostly keeps it to herself and has a boyfriend secretively.

The miniseries had 6 episodes and each run for 40-45 mins. What makes Ghar Waapsi relatable is the modern middle-class issues that it deals with. Shekhar staying away from home and being sacked from his job sheds light on how young boys and girls have to leave home to earn their bread and also support their families. It also focuses on the generation gap that exists between the parents and their children, the inability to share your true feelings with your family, and how that can create distance. Suruchi having a boyfriend and being all secretive about it is an example of it. The younger brother Sanju is the black sheep of the house, who lost a huge amount of money into gambling.

After months of grinding Shekhar bags a new job in his dream company HealthyFine. When Shekhar was leaving for Bangalore again, chaos broke out in their house when the parents came to know about Suruchi’s affair. When Suruchi was being scolded for having an affair Shekhar loses his temper and told them that he has been dating a divorcee. He even said that family is with who we should be sharing everything that’s going on in life. But their mentality that is so back-dated, and pride in knowing everything better has made their children go so far away from them. Because of this, he thinks it is better to live away from them.

Back in Bangalore, Shekhar again joins the corporate rat race and realizes that he is losing himself. He is being distanced from his friends and family and missing the true essence of life. This time he quits his job and returns to his hometown.

Ghar Waapsi Season 2: What Can the Plot Be About?

How the story will unfold if there is a Season 2 is not yet known. Makers of the series have given no updates regarding a Season 2. But there can be a chance that Season 2 will be set in Indore, in Shekhar’s hometown. It can delve more into the issues and nuances while Shekhar staying with his family. It can also explore Shekhar’s entrepreneurial pursuit of making their family business a success. There are chances for more character development in Ratanlal Dwivedi and Madhuvanti, while they are understanding towards their children and bridge the generation gap. However, nothing is sure till now. We need to wait for the official confirmation of any updates regarding Season 2.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I watch Ghar Waapsi with my parents?

Yes, you can watch Ghar Waapsi with your parents as it is a family friendly show. It might also lead to better your bond with your parents.

2. Where can I get to watch Ghar Waapsi for free ?

You won’t be able to watch the series for free as it is available on Disney+ Hostar which requires a subscription. If you have the monthly or yearly subscription to the OTT platform you can easily watch the series.

3. How is the ending of Ghar Waapsi ?

Ghar Waapsi ends with Shekhar breaking up with his girlfriend and also quitting his job and returning back to Indore.

4. How many seasons are there in the series?

Till now there is only one Season in Ghar Waapsi.

5. Will there be a Ghar Waapsi Season 2 ?

As of now there is no words from the makers of Ghar Waapsi about a Season 2. As and when any information is shared we will let you know.

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