Gatidhara Scheme 2023: Benefits, Eligibility, How To Apply?

The West Bengal government has launched an ambitious scheme to enable people living in rural areas to purchase their vehicles at subsidized rates. The Gatidhara Scheme is a transportation subsidy program initiated by the government of West Bengal, India, to support the people of the state in purchasing a new two-wheeler or four-wheeler for their livelihood or business purposes.

The main purpose of this scheme is to provide financial assistance to people who are unemployed and want to start their businesses using their vehicles either by delivering categories of goods carriers throughout the state or by earning the National permit and carrying goods all over India that will depend on the plan that was made by the person himself. These days the delivery business is playing a good role either to deliver food from the popular food branded itself to the local apps. The two-wheelers can be useful in this career.  

Through the scheme, the state government provides financial assistance of up to 80% of the cost of the vehicle. The Gatidhara Scheme is an important initiative by the government of West Bengal to support its citizens in achieving their economic goals. The scheme has been designed to promote entrepreneurship and economic growth in the state by providing easy access to transportation at an affordable cost.

The Gatidhara Scheme provides an opportunity for the unemployed youth of West Bengal to own a vehicle, which can help them earn an income by providing transportation services.  The main goal of the scheme is to improve transportation facilities in rural areas and create employment opportunities, thereby stimulating economic growth.

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Gatidhara Scheme 2023 Highlights

Name of the schemeWest Bengal Gatidhara Scheme 2023
GoalTo provide employment to unemployed youth
Family incomeBelow Rs. 25,000/-
Loan repayment duration5 to 7 years
Official websiteCLICK HERE

Gatidhara Scheme 2023 Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the scheme, you must be a permanent resident of West Bengal, be over 18 years of age, have an annual income not exceeding 2.5 lakhs, and not own any vehicle in your name, your spouse’s name, or any dependents’ name. The subsidy amount offered under the scheme varies based on the type of vehicle and ranges from 25,000 rupees for a two-wheeler to 50,000 rupees for a four-wheeler. The Gatidhara Scheme is a great initiative to help improve the economic conditions of West Bengal by providing employment opportunities and improving transportation facilities in rural areas. With the help of this scheme, people living in rural areas will be able to purchase their vehicles at subsidized rates, helping them access necessary services and resources that were previously not easily accessible.

The application process requires you to visit the nearest West Bengal Transport Corporation office, obtain an application form, fill it in, and submit it along with necessary documents such as identity proof, residence proof, income certificate, vehicle quotes and receipts, and bank details. After verification, you will receive a sanction letter indicating the subsidy amount, and you can then purchase the vehicle. Once the vehicle has been purchased, you will need to submit all the necessary documents to the West Bengal Transport Corporation office again. Upon successful verification, the subsidy amount will be credited to your bank account. 

Please keep in mind that the Gatidhara Scheme is subject to change, and it’s advisable to check the latest updates on the official government website of West Bengal before applying. Therefore, it is important to go through the entire process of verification carefully to ensure that all necessary documents are submitted and verified.

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ResidentWest Bengal
Minimum age18 years
Documents requiredIdentity proof
Residence proof
Income certificate
Bank details

The West Bengal Gatidhara Yojana has been launched in order to increase the speed of employment offices, either by creating their own path or by using this scheme. The West Bengal Gatidhara Yojana was launched to provide financial support and credit facilities to small entrepreneurs and self-employed individuals so that they can kick-start their businesses with ease. By using this scheme, applicants can apply for a permit online and receive it within a timely period. With the help of this scheme, eligible applicants can receive up to Rs 50,000/-.

The West Bengal Gatidhara Yojana is also aimed at providing assistance to start-ups, in the form of concessional loans, and seed capital. The West Bengal Gatidhara Yojana aims to provide these businesses with the necessary support, in order to help them succeed. The scheme also provides a dedicated helpline, through which applicants can get their queries answered. Under this scheme, the names of unemployed youth will be registered, as well as a subsidy to purchase vehicles. In addition, the West Bengal Gatidhara Yojana provides an exclusive website and mobile app to facilitate easy application.

Gatidhara Yojana Scheme 2023 Amount

Two wheelerRs. 25,000/-
Four wheelerRs. 50,000/-


Q1. What are the documents that are required for the application process of the Gatidhara yojana scheme?

The documents that are required for the application process are a Driver’s license, a Domicile certificate as evidence of residence, a Certificate of Unemployment, A birth certificate as proof of age, An Aadhaar card, Income certification from the appropriate authority, a Certificate of Caste, Photograph in passport size, Report on the Project, Affidavit in the format specified. These documents are required for admission to the scholarship scheme, in order to assess the applicant’s eligibility.

Q2. What are the policies of Gatidhara Yojana Scheme?

Only West Bengal residents are eligible to apply for the permit at the Employment Exchange. Whatever loan is received by the applicant, will be disbursed within 15 days of the application. The applicant will have 5 to 7 years to repay the loan. Applicants who have previously received benefits under the BSKP, USKP, or other schemes can apply for benefits under this scheme.

Q3. What is the process of application of Gatidhara Yojana scheme?

The West Bengal government has launched a scheme called “Gatidhara,” in which applicants can apply for a vehicle permit and subsidy. This will greatly simplify the loan application process for the applicants. The decision made by the state government for the convenience of permit applicants is a commendable one. All residents of the state who wish to obtain a vehicle permit and subsidy must apply through this program.

Q4. What are the minimum and maximum age limits for the Gatidhara yojana scheme 2023?

Minimum age = 21 years

Maximum age = 45 years

Q5. What are the advantages of the Gatidhara Yojana scheme 2023?

West Bengal’s GATIDHARA Scheme has enabled all unemployed youth to find work and make ends meet. They can purchase vehicles on the open market and earn a living in a dedicated and simple manner. The West Bengal government will provide a 30% allowance, which is based on the overall cost of purchasing commercial vehicles.

Q6. Who is eligible for the Gatidhara Yojana scheme 2023?

The monthly family income of an individual entrepreneur should not exceed Rs 25,000. The applicant’s age should be between 20 and 45 years old. The applicant should be a permanent resident of West Bengal state with an Indian Nationality.

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