Is Father Stu A True Story? Who Was The Real Father Stuart Long?

Father Stu is an American movie. It is a biographical drama. Today, we shall know whether Father Stu is a true story or false. The director is Rosalind Ross, the writer is Rosalind Ross, and the producers are Mark Wahlberg, Stephen Levinson, and Jordan Foss. The production companies are Columbia Pictures, Municipal Pictures, and CJ Entertainment, and the distribution company is Sony Pictures Releasing. 

They released the movie at Cinemark Helena on 5 April 2022, IST. Afterward, they released it in the United States of America on 13 April 2022, IST. The creators re-released the movie as Father Stu: Reborn on 9 December 2022, IST, as a PG-13 version. It was for a wider range of audience. 

The viewers gave this movie a rating of 6.5 on IMDb, 42% on Rotten Tomatoes, and 69% on Google. Mark Wahlberg, who plays the role of Father Stu in the movie, was nominated for a Satellite Award for Best Actor in a Motion Picture or Drama. Father Stu: Reborn also received various nominations at the Movieguide Awards. Let us see whether Father Stu is a true story or false.

Is Father Stu A True Story?

Yes, Father Stu is a true story! Even though the creators have dramatized the plot, the story is true. Mark Wahlberg met with two priests who told him the story of Father Stuart Long. Ever since then, Father Stu has been a passion project for him. He knew he had to finish it. Father Stu’s parents, Bill and Kathleen Long, were heavily involved with the movie.

Many Catholic leaders like Bishop Austin Vetter, Bishop George Leo Thomas, and Bishop Robert Barron were also involved. Father Stuart Long was a professional boxer before turning into a priest. He was the runner-up at the Whitehall JV Tourney. He also won the heavyweight title in the State Novice Championship in 1985. 

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When he attended Carroll College, Father Stu was not a Catholic. He bothered his teachers by asking ignorant questions about the Catholic religion. Father Stu indeed went to Hollywood to pursue acting. In the movie, his parents were unsupportive and toxic to him. However, his real-life parents are amazing. 

Kathleen, his mother, encouraged Father Stu to try acting, unlike in the movie. The film showed Bill, his father, as an absent character. However, in real life, Bill was a doting father. Even though he had to work long hours for his job, he never neglected his son. In reality, Father Stu’s career in Hollywood is noteworthy. His disease is also real. However, the time of his disease progression is fictional. 

Father Stu Plot

The plot of Father Stu revolves around Father Stuart Long. When he suffers an injury that stops his boxing career, Father Stu arrives in Los Angeles. He starts working as a supermarket clerk when he meets Carmen, who is disinterested in him. To impress her, he attends church. However, a motorcycle accident changes his plans. Father Stu thinks he will use his second chance for a bigger purpose. He will be a Catholic priest and help others. 

Father Stu Cast

In Father Stu, we see Mark Wahlberg playing the role of Father Stu or Stuart Long, Jacki Weaver playing the role of Kathleen Long, Mel Gibson playing the role of William Long or Bill, Teresa Ruiz playing the role of Carmen, Aaron Moten playing the role of Ham, Cody Fern playing the role of Jacob, and Carlos Leal playing the role of Father Garcia.

We also see Malcolm McDowell playing the role of Monsignor Kelly, Jack Kehler playing the role of Curtis, Niki Nicotera playing the role of Barfly, Annet Mahendru playing the role of the Virgin Mary, Tony Amendola playing the role of Coach Beech, Winter Ave Zoli playing the role of Allison, and Michael Fairman playing the role of Randall. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Father Stu a true story or false?

Yes, Father Stu is a true story! Even though the creators have dramatized the plot, the story is true.

2. Where can I watch Father Stu in India?

If you are from India, you can watch Father Stu on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Sony Liv, Apple TV Plus, Google Play Movies & TV, Zee 5, and YouTube. However, you have to pay a subscription fee for all the above sites. 

3. Is Father Stu alive?

Unfortunately, Father Stu died due to his muscular disorder in 2014. He was 50 years old at the time. 

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