Fahaad Faasil Movies: List Of Best Movies He Has Done!!

Movies are something that is beloved by everybody. While many prefer classics, many others prefer movies that are new and fresh with concepts. When it comes to Indian cinema, we have many beautiful classics and one of the most talented actors playing roles. Industries are now gaining popularity after ages.

The South Indian film industry is one the best in India. With our beautiful concepts and new attempts, most of the movies are gaining recognition all over the globe. South Indian actors and the movies are now breaking many box office records. Concepts like KGF, Kantaara, RRR, and many others are creating history around the world.

While many concepts are blooming, the names of the actors are also becoming widely popular. When it comes to the Malayalam Industry, we have many gems. The one in discussion today is known for his many great roles, playing both serious and fun characters and mostly for being Shiva!

Yes, you guessed it right! We are discussing the movies of Fahaad Faasil today. Being a remarkable actor with great taste in movies, every movie of his is a delight to watch. Many of his movies have become blockbusters and we love all of them. He was recently very famous for playing the role of a Police officer in Pushpa opposite Allu Arjun.

He has played roles in many other movies opposite Dulquer Salmaan, Nazriya and Naveen Paul and many others. Well, the list goes on and on. He was remarkable in Pushpa and this has triggered the audience to look up lists of Fahaad’s movies. So, to make things easier for our beloved readers, we have listed his top movies in this article here. If you are looking for his other projects, here we have brought to you a list of his movies!

Fahaad Faasil Movies

Fahad Faasil is a beloved South Indian actor who has done over 20 movies and has gained the hearts of his audience. We all have mainly loved him from being Shiva on Bangalore Days, haven’t we? The pair of Shiva and Kunju was so cute and was loved. We all are aware of how Nazriya and Fahad are a real-life couples as well. So, let’s start off the list with the same beautiful movie!

  1. Bangalore Days

Bangalore Days is a classic Malayalam movie that revolves around the genres of friendship, romance and bonds. The story is about three cousins who have always dreamed of settling in Bangalore and spending time together. Having an infinite bucket list, these three are looking for ways to unite. Kuttan is an engineer working in Bangalore. The second cousin is Aju, who is a bike racer and keeps migrating to other places. Kunju, the cutest cousin marries Shiva and comes to Bangalore. She loves spending time with her cousins but Shiva is very strict. He is a very mysterious person and clearly, there’s some tragedy behind it. Will Kunju and her cousins unravel the secret? That’s the plotline.

This movie can be streamed on Disney+Hotstar and is totally worth a watch

Will her difficult relationship with Shiva come to an end when she gets to know the truth? Watch the movie to find out!

2. Pushpa

Now this one is a very recent blockbuster that has turned heads in its direction. This Allu Arjun starrer has a good plot and made a lot of records all around. Even though Fahad is not the lead, he is the total show-stealer here. Walking in with his attitude and style, he takes down all the goons one by one, establishing his territory. He looks and also is a very strict police officer who is on the hunt for anybody who does not obey the law.

This one is a total must-watch, at least just to watch Fahad and his remarkable performance.

This movie can be streamed on Amazon Prime Video.

3. North 24 Kaatham

Fahad has some significant qualities that are hard to find in actors today. He has a way of narrating stories with just his eyes. This is one beautiful movie that brought him his National Award and showed the world his potential. The story is all about a software engineer and his unique habits that are different from the rest. He suffers from OCD- obsessive-compulsive Disorder and now, he has a different problem. Things are not going according to his plan and he has a huge psychological war that brings him to the top of the list.

He is forced to take a journey with different people and now he has to bear with it. Will this journey change his life? Watch the movie to learn more!

This movie can be streamed on Disney+Hotstar. So do give it a watch.

4. Oru Indian Pranyakatha

Fahad is a very versatile actor and watching him work gives us all a lot of inspiration. This received a lot of positive comments and reviews from the audience and its roles make us all fall for it. Being a direction from Sathyan Anthikad, this is a true masterpiece that didn’t receive enough attention.

Fahad plays the lead in this one and he acts as a political leader. Continuing with a beautiful love story, the politician falls in love with a filmmaker, making things more interesting and fun to watch. This is a great movie and their love story is also very fun to watch.

This special can be watched on Hotstar and is truly a good one.

5. Super Deluxe

This is another beautiful story that brought Fahad into the field of Tamil Industry. Being his first one in Tamil, this had brought so much curiosity to the audience about the story and his performance. But being the star that he is, he totally blended in and did a great job. This only proves his talents and how well he knows to do his work.

The movie is a multi-layered story that does not fully unfold until the last scene and boy, this is such a great watch!

The movie has many other talented actors like Vijay Sethupathi, Ramya Krishna, Samantha Ruth Prabhu and many others.

This movie can be streamed on Netflix.

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6. Kumbalangi Nights

This is yet another masterpiece of Fahad Fassil. It seems like there’s no part in the field that Fahad could not ace. In Kumbalangi Nights, he plays the role of a man who feels high responsibility. He feels like he’s the one who has to take care of all the women in his family. The climax of this one is a blockbuster and is so worth a watch. The movie has a high unsettling curiosity in the minds of the audience and also lets us draw our own conclusions while the actual one cannot even be predicted.

This movie can be streamed on Amazon Prime and it is surely worth a watch.

7. Njan Prakashan

This is another movie by Sathyan Anthikad that has Fahad starring in it. The poster of this movie had created a lot of buzz since we could see how he was on a coconut tree, looking all mischievous and funny. The story is rather funny and also very serious. It speaks about a man called Prakash and how he aims to be successful. Well, there’s one problem with all this, he does not want to work towards it. Like he wants success for free and with no effort of his own.

The actor has done a beautiful job in this movie and it is surely another award-winning performance of his.

This movie can be streamed on Netflix and it surely does deserve a watch.

8. Maheshinte Prathikaaram

Fahad is truly a master of actions. He knows when exactly to deliver what to get the audience heads over heels in love with his performance. This movie is just another example of his great work. This is another National award-winning film of his. It is based on a comedy genre and he plays the role of a shop owner here.

He feels humiliated in public and this leads him to take the decision of not wearing slippers until he reaches his goal. Yeah, this does look funny and surely deserves a watch.

This movie can be streamed on Amazon Prime Video.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Fahaad Faasil

1. Who is Fahad Faasil?

Fahad Faasil is a Malayalam Actor known for his many works like Bangalore Days, Vikram, etc.

2. Who is Fahad’s wife?

Fahad Faasil is married to Nazriya Nazim who he met on the set of Bangalore Days where he also plays the role of her husband!

3. Which year was Fahad Faasil born in?

He was born in 1982.

4. Did Fahad work in Telugu movies?

Fahad’s work can be seen on Pushpa where he plays the role of a police officer.

5. What is Fahad’s name in Bangalore Days?

He plays the role of Shiva who is a racer and also an IT worker

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