Dark Gathering Chapter 48 Release Date: Will Yayoi Gain Her Consciousness?

Dark Gathering is a Japanese manga series whose genres are supernatural, ghost, and horror. The writer and illustrator of the manhwa is Kenichi Kondō.

There is an anime adaptation of the manga series which was released in July 2023. The manhwa was able to gain its popularity since its release and the anime adaptation was the cherry on top.

There are twelve volumes of the manga series and fans have been waiting for chapter 48 after chapter 47 ending.

Here is so far what we know about the Dark Gathering Chapter 48 Release Date.

Dark Gathering Chapter 48 Release Date

Dark Gathering Chapter 47 came with a blow and left the fans with a cliffhanger. Now fans are waiting eagerly for the forty-eighth chapter of the manga series.

Dark Gathering Chapter 48 is going to be released on 5 September 2023 at 10:00 P.M. JST. Here are the different timings for different countries –

 09:00 AM EST [Eastern Standard Time]

09:00 AM NT [Northern Territory]

06:30 PM IST [Indian Standard Time]

11:00 PM AEST [Australian Eastern Standard Time]

09:00 PM PHT [Philippine Time]

10:00 PM JST [Japan Standard Time]

10:00 PM KST [Korea Standard Time]

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Dark Gathering Plot

The plot of the manga series is about a college student Keitarō Gentōga, who is in a freshmen year. The manga series deals with ghosts and other dark supernatural things.

Keitarō Gentōga has a spiritual power that attracts ghosts and spirits but the problem is that he fears the same thing which is a part of him.

He and his friend get cursed due to all of these. Keitarō Gentōga started shutting himself down from the outside world so much so that he forget how to behave in the social environment.

Keitarō Gentōga’s childhood friend, Eiko Houzuki came to his rescue when she was unable to see him dragging himself in the black hole.

To improve his social skills she advised Keitarō Gentōga to teach her prodigy cousin, Yayoi Houzuki. This was not a hard task as Keitarō Gentōga excels in his studies.

But Keitarō Gentōga was surprised when he found out that Yayoi Houzuki is like him. She also possessed spiritual powers and she went to different haunted places so that she could find her mother’s spirit.

Keitarō Gentōga strikes a deal with her and the deal was that she will help him to find the cure for his curse and in return, he will accompany her to these haunted places where her mother’s spirits can be lurking around.

What Happened In Dark Gathering Chapter 47?

In Dark Gathering Chapter 47, we saw that Yaoyi was trying to defeat the monsters in whatever way she can and save Eiko and Keitarō.

But the monsters keep on regenerating even though Yaoyi used her ghost-hunting equipment or behead its head. Moreover, the monster turned others into a four-legged monster.

It looks like the monsters are using the rebirth curse and the Yaoyi and others have to leave the place immediately. But Keitarō gets caught by those monsters which were defeated by Yayoyi.

Yayoi while fighting loses her earplugs and lost her consciousness. Eiko was sure that it was some kind of fetish and when she and Keitarō enters that place again they realized it was not a fetish but the monsters which were swarming in that place.

The monsters keep regenerating and Yaoyi was still unconscious.

Where Can You Read Dark Gathering Chapter 48?

You can read the manga series, Dark Gathering Chapter 48 on Viz.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the rating of Dark Gathering?

The rating of Dark Gathering on IMDb is 7.9/10 and on My Anime List, it is 7.4/10.

2. When the anime adaptation of the manga series was released?

The anime adaptation of the manga series, Dark Gathering was released on July 2023.

3. When will Dark Gathering Chapter 48 be released?

The manga series, Dark Gathering Chapter 48 will be released on 5 September 2023.

4. Who is the writer and illustrator of Dark Gathering?

The writer and illustrator of the manga series, Dark Gathering is Kenichi Kondō.

5. Is Dark Gathering Season 2 out?

No, the second season of the manga series is not yet out.

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