Dahan Season 2 Release Date And Spoilers

In the most recent years, we can see Bollywood has evolved very much. In terms of performance, in terms of scripts, in terms of content, it’s been a long journey of Bollywood from that to this. And you know what, when Bollywood meets OTT, it becomes the deadliest combination. Because on the OTT platforms, we can make people watch what we can not on the big screens and television. Some people say that OTT platforms promote sex and nudity but there are always two sides to a coin. There are many shows and movies which do not include sex and nudity in their content. So, today we are gonna talk about such show named Dahan.

Dahan: Raakan Ka Rahasya is an Indian Hindi language web show which was exclusively premiered on Disney plus Hotstar. The show has supernatural elements and it’s a kind of horror-thriller show. Directed by Vikranth Pawar the show premiered back on 16th September 2022. And it received a huge fan following and popularity from the audience and critics. The show is produced by Deepak Dhar, Mahesh Korade, and Rishi Negi and written by Jai Sharma, Shiva Bajpai, and Nikhil Nair. Now, after the release of the first season, the fans are anxiously waiting for the second season, So, here you will get to know everything about Dahan Season 2.

Dahan Season 2 Release Date

As we have mentioned above that the very first season of the show was released on 16 September 2022 on Disney+Hotstar. So, it’s been almost five months since the show was released, and I know that it’s not enough for any show to get a renewal. But what we can do? The fans are frequently asking the same question when will Dahan season 2 released? I know that you also need to know when is Dahan coming back. So, here we will give you all the answers to your unanswered questions.

Actually, as we have mentioned that it’s been only 5 months since the first show ended. And we cannot expect the renewal of any show in such a short period of time. So as of now, we will not be able to tell you anything regarding the release date of the second season because the makers have not revealed any official information regarding season 2. As per the assumptions, we can say that this show may come back sometime in 2024 with its second season. But till then, if you have not watched the first season of the show, then you are missing something very remarkable.

Name Of The ShowDahan
Season NumberSeason 2
Genre Thriller
Dahan Season 1 Release Date 16th September 2022
Dahan Season 2 Release Date Not Announced

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Dahan Season 1 Recap

In India, people believe in Gods and Devils as well. Last year Indian cinema delivered a masterpiece named Kantara which has a similar story as this show. We are not saying that the stories of Kantara and Dahan are identical but we can say that somewhere they are similar. The only difference is Dahan is totally a fictional story of a village named Silaspur whereas Kantara is inspired by the true rituals played in Karnataka. So, coming back to the point!

Dahan is a story that revolves around IAS Avani Raut (Tisca Chopra) who is a single mother and comes to a village in Rajasthan, named Silaspur where she had to start a mining project worth Rs. 240 crores. But the villagers believe in the evil power of Ridhikayan, whose head is trapped inside a rock, which they believe. Avani tried to make them understand that this project is very important for all of them, but they did not believe her. So, this is the story in which the whole village is standing against her along with a Pramukh (Saurabh Shukla), who protects the Silasthal, and later as the story grows, she also had to deal with some false charges of corruption against her.

Dahan Season 2 Story

Now, if season 2 comes we can see the continuation of the story of the first season. We do not have any kind of official synopsis to tell you because as we all know that till now, there is no official statement has been revealed by the makers of the show.

Ratings and Reviews

Well in terms of performance and content, the show is very engaging and you will not get disappointed if you like supernatural dramas. If we talk about the ratings of the show, then I would like to tell you that this show is critically acclaimed and received good ratings of 7.1 out of 10 on IMDb.

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Frequently asked questions

Will there ever be Dahan Season 2?

There is no official confirmation yet.

What is the Dahan Season 2 Release Date?

It is not yet announced by the makers.

When was Dahan Season 1 released?

It was released in the year 2022 on 16 September.

What is the genre of Dahan?

Dahan is a supernatural and horror show.

Is Dahan a thriller show?

Yes, it is a thriller show.

How many episodes are there in Dahan?

Dahan has a total of 9 episodes.

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