Cracow Monsters Season 2 Release Date: Is Alex Going To Dive Deeper Into The Supernatural Realm?

As more and more opportunities are opening, we are seeing good content from other countries. Cracow Monsters is a good example. This Polish web series is based on supernatural mystery and drama and focuses on Polish mythology and mythological creatures. It has been directed by Kasia Adamik and Olga Chajdas, and produced by Telemark, along with Netflix, and Polski Instytut Sztuki Filmowej. 

Cracow Monsters released all eight episodes on Netflix on 18th March 2022. The web series received a rating of 5.5 from IMDb and 72% from Google users. Some of the audience were not satisfied with the show and felt it has more potential for Cracow Monsters Season 2. Others have loved watching the series in its supernatural aspect and are also waiting for Cracow Monsters Season 2.

Cracow Monsters Season 2 Release Date

It has been a year since the release of the first season of Cracow Monsters, and the creators of the show have not released any news about Cracow Monsters Season 2. The showrunners have neither renewed nor canceled the web series. 

Several gossip tabloids feel Netflix might renew this Polish supernatural mystery for its second installment since the first part left us asking a lot of questions we do not know the answers to. As of July 2023, the Cracow Monsters Season 2 release date is unknown.

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Cracow Monsters Season 2 Story

Cracow Monsters is about Chworz, a supernatural entity that started to haunt the town of Krakow during the reign of King Krak, its founder. We see Chworz coming back to present-day Kraken and possessing a young boy to destroy the place once again. Professor Zawadzki and his students who somehow possess supernatural abilities observe various mythical entities for research. 

Alex, the main protagonist of Cracow Monsters, comes across them and from thereon they embark on several adventures. Alex later turns out to be a reincarnation of Wanda who was a high priestess to Veles, a Slavic God. Alex was watched by Lucky, the Professor’s assistant, to see if they could find something interesting in him. 

But, they found that he was mysteriously saved from death a few times. The end of the first of Cracow Monsters shows us that a war is going on and Alex tries to end the time traveling. We also see that Lucky has somehow survived. Cracow Monsters Season 2 will focus on the consequences of what happens when a human gets inside the supernatural world and we might see more mythological aspects.

Cracow Monsters Season 2 Cast

We see Barbara Liberek in the role of Aleksandra Walas; Andrzej Chyra in the role of Professor Zan Zawadzki; Malgorzata Bela in the role of Aitwar; Stanislaw Linowski in the role of Lucjan Szczesny; and Matuesz Górski in the role of Antoni.

We also have Anna Paliga playing Iliana; Magdalena Kolesnik playing Mary; Kaja Chan playing Hania; Maja Chan playing Basia; Wojciech Brzezinski playing Robert; Stanislaw Cywka playing Birdy and Daniel Namiotko playing Gigi.

Cracow Monsters Season 2 Trailer

Since the creators of the show have not made any announcements regarding the renewal or cancelation of the show, there is no Cracow Monsters season 2 trailer available online. The trailers and other related videos of the first season are available online.

Where Can You Watch Cracow Monsters Season 2 Online?

Since Cracow Monsters is a Netflix original which means only Netflix has exclusive streaming rights over the episodes. This web show is not available anywhere else. Cracow Monsters season 2 has not been renewed and was not made. It is not available anywhere online.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When is the Cracow Monsters season 2 release date?

There is no Cracow Monsters season 2 release date as of July 2023.

2. Was Cracow Monsters season 2 renewed by the creators of the show?

The Cracow Monsters season 2 has neither been renewed nor canceled by the makers of the show.

3. What is Cracow Monsters about?

Cracow Monsters is about a group of people fighting against evil supernatural entities with secrets of their own.

4. How many episodes are there in Cracow Monsters season 2?

There are no episodes in Cracow Monsters season 2, but the first season of the show has 8 episodes about 54 minutes each.

5. Who is Professor Zawadski in the show, Cracow Monsters?

In the show, Cracow Monsters, Professor Zawadski is a highly educated man on the lores of Slavic mythology who recruits special children with abilities.

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