Is Copenhagen Cowboy Season 2 Release Date In The Works? Know Exclusive Details Inside!

Copenhagen Cowboy is a Danish supernatural drama, noir-thriller web series that was first released at the Venice Film Festival on 9th September 2022. It was then released globally on the OTT channel, Netflix, on 5th January 2023. The web series has been created and directed by Nicolas Winding Refn, written by Sara Isabella Jönsson, Johanne Algren, and Mona Masri, and produced by Liv Corfixen, Lene Børglum, and Christina Bostofte Erritzōe. 

Viewers might think that Copenhagen Cowboy is a series related to cowboys and their lives. However, this is not true since the show has a supernatural angle with the underworld and its goons. This concept is fresh and interesting to watch, and as a result, it has made a lot of viewers fans of this series. 

Copenhagen Cowboy Season 2 Release Date

Copenhagen Cowboy Season 2 Release Date

The first season of Copenhagen Cowboy released all six episodes on Netflix on 5th January 2023. It received a rating of 6.8 from IMDb and 67% from Rotten Tomatoes. The reviews were mixed, and the show could not reach Netflix’s list of the Top 10 shows each week. 

Even though the production cost was high, there needed to be more promotion for Copenhagen Cowboy. People have hardly seen posters or reviews for the show. Its release could not create a stir like the other new Danish shows have. 

It is too early for Netflix to release any statements regarding the release date of Copenhagen Cowboy season 2. Fans would probably have to wait for a long time to see the final decision since the first season just premiered. 

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Copenhagen Cowboy Season 2 Story

The first season of Copenhagen Cowboy introduces Miu, a psychic girl who gets invited to a wealthy mansion by Rosella. There has always been a rumor circulating that Miu can bring good luck, and the woman at the mansion wanted her to help with her pregnancy. 

However, things take a nasty turn soon, and the truth comes to light. Miu has been after her sister, Rakel, who was in the astral realm. The series shows how Miu does whatever is necessary for her to reach her sister and take revenge. The reason is unknown, however. 

The entry of the underworld in a supernatural series added a bit of spice. Miu gets mixed up with them while trying to take revenge on her sibling. The show ends with the mention of giants by Hideo, a Japanese character.

This cliffhanger makes fans wonder about the second season of Copenhagen Cowboy. The second season would probably bring more answers about Miu’s past, her estrangement with Rakel, Rakel’s story, and the giants, to name a few. 

Copenhagen Cowboy Season 2 Cast

  • Angela Bundalovic plays Miu (The character of Miu has been portrayed by a lot of female actors.)
  • Andreas Lykke Jørgensen plays Nicklas
  • Lola Corfixen plays Rakel
  • Lili Zhang plays Jang
  • Jason Hendil-Forssell plays Mr. Chiang
  • Zlatko Buric plays Miroslav
  • Valentina Dejanovic plays Cimona
  • Ramadan Huseini plays André
  • Dragana Milutinovic plays Rosella
  • Adam Buschard plays Aske
  • Maria Erwolter plays Beate
  • Thomas Algren plays Michael
  • Leif Sylvester plays Arne
  • Emilie Xin Tong Han plays Ai
  • Hok Kit Cheng plays Ying
  • Slavko Labović plays Dusan
  • Ebiriama Jaiteh plays Danny
  • Nicki Dirschen Hansen plays Polixen
  • Gustav Hejlesen plays Bjarke
  • Dafina Zeqiri plays Flora
  • Fleur Frilund plays Jessica
  • Per Thiim Thim plays Sven
  • Daniel Sami Strandet as Dardan
  • Thjerza Balaj plays Ljiliana
  • Sandra Vukicevic plays Mima

Copenhagen Cowboy Season 2 Trailer

Copenhagen Cowboy Season 2 Release Date

There is currently no trailer available online for Copenhagen Cowboy season 2. Season one has just released its episodes on Netflix, and production has not started for the second installment yet. Trailers for the first season are available on YouTube. The first trailer was released on 4th September 2022 and the second one was on 23rd November 2022.

Where Can You Watch Copenhagen Cowboy Season 2 Online?

The first season of Copenhagen Cowboy is available on Netflix for viewers. Copenhagen Cowboy season 2 has released no episodes because the second part has not received a green signal for production. It is rumored that, if renewed, Netflix would remain the show’s official OTT platform. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there a second season of Copenhagen Cowboy?

There is no news on this front because Netflix has not spoken about the second installment yet.

2. How many episodes are there in season one of Copenhagen Cowboy?

There are six episodes.

3. Is Copenhagen Cowboy available on Amazon?

Copenhagen Cowboy is available only on Netflix.

4. Why did Miu visit Rosella?

Rosella wanted Miu’s help with her pregnancy since Miu is rumored to bring good luck.

5. What are the original languages in this series?

Danish, Chinese, and Serbian are the original languages in this series.

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