Chappie 2 Release Date, Cast, Story And Why It Might Never Happen!

Science Fiction thriller movies always takes you away. A movie released back in 2015 called Chappie is still in talks about next instalment even after 8 years. Chappie was directed by Neill Blomkamp starring Hugh Jackman, Sharito Copley, Dev Patel, Yolandi Visser and other supporting characters.

The movie basically explores how Artificial intelligence captures the world. There is a robot who was captured by gangsters and was taught to destroy the world. They named the robot Chappie, hence the name of the movie.

Firstly, the movie premiered in New York City on 4th of March, 2015 and then finally hit the US Screens on 6th of March, 2015. With just $49 million budget, the movie was able to make $102 million. Since its release, the movie was able to gain a huge audience and now everyone is wondering whether there will be part 2 of the movie or not, well here’s what we know whether there will be a sequel to Chappie or not?

Chappie 2 Release Date

There is no official information regarding part 2 of the movie. Makers and the cast of the show have been very vocal about the sequel and here’s what we know about it:

Its said that the director who directed this movie, went on a pause after its release as they movie didn’t perform upto the expectations. He only released one movie after that and has been silent since. The most important reason why Chappie might never happen again could be the box office collection.

Name Of The MovieChappie
Movie Part NumberPart 2
GenreScience-Fiction, Thriller
Chappie 1 Release Date6th of March, 2015
Chappie 2 Release DateCanceled

While, the movie definitely has some cult following, it was not able to score much at box office. With $49 million movie budget, they could only reach $100 million, and with promotions and stuff as well they might have rarely accured any profit. The Director also mentioned that Chappie was supposed to be a trilogy, as part 1 left us in cliffhangers, but Chappie is going to be a standalone film.

Chappie 2 Release Date

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In addition to this, Neill Blomkamp has also mentioned that it was very painful for him personally when the movie didn’t do good. He confirmed that Chappie will not return with season 2 due to poor box office collection. And then he bounced back and went on doing some other stuff, like making short films, but he is a 100% sure that he won’t ever return with part 2.

Another reason could be the controversy surrounding South African Rap Duo Die Antwoord. Though there were other major characters in the movie, but they played a good role too. And the controversy surrounding them is getting really worse.

So, there are less to no chances that the movie will come with part 2. The creators have already confirmed that there will be no part 2 of the movie.

Chappie Story Synopsis

The story of the movie explores about a Robot named Chappie. When AI law was enforced in the country, the police department decided to raise a robot and train it. As soon as he was trained, Chappie started to develop human like feelings and ran away from there. Police was in search for Chappie and chappie meets someone and bonds with it. Turns out, Chappie was actually captured by gangsters. They taught him how rob banks and do all kinds of illegal stuff.

At the end of part one we see Chappie trying to commit a murder before he dies. And before he dies he transfers his robot brain to someone else and also magically transfers human brains into robots, and the movie ends there. The first part left all of us in cliffhangers and wonder what would happen next, but unfortunately we might never get an answer to it.

If Chappie was renewed, the next part could have explored what would the robot brain do next and how would the humans with robot brains react.

Will The Director Neill Return?

Neill is pretty sure that he doesn’t want to create a sequel of Chappie. He thinks the movie did not go well, and hence decided to pause the trilogy with just one part. If the movie is ever thought to be renewed, Neill might not be the director. Someone else would have to pick it up and create a sequel and there are very less chances for that.

There are many rumours surrounding the movie it might return with part 2, but don’t get your hopes high, Chappie Part 2 is very very unlikely.

Where To Watch Chappie Online?

If you own a subscription to Netflix, you can watch the movie there. And if you don’t you can buy the movie on various online streaming platforms like Prime Video, Apple TV etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Did they make a Chappie 2?

No, Chappie has not been renewed for another installment yet.

2. Is Chappie a sequel to District 9?

Fans have speculated that it might be a sequel, but the makers have not confirmed anything.

3. Is Chappie suitable for 12 year olds?

Chappie is a thriller, science fiction film but is violent too, so is not suitable for kids.

4. Was Chappie 2 cancelled?

Yes, the directors have clearly stated that they won’t bring part 2 of the movie.

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