Is Chaaver Based On A True Story: The Truth Behind The Political Assassination Of Kiran Kumar!

Chaaver is an Indian film in the Malayali language. Today, we shall discuss whether Chaaver is a true story or not. It focuses on the political, action, and thriller genres. Chaver roughly translates to Suicide Squad. The director is Tinu Pappachan, the writer is Joy Mathew, and the producers are Arun Narayan and Venu Kunnapilly. 

The production companies are Arun Narayan Productions and Kavya Film Company. They released the movie on Thursday, 5 October 2023, IST. The audience gave Chaaver a rating of 7.1 on IMDb, 2.5/5 on The Times of India, and 84% on Google. Let us see whether Chaaver is a true story or not. 

Is Chaaver Based On A True Story?

Chaaver is not a true story. It is fictional, and the writer is Joy Mathew, who is a predominant figure in the Malayali industry. He started the second half of his career with the movie Shutter. The fans loved his work and enjoyed the movies.

However, his last movie, Uncle, in 2018, was not up to the mark. People did not like his script and writing. Many criticized him. Chaaver is Joy Mathew’s comeback. Everyone knows him for his role in the 1986 film Amma Ariyan with John Abraham. 

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Chaaver Plot

The plot of Chaaver is about a political assassination. The film opens with Ashokan, Musthafa, Asif, and Thomas on the run. They are political goons who committed a crime. While running, they meet a medical student, Arun, and request him to help Ashokan. They tell him that Ashokan was injured while fixing their car. 

However, Arun does not believe the injuries came from fixing a car and asks the others about it. They do not tell him anything concrete and keep him in the dark. The goons promise Arun they will leave after he patches their friend up. Arun notices a party leader, GK, giving special instructions over the phone to the gang. 

The gang stops the jeep at a secret hideout. When they see some Theyyam performers in the area, they run again. They finally reach another house and have lunch. Arun does not eat with the others since he does not understand what is happening. During lunch, he overhears a conversation between the gang members. 

They have killed a Theyyam performer, Kiran Kumar, and are running from the police now. When Arun asks Musthafa about the murder, he replies it is for the sake of their political party. Kiran’s murder sparks an entire controversy. The city sees public protests every day, and the police leave no clue unturned. The rest of the movie Chaaver follows the aftermath of the murder of Kiran, and what the gang members do.

Chaaver Cast

In Chaaver, we see Kunchacko Boban playing the role of Ashokan, Arjun Ashokan playing the role of Arun, Antony Varghese playing the role of Kiran Kumar, Manoj K U playing the role of Musthafa, Sajin Gopu playing the role of Asif, Anuroop P playing the role of Thomas, and Deepak Parambol playing the role of Sooraj. 

We also see Joy Mathew playing the role of Mukundan, Sangita Madhavan Nair playing the role of the Devi teacher, Arun Narayanan playing the role of Gireesh, Rajesh Sharma playing the role of SI Renjith Babu, Anand Balan playing the role of Commissioner, Jayaraj Calicut playing the role of Chamunni, and Murukan Martin playing the role of DYSP Biju Ayyappan. 

Chaaver Trailer

You can watch the official trailer of Chaaver on sites like IMDb and YouTube. You will also find other videos of the movie.

Where Can You Watch Chaaver Online?

The release of Chaaver is recent. Since the release is theatrical, it takes time for the film to become available online. However, you can watch it on Sony Liv and Airtel Xstream. You might need a prior premium subscription to the two sites. Sony Liv also has the Tamil version of Chaaver. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Chaaver based on a true story?

No, Chaaver is not a true story. The plot is fictional, and the writer is Joy Mathew, who is a predominant figure in the Malayali industry.

2. Will we see a second part of Chaaver?

Unfortunately, we may not see a second part of Chaaver. At the time of writing the script, Joy Mathew said nothing about it.

3. Is Chaaver for kids?

No, Chaaver is unsuitable for children below 18 years since the film has mature content.

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