Best Seasons Of Alone: Ranked In The Order!

There are so many fans of series that are not into sitcoms. The outdoor series includes a lot of adventure, walking through the woods and discovering so much new stuff that is intriguing. Survival series is usually the best pick for those interested in such genres.

The one we are discussing today is a history special and has been here for years together now! The love for this survival series has grown over the years and has made it a must-watch for all those outdoor freaks out there!

The series in discussion today is Alone and the show has been an absolute favourite to many. Beginning in 2015, the show has had over nine seasons each of which has become more intriguing and thrilling! With a simple theme of guys living alone in the wilderness with just an expedition and a lot of roaming around, it is a perfect one for enthusiasts.

This show has been one of the most original series that just allows the contestants to do anything they want. In the beginning, the contestants are off on themselves, looking for food, finding shelter, creating their own fires and whatnot.

Those who are now developing a taste for this epic thriller are looking around and trying to pick seasons according to what thrills them the most. If that’s what you are looking for, you are at the right place!

Yes, in this article, we will rank the top three seasons of Alone that have been aired so far from the best to the worst! Read further for more details!

Best Seasons Of Alone

Alone is a very simple show yet one of the most thrilling. There are ten contestants in every season and they are off on their own after reaching the location. From building their own homes to lighting their own fires, they have to survive in the wilderness all by themselves and this is such a great one to watch.

Now in order to rank the shows, we must be aware of the arena it comes under. This list might vary from person to person based on their taste. So let’s begin!

  1. Season 6

Season six of Alone was by far one of the best and also thrilling. The season was Alone: The Arctic. The season has a lot of interesting elements, shelters that blew our minds off and a lot of elements to it as well! It was shot in the Great Slave Lake of Canada making it a very cold and barren environment to have survive in.

The contestants were surely all set and also prepared for what was ahead of them. They knew exactly how to succeed in this and also become one of the best. With the competition so high, it was truly a nail-biting one for sure.

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2. Season 2

Season two of Alone probably is the cool season of Alone and it is a bumpy nice ride which makes it neutral. We have chosen the best, the neutral and the worst seasons. So, the neutral one would be the second one which was fun and thrilling. The season felt like a great one with one of the best contestants who are trying to survive in the wilderness.

There are always fan faves and in this one, it feels like Mike was the most favourite in the season.

With his own creativity, the man built his own sink, boat and also a lot of other stuff. With people becoming different than they came in, the contestant Dvid finally gained weight instead of losing some. This is surely a good season if you are looking for a watch!

3. Season 5

Alone season 5 was by far one of the okayish of this show. Titled Alone: Redemption, this was on the location of Northern Mongolia. This one was a good one but surely others had their own issues as well. The most successful contestant of this season Larson Sam, he had his own method of survival.

He chose not to go out and search for food but to eat small portions and just fend off time along with this itself. The man is also said to not even have caught a single fish in the season. surely helped him a lot but a little problematic with taking the fun away from the show

Stay tuned for more updates!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Alone

1. Where does Alone stream on TV?

Alone can be viewed on the History channel on TV.

2. How many seasons are there in alone?

Alone currently has nine seasons in it

3. Will there be another season of Alone?

There have not been any updates about the arrival of another season yet.

4. Where can we stream Alone online?

The series Alone can be streamed on Netflix.

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