15 Best Desi Web Series: How Many Have You Watched?

There are many web series that are very interesting and thrilling that have been released over the years on the internet. Series have been around for years but our Indian series have gotten this popular recently. The series and their genres have come out very differently and are very relatable to the audience.

Indians have always been used to watching series of other languages when it comes to web series. But now that we have our own kind of series with exceptional stories and themes, it is great to watch! Indian shows and series have their own themes regarding the stereotypes or family-related consequences that have been going on here.

This article is regarding such Indian series and their own genres and themes. While there are many to pick from these days, the audience is often confused as to what to watch. The web series listed here are picked from the best channels online and are surely worth the watch!

So, read further to know the best web series or the good picks from the content available online!

Best Desi Web Series

  • Happy Family

There have been many beautiful series online and this one adds to the list. A joint family is where most of the fun is right? Well, if that is what you enjoy, this show is for you! Being based on a gujju family and all their drama, this show has all the content and fun you need!

The story revolves around the life of Sanjouy and his wife who live with his family. The family is a typical gujju family with all of the members living there along with his parents, sister and also grandparents. The elders of the house are the fun ones who are always into one or the other situations.

The show might be fun and interesting, but it also focuses on many topics that are arising and about the LGBT community as well. Being a great drama about the family and how the couple wants to move out of the house, it covers many aspects.

If a typical gujju family story with many fun incidents and deep scenarios involved, the show is a great watch!

If you are into such a story, you can stream this on Amazon Prime Video.

  • WTF- What The Folks

This is yet another classic by Dice Media. Dice Media has been creating a lot of great content recently and this show is a great one. The show’s first season came out years ago and due to its popularity, it has created many more seasons.

It is about the family drama of the Sharmas. The story revolves around Veer and his wife with their family meddling between them half the time.

It is a very good one with a lot of morals and good fun! It focuses on how a family goes through changes!

 Nikhil’s life living with his parents and inlaws is a great one to watch! The show can be streamed on Youtube. The channel is Dice Media, so do give it a watch!

  • Little Things

If there is a series that would be one of the best ever through all its seasons, then Little Things would surely earn the title. The show is a beautiful and great watch that revolves around the lives of Dhruv and Kavu.

They are a live-in couple who are facing all the scenarios a couple faces. The beautiful thing about this show is it gets better with its seasons. Every phase a couple goes through until that one beautiful moment everybody is waiting for, it is a joyful ride!

They have their own ups and downs, long distances and many other aspects to worry about but all that is left is to see if they do make it to the end!

The show is available to stream on Netflix if that is what you are looking for!

  • Asur

Asur is yet another beautiful series that has come out very recently. Starring Arshad Warsi, it is a great show to watch with its psychological thriller genre. The story follows the life of a serial killer who uses many mythological aspects to justify and plan what he is doing right now.

The story is about how the leads get together in trying to find the killer and make him repent for what he has done. If this genre interests you, this show can be streamed on Jio TV.

  • Adulting

Adulting is yet another series by Dice Media which follows the lives of two girls who are living in Mumbai. This is a very relatable story about how the youngsters struggle with office and their personal life. This is yet another beautiful one.

The first few seasons of this amazing show came out on YouTube. But now the rest of the seasons are released on Amazon MiniTV.

So if you want to watch the rollercoaster ride along with Nikkath and Ray, do stream it online!

  • Four More Shots Please

Amazon’s perfect and interesting series list will surely include this. The life of Damini, Umang, Siddhi and Anjana are entwined together as they are a best friend group. The show has had very few seasons but all of them are highly loved by the audience.

The first season is very chill and focuses on all the stereotypes and difficulties these women face in their real life. Being a spinster or a divorcee both are frowned upon in this society.

Addressing all of these themes, this show has made a good script out of it.

The show can be streamed on Amazon Prime Video.

  • The Family Man

The struggles of an Indian guy who is forced into the paradigms of society are shown in this story very clearly. Manoj Bajpayee has played the role of the lead very beautifully. The story is very relatable to most of us and shows the struggles of Indians. Priyamani has also played a role on this one and it is a very interesting series as well.

The show is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video as well, so do give it a watch!

  • Made In Heaven

This is yet another show about the lives of millionaires in India. The show focuses on Tara and how she enters the high society by marrying her husband. While managing a wedding organizing company, the woman is busy with most of her activities. When some memories lead her to the past, she is forced to reveal a dark secret that will turn everything upside down. Will she continue to live the way she has always?

The couple are Tara and Jim Sarbh who have played their roles exceptionally well too! Yashaswini Dayama has also played a cute little role in this with Kalki Kochin so do watch it!

Watch the show on Amazon Prime Video to know more!

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  • Mirzapur

This is yet another show on Amazon Prime Video that focuses on the gangsters and rowdy of Mirzapur and the tales of their stories as well. The story is filled with crime and action scenes which is thrilling to many fans. The main roles in the show are played by very popular actors and this one is a must-watch!

So, if this is a genre you love, do stream it online!

  • Decoupled

This is another series that is available to stream online with a great plot. An interesting series with a couple who are growing apart is the theme of it. They have a teenage kid and they are thinking of splitting up. Will they make it or will it break? Watch the show to know more.

This Madhavan special can be streamed online on Netflix.

  • Gangs Of Wasseypur

This is another amazing crime action series that focuses on gangsters and the wars they have with others. Before the utterance of a word, they are always focused on weapons and rivalry. if this blood tale interests you, you can stream it on Amazon Prime Video!

  • Panchayat

The story of how a young man is working for the uplifting of the society and his story is the theme of the story. An aspirant who is working towards making things better and also working towards it is the lead role.

You can watch this show on Amazon Prime Video.

  • Hostel Daze

This is a very typical Indian series with many fun scenes! The story is about how students of a hostel are into their own activities and get caught in many fights. The theme is very interesting and it is the coolest and most fun series that has come out recently.

Such a good one must not be missed and surely deserves a watch!

Stream this comedy romance on Amazon Prime Video for more!

  • Girls Hostel

This is a typical story about a medical hostel in India. The fun the girls have and all the aspects they focus on is what the show is about. Their attitude, events and all the sneaking they do to enjoy their lives are filled in this good show!

The show stars Ahsaas Channa, Parul Gulati and Srishti on it as well. It is a great story and reveals all the secrets these girls have been hiding as well.

You can surely stream it on SonyLiv online! Being a series from the channel Girlyapa, it is 

a great watch.

  • Flames

This is a great love story and a cute theme that the makers have come up with. Ritvik Sahore plays a role in this and his series are recently trending a lot! So, if a cute school-themed story is what you are looking for, this one might be a great watch!

The show can be streamed on Amazon Prime Video.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Desi Web Series

1. Where can we stream Adulting online?

The show can be streamed on Amazon Mini TV

2. Who is the lead on The Family Man?

The lead on The Family Man is Manoj Bajpayee

3. Where can we stream Mirzapur online?

The show Mirzapur can be streamed online on Amazon Prime Video.

4. How many seasons are there in DeCoupled?

The show currently has just one season

5. Will Asur be renewed for another season?

There have not been any updates about it.

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