The Story Of Balwant Yadav: The Express Bandit In Netflix’s 2023 Railway Men!

The Railway Men is a 2023 Indian web show. It shows us how brave railway workers helped people during the 1984 Bhopal gas tragedy. The creators introduced several characters into the show, and fans are curious about all of them. One of the characters instigating curiosity is Balwant Yadav, the Express Bandit. Bollywood actor Divyenndu plays the role. Netflix released all four episodes of The Railway Men on Saturday, 18 November 2023, IST. 

The Story Of Balwant Yadav: The Express Bandit In Netflix’s 2023 Railway Men

Balwant Yadav is the infamous Express Bandit. He was on the run from legal authorities for 13 years. Sadly, he spent his childhood on railway platforms. Balwant Yadav was an orphan, and he had no one to turn to for support. He saw the ruthless conditions of the world and decided to never beg. 

As a result, Balwant Yadav grew up to be a notorious thief. His accomplice is a railway accountant who trades information with him. The information consists of the wealthy individuals traveling on the trains. However, one day, things go south for Balwant Yadav when he targets a legislator.

It causes the Railway Protection Force to double their search for him. Balwant Yadav plans one last heist from Bhopal Junction. He thought of stealing a large amount of cash to help him while he stayed underground. This action of his pushed him to be a part of The Railway Men.

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Balwant Yadav, The Express Bandit And The Stationmaster’s Story 

After deciding to steal from Bhopal Junction for one last time, Balwant Yadav arrives in Bhopal. He disguises himself as a policeman and visits the station master of Bhopal Junction. He alerts him of a thief, Balwant, coming to rob the safe and asks permission to protect it. The station master is initially suspicious of him and does not let him out of sight. 

Before he can confirm Balwant’s identity, things go downhill. The gas leak from the Union Carbide factory starts wreaking havoc and killing people. The station master leaps in to help immediately. He tries to keep the people at Bhopal Junction safe, and Balwant helps him. People thought he was a legal authority since he was disguised as a policeman. 

They listened to him while following instructions on how to stay safe. When the people tried to cause panic, it was Balwant Yadav who calmed them down. Seeing his behavior, the station master trusts him slowly. He leaves him in charge while he goes to check on the phones. 

It was the opportunity Balwant Yadav was waiting for. He steals the money from the safe, but the station master’s junior catches him. However, he keeps quiet about the incident since Balwant Yadav is an asset. He can help them out of the situation they are in. 

The Express Bandit Balwant Yadav And The End Of His Deeds

Balwant Yadav was unaware that the station master knew his real identity. He asks Balwant whether he can trust him. Balwant confidently agreed, and they saved as many people as they could. The relief train arrived as soon as they were leaving Bhopal with the others. Hearing the news, Balwant Yadav stays back to help the other passengers. 

The station master passes out due to the exhaustion of working all night. Assuming him to be dead, Balwant Yadav steals the safe’s key from him and takes all the cash. When he is leaving Bhopal, he overhears two people discussing the station robbery. They think the station master is the mastermind. Balwant Yadav felt guilty since he witnessed the man’s selfless deeds the night before. 

He returns the money but keeps a single note for himself before leaving for Delhi. Balwant Yadav and the station master reunite a year later when he returns to Bhopal. He gives the note he took that day to the station master as a reward for his selfless and brave acts. He even tells him his real name, confirming that he would not be stealing anymore. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who was Balwant Yadav, the Express Bandit in Netflix’s 2023 The Railway Men?

Balwant Yadav was a notorious thief on the run, but he was one of the people to save others in the 1984 Bhopal Gas Tragedy.

2. Will Netflix release The Railway Men 2?

As of November 2023, the creators said nothing about Season 2.

3. Is Balwant Yadav an evil person?

Balwant Yadav’s beginning may be evil, but he was one of the bravest men.

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