AXL Part 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Predicted Spoilers And More!

AXL is a sci-fi and adventurous movie written and directed by Oliver Daly. Daly’s short film ‘Miles’ proved to be a huge inspiration for AXL. The story revolves around a boy named Miles and his uncanny relationship with an AI dog named AXL. 

The movie got negative reviews and was not well received by the audience. Some of them felt that the writing was sloppy, while others felt that the production cost was low. However, amidst all the poor ratings, AXL did manage to gain a few die-hard fans as well. And they have been quite interested to know whether AXL Part 2 is in the works.

AXL Part 2 Release Date

AXL Part 2 Release Date

AXL Part 1 ended with a cliffhanger and fans thought that a sequel must be on the way. However, their expectations have turned into disappointments since there has been no news of AXL Part 2. The decision to not renew the movie might owe to the first installment being a flop at the box office. It hardly gained around $8 million whereas the production cost was around $10 million.

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AXL Part 2 Story

The first movie begins with an artificial intelligence dog who has been given the codename AXL. AXL stands for Attack, Exploration, and Logistics. Andric, a scientist working at the Craine Systems is the man behind the innovation. AXL had some revolutionary cutting-edge technology that was so dangerous, it could be a serious threat to humanity. This is exactly why the army became focused on having control of AXL and started creating a ruckus all over hoping to conquer it. 

In the meantime, certain malfunctions in AXL during its creation made them leave the robotic dog for a long time. This was until a biker named Miles found it and could somehow connect to him via a method wherein AXL could pair up with its owner. Over the next few days, they bonded and very soon, achieved an inseparable bond.

Their happiness did not last long. AXL’s creator, Andric comes back and takes the AI dog to the Craine Systems after being notified of its existence during the pairing function between Miles and AXL. 

Miles did not want to let AXL get away and enlisted his girlfriend Sara’s help for the rescue mission. Before going they visited Chuck, Miles’ father who advised them against the plan. But before they could save AXL, they received footage of him being burnt by a flamethrower. AXL, on the other hand, would do anything to return to Miles. He made sure of it by leaving instructions on how he could get repaired again. 

On taking him to the repair location, he gets fixed within two and a half hours. After he gets activated again, his first memory goes back to a man named Sam, who tried to burn him. He goes on to kill Sam at a dinner party but stops on the advice of Sara. Meanwhile, the antagonists catch them and program AXL to kill Sara since they did not reveal the location of the AI’s controller.

Captain Webber reached the scene and arrested Andric and Sara. Miles and AXL escape while helicopters run after them. Knowing it is a dead end, Miles asks AXL to run and hide somewhere safe. AXL does not listen, and self-destructs, but not before uploading every memory he had with Miles and Sara.

The movie ends with a cliffhanger, wherein Miles and Sara are seen on a vacation. Sara hands over the controller of AXL and it is believed that it has reactivated him and might return to them. So, the second movie might revolve around AXL’s reactivation with a few added twists and turns.

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AXL Part 2 Release Date

AXL Part 2 Characters

  • Alex Neustaedter as Miles Hill
  • Becky G as Sara Reyes
  • Dominic Rains as Andric
  • Alex MacNicoll as Sam Fontaine
  • Thomas Jane as Chuck Hill
  • Lou Taylor Pucci as Randall
  • Niko Guardado as Scroggins

AXL Part 2 Trailer

Till now, there has been no news of AXL Part 2 being made. Fans are still holding on to hope, but until there is an announcement regarding the second installation, there is currently no trailer available for AXL Part 2.

Where Can You Watch AXL Online?

You can binge-watch the first part of AXL on Amazon Prime and Netflix.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is AXL available online?

Yes, you can stream it online on Netflix or Prime.

2. Is AXL a real dog?

AXL is an AI dog.

3. Has AXL been renewed for a sequel?

There has been no news for a sequel of AXL.

4. Was Miles good?

Miles was a biker who rescued AXL and developed a deep bond with him.

5. Who is Sara?

Sara is a good friend of Miles.

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