Apharan Season 3 Release Date: Who Will Rudra Be Facing In This New Season?

Indian web series always have a classic touch to them. That classic touch is our favorite Bollywood and its action-packed plots. And Apharan does not disappoint in this aspect. It has been created by Jishan exclusively for Alt Balaji, directed by Sidharth Sengupta, and developed by Ekta Kapoor. The story credits go to Mohinder Pratap Singh while the dialogues were written by Varun Badola. 

Apharan has been produced by EDGESTROM Productions along with Sidharth Sengupta and Jyoti Sagar. The creative directors of this web show are Baljit Singh Chaddha Snehil and Dixit Mehra, and the episodes have been edited by Jaskaran and Imran. The first season of Apharan titled Apharan- Sabka Katega released all 12 episodes on 14th December 2018, and the second season titled Apharan- Sabka Katega Dobara was released on 18th March 2022 with 11 episodes. 

The show has garnered a rating of 8.3 from IMDb, 85% from JustWatch, and 76% from Google users making the reviews quite positive. Apharan Season 1 has also been nominated for several awards at the Streaming Awards- December Edition in 2018.

There, it won the title of Best Web Series, Best Director for Sidharth Sen Gupta, Best Actor for Arunoday Singh, and Best Writer for Mohinder Pratap Singh. It has been more than a year since fans last saw a fresh season for Apharan, and they cannot wait to hear about the confirmation of the Apharan Season 3 release date.

Apharan Season 3 Release Date

Unfortunately for the audience, the creators of the show have not yet renewed Apharan season 3. But there is no need to worry since they have not canceled it either. The fate of the show hangs in the balance. As of now, the Apharan Season 3 release date is unknown because the renewal status is not confirmed.

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Apharan Season 3 Story

Apharan Season 1 follows the life of senior inspector Rudra of the Uttarakhand Police. He was wrongfully accused of a crime and had to spend 3 years in jail. Following this unfortunate event, it was a tough time for Rudra personally and professionally. But help came in the form of Madhu Tyagi who wanted to kidnap her stepdaughter Anusha in exchange for money. 

Seeing this would end his financial crunches, Rudra agrees to it not knowing it was the beginning of a jam-packed Apharan Season 1. Apharan Season 2 picks up from Apharan Season 1 where we see Rudra struggling with his wife Ranjana’s drug addiction. 

She is scheduled for treatment, but he does not have enough financial resources to go through with it. Having been kept with no other option, Rudra works with RAW to take down a dangerous criminal named BBS who is responsible for murdering 9 RAW agents. The twist here is BBS looks exactly like Rudra. Apharan Season 3 has no plot.

Apharan Season 3 Cast

We have Arunoday Singh in the roles of Rudra Srivastava and Bikram Bahadur Shah; Mahie Gill in the roles of Madhu Tyagi and Malini; Monica Chaudhary in the role of Anusha Tyagi; Nidhi Singh in the role of Ranjana Srivastava; Varun Badola in the role of Laxman Saxena; and Saanand Verma in the role of Satyanarayan Dubey.

We also see Neha Kaul starring as Madhu Tyagi; Pawan Chopra starring as Commissioner; Ram Sujan Singh starring as Mishra; Surender Singh starring as Constable Joshi; Sanjay Batra starring as Govind Tyagi; Nilesh Mamgain starring as Shukla; and Nishant Tanwar starring as Inspector Bhatnagar. 

Apharan Season 3 Trailer

Since Apharan Season 3 was not renewed, there is no available trailer for the same.

Where Can You Watch Apharan Season 3 Online?

All episodes of Apharan are available on Alt Balaji, Jio Cinema, and MX Player. Some of these sites will require a prior subscription fee for streaming. Apharan Season 3 does not have any episodes.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Apharan Season 3 release date?

There is no confirmed Apharan Season 3 release date.

2. Has Apharan Season 3 been canceled by the creators?

As of now, Apharan Season 3 has neither been canceled nor renewed.

3. Was Arunoday Singh the villain in Apharan Season 2?

In Apharan Season 2, Arunoday Singh played a double role of a police officer and a criminal.

4. Who was kidnapped in Apharan Season 1?

Anusha Tyagi was kidnapped in Apharan Season 1.

5. Is Apharan a suitable watch for children?

Apharan is not a suitable watch for kids.

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