Will Fans Ever Hear of Anger Tales Season 2 Release Date Or Not? 

Viewers nowadays are quite familiar with anthology series. Mainstream Bollywood producers and directors have made sure of it by releasing blockbuster anthology films like Ludo, Lust Stories, Bombay Talkies, Ajeeb Daastaans, Ghost Stories, Darna Zaroori Hai, Darna Mana Hai, and Unpaused, to name a few. 

However, we do not see many regional anthology films catching on like mainstream Bollywood. Anger Tales seems to have changed it. Anger Tales is a Telugu drama series written by Karthikeya Karedla and Prabhala Tilak, directed by Prabhala Tilak, and produced by Sridhar Reddy. 

This anthology series received a rating of 5.3 from IMDb and 43% from Google users. Even though a lot of people watched the show, reviews were moderate and mixed. The series was released on 9th March 2023 and has four stories. 

Anger Tales Season 2 Release Date

It is a common fact that most anthology films or series cannot be renewed for a second part since the stories wrap themselves up without any cliffhangers. Anger Tales is no exception. Its first season premiered quite recently, and even if Disney+ Hotstar does renew it for a second installment, it will be a long time before the audience knows anything for sure. At present, Anger Tales season 2 release date is unknown. 

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Anger Tales Season 2 Story

Anger Tales is made up of four episodes, and each episode tells us a story. The series tries to show us the struggles of the characters and how their mundane lives are affected due to varying, influencing factors. 

In the first episode, Ranga had arranged for a show of his favorite actor’s movie when a local goon named Seenu showed up with his men to watch it. The politician’s presence created a tense environment, but Ranga was relaxed until the password required for the movie to start got delayed. Seenu gets impatient and gives an ultimatum to Ranga, who accepts. However, he loses the bet, and as a result of losing to Seenu, he had to get an obscenity tattooed on his back. After this humiliation, when Ranga finds out that his favorite actor and the producer of the failed movie that created all this mess are still friends, he loses his sanity and demands justice. 

The second episode shows Pooja’s struggle to adapt to vegan food since her in-laws and everyone in their apartment complex eat nothing produced by animals. This becomes a challenge for her since she used to be a non-vegetarian before her marriage. She tries several ways to secretly eat eggs, but every method fails. Pooja even approaches her husband, who provides no support. Frustrated and in an act of rebellion, she takes part in a non-veg-eating contest. 

The third episode is about the tragic death of Radha, who used to live with her husband, Anand, in a rented place. Even though they wanted to leave that place, they could not do so because of several unexpected blockages. Radha used to suffer from migraines, and this used to be enhanced by her landlord and her family. To take revenge, she recorded her laughter and played it continuously while those women were locked up. However, the loud reverberations made the building collapse, killing everyone. 

The last episode ends with Giri and his frustration at being bald. He used to get bullied because of his external features, and to change his reputation, he wanted a hair transplant. With the money he inherited from his aunt after her death, he gets himself one. However, Giri kept on getting rejected and humiliated until he could take no more and filed a case against the government. He blamed the government for imposing helmets and his loss of hair since he believed helmets are a reason for baldness. 

Anger Tales Season 2 Cast

The cast is different in each episode since every episode is about different people. The first episode, ‘Benefit Show’ introduces Venkatesh Maha as Ranga and Suhas as Sreenu. ‘Food Festival’ has Madonna Sebastian playing the role of Pooja Reddy and Tharun Bhascker playing the role of Rajeev. Bindu Madhavi plays Radha, with Ravindra Vijay as her husband, in the third episode, ‘An Afternoon Nap’. ‘Helmet Head’, the last episode, ends with Phani Acharya being cast as Giridhar. 

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Anger Tales Season 2 Trailer

There is no Anger Tales season 2 trailer available since season 1 just finished releasing all episodes. The trailers from the first season are available on YouTube and Disney+ Hotstar to watch. 

Where Can You Watch Anger Tales Season 2 Online?

Anger Tales season one premiered on 9th March 2022 on Disney+ Hotstar. Season two has not been confirmed yet, and subsequently, it has released no episodes. Chances are slim for a second installment, but if it gets renewed, Disney+ Hotstar will probably remain as their OTT channel for release. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why was Anger Tales not a big hit?

The direction and portrayal of the stories were bland and failed to pique most people’s interests.

2. Will there be another season of Anger Tales?

Chances are that there will not be a second season of Anger Tales since this is seen as an anthology series.

3. Is Anger Tales available on Netflix?

Anger Tales is not available on Netflix. It is available only on Disney+ Hotstar with a prior subscription.

4. Is Anger Tales worth your time?

Anger Tales is a fresh and brave attempt by the Telugu industry as an anthology series. Even though it might be a bit dull or monotonous at times, this show is still worth watching once.

5. How many episodes are there in Anger Tales?

This series consists of four stories and, as such, has only four episodes.

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