Akshat Jain Wife: Who Is He Married To?

Indians and their talents are going beyond boundaries these days. With everything that we have been learning recently, there’s still so much left to get to know. There have been many exams that we have topped, studied for years, and finally finished with the burden. One of the most difficult exams is the UPSC. Being a toughie to crack, the toppers or those who have passed it are like mentors to everybody.

Many UPSC toppers have tried sharing information about their study routines and many have been interested in it. Their mock interviews are viral online with millions of views as well. Akshat Jain is one such topper.

With their journey stories and interviews, their lifestyle will have inspired many aspirants. Today we are talking about Akshatz and his current life. This article will consist of information about Akshat Jain and his personal life. We will also talk a bit about his UPSC journey and how he managed to get an All=India Second rank as well!

If you are interested to know who he is married to and all other details, read further sections!

Akshat Jain Wife

Akshat Jain is a popular designer, internet personality and speaker. He is an IAS officer by profession and is an influencer as well. His journey started when he became AIR 2 in the 2018 UPSC examinations. Students and other aspirants were curious to know his preparation journey and everything he did to score such good marks.

He is also known as one of the youngest to pass the test and also score such high marks. He has given a lot of insights to other aspirants through his presentations. He has also written a book about anthropology.

Akshat Jain is married as well. His wife is also a popular personality. Nikita Jain and Akshat Jain have been married for over a year now. Nikita Jain is a journalist who has spoken and given views about human rights, gender, crime and other topics. She has worked with a lot of magazines and newspapers as well. Her work has inspired many.

The couple is a great inspiration to many. While both of them followed their passion, they also show us that love is as important as a career. The couple has made many appearances together and are always smiling. So, Aksaht and Nikita are a journalist- IAS officer couple.

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Akshat Jain

Akshat Jain was born in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Being from the pink city, his thoughts are also creative and interesting. He was born to DC Jain and Simmi Jain and has a sibling as well. Being one of the youngest to crack the exam, he has said that he always has a method.

He believes that strategy can help us succeed in anything we want. Every exam that he has given, strategy and preparation has helped him score well. After completing his education, Akshat Jain started preparing for UPSC. He gave his exam in 2017 as well but did not manage to do well.

After this failed attempt, he planned his time carefully and prepared as much as he can for his next attempt. When he gave his exam in 2018, he was confident that he has done well and yes, that was true. He scored 882 points in the written exams. When it comes to the interview part, this oen is hard to crack. He managed to score a total of 198 points as well. So with a total of 1080 points, he got his dream job and started training as well.

His advice for aspirants is to read the newspapers every day and also make notes which makes preparation easier.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Akshat Jain

1. When did Akshat Jain give his UPSC exam?

He gave his first attempt in 2017 and he scored well in 2018 and got the job.

2. Who is Akshat Jain married to?

Akshat Jain is married to Nikita Jain.

3. What is another passion of Akshat Jain?

Akshat Jain is also a designer, motivational speaker and influencer.

4. What is Nikita Jain’s profession?

Nikita Jain is a journalist.

5. What rank did Akshat Jain score?

Akshat scored All India Sixth Rank.

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