Absolute Duo Season 2 Release Date: Is There Another Season In The Making?

Content and series targeted directly to teenagers and youngsters are more relevant and also have morals in them. While showing what the youngsters go through on an everyday basis, they make sure to bring out solutions to some of the main issues of society. The popularity of this content rose to the extent that there was a separate genre for it. We are discussing one such show today.

Absolute Duo is a perfect teenager-friendly anime that stole the hearts of many of its young fans. The story of this anime is based on a manga as usual. The theme of it is also amazing and the writing by Takumi Hiiragiboshi is excellent as well. The manga has eleven volumes under it and this is amazing since there is a lot of content available.

The direction of the anime has been done by Atsushi Nakayama and the season consists of 12 episodes. The story is filled with details about a high school theme combined with fiction! The audience has been wondering about the arrival of another season of the show.

Did the story finally get a renewal? Read further to know!

Absolute Duo Season 2 Release Date

Absolute Duo is an anime with currently one season. being a direction of Atsushi Nakayama, it is a great one. The series was aired in January of 2015. It finished its run in March 2015 and aired on Tokyo MX.

Name Of The ShowAbsolute Duo
Season NumberSeason 2
IMDB Rating6.3/10
Streaming OnCrunchyroll
Absolute Duo Season 1 Release Date1 January 2015
Absolute Duo Season 2 Release DateNot Announced

The series has a very unique concept from the rest and it includes amazing fiction sequences. The audience has been curious about the renewal of the show for so long and the fans are getting tired as well. They feel like the show might never return as well. Now, let us talk about the release date. A show like Absolute Duo does have a good script but the production costs stand higher than a movie. This has caused many production houses to stand back from the investment.

The scene now looks like they would rather make a movie covering the whole piece and not rely on sequels mainly. The anime teams prefer to also start with new originals than renewing the older ones. So, if you are still waiting for a release date, that might not be the wisest option.

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Also, all the material available in the manga has been covered by the first season. so there would have been new material to rely on for the next season. the manga does not look like it will continue as well so the show and its renewal seem to be complicated. There would be some hope left if there was some material available. But due to its absence, the show might not return as a manga ultimately.

Since there are so many doubts and thoughts about its sequel, it is likely to never happen. Since we had never even received a renewal update, it might not come back as a series as well. So waiting for the release date would not be advisable unless the makers give an announcement or else It can be assumed to be cancelled as a series.

So, it might come back as a movie or in another form if the makers think about it, so there’s still a little hope.

Many series have not received renewals after the first season due to a lack of material. There are some other reasons behind them as well like high production costs, not great returns and reviews, not a good response, etc. The show is mostly cancelled but if there is any update about Absolute Duo, we will surely update you.

Until then, stay tuned for more!

Frequently Asked Questions About Absolute Duo

1. When did season one of Absolute Duo air?

The first season of Absolute Duo aired from January 2015 to March 2015.

2. Who wrote the manga of Absolute Duo?

Absolute Duo was written by Takumi Hiiragiboshi.

3. How many volumes are there in Absolute Duo?

There are 11 volumes in the manga of Absolute Duo.

4. Will there be another season of Absolute Duo?

There are not many chances of that so it looks like the anime is cancelled as of now.

5. Will the Absolute Duo return as a movie?

The Absolute Duo might return as a movie but there are no updates or official statements about it

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