365 Days Part 4 Release Date, Cast, Potential Story, And Predicted Spoilers!

365 Days have been trending since its release, not because of how the movie turned but because of the number of steamy scenes they have (there’s no counting). The Polish movie, 365 Days is an erotic thriller film that dropped on Netflix in 2020. Since then, audience is loving the characters of the movie, and filmmakers know it very well.

The first part became famous because of ‘whole lot of physical scenes’ and as soon people started watching it, directors didn’t wait to bring the second part of the movie and then again within few months the third part dropped as well. The counting of steamy scenes increased by each movie. There is no strong storyline to look upto, and everyone watches the movie for mainly one reason.

But, since the movie was loved by fans all around the world, they can’t stop but wonder if there will be part 4 of the movie, so here are all the details we could gather about part 4 of 365 Days.

365 Days Part 4 Release Date

When the first part of the movie was released, it gained 39.31 million hours watch time in just four days. That basically depicts why makers decided to go for the next two parts. In addition to this, the film is adapted from a novel written by Blanka Lipinska. She actually wrote three novels, and therefore the movie has three parts too.

Name Of The Movie365 Days
Movie Part NumberPart 4
GenreErotic Thriller
365 Days Part 1 Release Date7 February 2020
365 Days Part 4 Release DateNot Announced

Currently there is no official confirmation whether there will be part 4 of the movie or not, but there are great chances that it will be renewed for another part. But there are many factors to decide that:

First of all, the author has only written three novels which the film has already covered. The movies have taken most of the source material from the novel, so we have to wait until the 4th part of the novel is released. Considering, the fame the trilogy has got until now, the author could definitely write a 4th part.

The first part of the movie was released in 2020. The second and third part were released back to back, one in April 2022 and the second in August 2022. This is because the shooting of both the parts took simultaneously. And we are pretty sure that the 4th part hasn’t started its production yet (probably due to lack of source material).

One more factor would come from the streaming platform, Netflix. Before renewing a show or movie, Netflix looks for the fanbase and how much viewing it has gained in order to decide its sequel. Considering how much fame the movie has got, part 4 is very likely.

If the movie gets renewed in 2023 or 2024, we could expect part 4 to come in the ending of 2024 or in the beginning of 2025 (as shooting won’t take much time).

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365 Days Part 4 Story

Another reason part 4 is very likely is how part 3 ended, there was no conclusion on who Laura chooses at the end, so fourth part might give us the closure to that. Coming to what happened in the third part of the movie:

Laura is in melancholic, Nacho has promised that he would wait for Laura, while she meets with Massimo. Laura has already set in her mind that Massimo might be angry with her, as he knows what happened between him and Nacho. But to the contrary, Massimo is just happy.

Then Massimo explains to Laura that he was heartbroke when he understood that Laura couldn’t talk to him about the loss of their baby, he thought he was a good husband, and she could open up to him about everything. Laura explains him that he definitely will be a good father someday (and there’s an emotional moment).

Remember the line from first part (Are you lost baby girl?), he asks Laura Are you back baby girl? And the third part ends there.

So, part 4 might give us the answer to who Laura chooses. Then it might explore their relationship even more. Laura’s best friend got engaged in part 2 of the movie, so we can see her getting married or some twist might come in their relationship too. We might see more of drug deals and mafia world.

No cast member or makers of the movie have revealed any kind of plot line yet, but we may get it very soon.

365 Days Part 4 Cast

365 Days Part 4 Release Date

There are two cast members in the film, that have to return as the movie doesn’t go without them, that’s Laura and Massimo aka Anna Maria and Michele Morrone. There are great chances they would return for part 4. In addition to this, Nacho aka Simone Susinna might return for a third part too.

He has played a major role in last two parts, and he might return. Laura’s best friend, Magdalena Lamparska will also return as she might get married in part 4.

365 Days Part 4 Trailer

Currently, there is no trailer available for part 4 of the movie as it has not been renewed yet. We might see the trailer for the movie 2 months before it actually hit the screens.

You can stream first three parts on Netflix.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Did Laura choose Massimo or Nacho?

Part 3 ended on a cliffhanger, the answer to this might come in part 4.

2. How many 365 Days movies are there going to be?

Currently, there are three parts. As soon as the novel gets the 4th part, part four of the movie might come.

3. How many books are in the 365 Days series?

The author has written a total of three books.

4. Is another 365 Days coming out?

There is no official confirmation regarding that yet.

5. Is there a 4th 365?

No, part 4 has not been renewed yet.

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