10 Anime Like Zom 100: Bucket List Of The Dead

Zom 100: Bucket List Of The Dead is a dystopian Japanese manga series about a 24-year-old young office worker. The manga series is written by Haro Aso and the illustration is done by Kotaro Takata.

Akira Tendo is bored with his lifestyle, the same repeating structure of his life made him feel lifeless. So when people started turning into zombies in Tokyo people started thinking if this was the end of life.

But for Akira, this is just the starting point, he sees it as an opportunity to fill his boring life with excitement rather than thinking of dying he wants to explore all the things he wanted to do in life.

He knows that he will eventually die but before that, he wanted to complete his bucket list which he created to experience life at its fullest so that he can die peacefully.

Along with his friend, Kencho, he started completing his bucket list one by one, from eating in expensive restaurants for free to visiting haunted houses.

You might feel empty and aimless after watching this anime and will keep wondering which anime should I watch which is just like Zom 100.

Here is the list of ten animes which is just like Zom 100: Bucket List Of The Dead

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10. Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul is a mixture of supernatural thriller and dark fantasy. Sui Ishida is the writer and illustrator of the manga series.

The story is about Ghouls, they are very different in comparison to human beings. They live in a world hiding from humans and can survive only on human meat.

They are a lot stronger than humans and have a skin which cannot pierce easily. There are two types of Ghouls: Pure Ghouls and Half-Ghouls. Half-Ghouls are a lot stronger than Pure Ghouls and can eat like humans or Pure Ghouls.

A Half-Ghouls can be created either by removing the organs of Humans with Ghouls or the offspring resulting from the copulation between the Pure-Ghouls and a human being.

The story is about Ken Kaneki who went on a date with a girl who turned out to be a Ghoul. She tried to eat him but Ken was able to get out of her trap. Though he was severely injured and was sent to hospital.

When he wakes up he finds out that his organs were replaced with that of Ghoul and now he navigates his life as a Half-Ghoul.

9. Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress is the post-apocalyptic Japanese manga series by Wit Studio. The story is about Kabane (corpses) who are aggressive and undead creatures.

During the industrial revolution, a mysterious virus around the world transform human beings into these creatures. The only way to defeat them is either by piercing their golden heart or crushing their important organs like heads.

In the present world, a young engineer Ikoma gets bitten by a Kabane while he was trying his newly developed weapon on the creature. But the virus didn’t fully infect him and he turns into Kabneri, a half-kabane.

8. Magical Girl Site

Magical Girl Site is a supernatural manga series written and illustrated by Kentarō Satō. It is about a high school girl, Aya Asagiri, who is a victim of bullying not only at school but also at home.

One day a creepy-looking creature appeared on her computer and gave her magical powers. She discovered a gun in her locker and when she shot the gun at one of her bullies the bullet disappears but later that bully died in a train accident.

Along with other magical girls, she hides from hunters who hunt magical girls for their wands and tries to solve the mystery behind the countdown clock.

7. Highschool Of the Dead

Highschool of the Dead is a zombie manga series written by  Daisuke Satō and illustration is done by Shōji Satō. The story is about the zombie outbreak in Japan.

In the story, the zombies are referred to as ‘them’, and how the outbreak is causing the fall of human society and moral codes. A group of high school students and a nurse tries to find a safe place and encounter many problems.

6. Is This A Zombie?

Is this a zombie? is a Japanese light novel written by Shinichi Kimura and illustrated by Kobuichi and Muririn. The manga series explores the genre of supernatural, harem, and dark comedy.

The story is about a zombie named Ayumu Aikawa who was given a chance at life again by a necromancer called Eucliwood Hellscythe. Ayumu was a human being before he was killed by a serial killer.

Now he tries to live his life fully as much as he can being undead, though all hell breaks loose when he encountered a magical girl and unintentionally took her magical powers.

5. Heavenly Delusion

Heavenly Delusion is an adventurous Japanese manga series whose writer and illustrator is Masakazu Ishiguro. The manga series explores the genre of science fiction and mystery.

When an unexpected disaster destroyed the modern world and human civilization, an isolated facility was built in the outside world.

Fifteen years later, Tokio who lived with other children living in the facility received a message that if she wanted to see outside of the outside world.

Tokio was warned by her director that the outside world is hell and bad. Meanwhile, a boy looking exactly like Tokio with a girl in the outside world is traveling to look for heaven.

4. School-Live!

School-Live! is a psychological thriller Japanese series written by Norimitsu Kaihō and illustration is done by Sadoru Chiba. The manga series explores the genre of horror and slice of life.

The story is about a high school girl, Yuki Takeya, and her friends, Kurumi Ebisuzawa, Yūri Wakasa, and Miki Naoki. She is a cheerful and bubbly girl and lives in a delusion that the life around her is normal.

The reality is that they are the sole survivors of the zombie outbreak and their friend of Yuki tries to keep her safe from zombies as well as the reality. While Yuki seeks out outdoor fun activities.

3. Parasyte

Parasyte is a horror Japanese manga series whose writer and illustrator is Hitoshi Iwaaki. The manga series explores the genre of science fiction, body horror, and thriller.

The anime story revolves around  Shinichi Izumi, a 17-year-old high school boy who lives peacefully with his father and mother in a quiet neighborhood.

One day parasites from space fall onto the Earth and they started entering human bodies through their nose and ears to make them their host.

One parasite was trying to enter into the nose of Izumi too while he was sleeping but was unable to do so as he woke up.

As the parasite has nowhere to go it enters into the right hand of Izumi. Now Izumi and that parasite live together as one being but with different personalities. Together they fight against another parasite to survive.

The manga series questions many psychological aspects of human society too.

2. Zombie Land Saga

Zombie land saga is a comedy horror Japanese manga series produced by MAPPA and written by Shigeru Murakoshi.

The story revolves around the all-zombie-turned-idol group called Franchouchou. The group is created by Kotaro Tatsumi who summoned girls from different times of Japanese history.

1. Attack On Titan

Attack on Titan is a post-apocalypse Japanese manga series whose writer and illustrator is Hajime Isayama. Attack on Titan is an extremely popular anime that explores the genre of action and dark fantasy.

Attack on Titan is somewhat similar to Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress. The story is about a society where giant humanoids called Titans live whose food is humans.

Humans live in a city that is protected by the three walls, the story revolves around Eren Yeager who wants to kill these Titans in order to revenge his mother’s death.

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Frequently Asked Question

1. What is the rating of Zom 100: Bucket List Of Dead?

The rating of the manga series on My Anime List is 8.4/10 and on Crunchyroll, it is 4.9/5.

2. Where can you watch Zom 100: Bucket List Of Dead?

You can stream the anime on Netflix, Crunchyroll, or Hulu.

3. Who is the writer of Zom 100: Bucket List Of Dead?

Haro Aso is the writer of the manga series.

4. How many episodes are in Zom 100: Bucket List Of Dead?

There are a total of twelve episodes in Zom 100: Bucket List Of Dead.

5. Who is the main character in Zom 100: Bucket List Of Dead?

Akira is the main character in Zom 100: Bucket List Of Dead.

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